Side Menu Plugin (new plugin from today)

  • Thx. Do you mean to have scrollable menu in this version? As side menu is multi level menu I didn't want to make it there as most probably number of elements wouldn't be to big and can be displayed on all devices.
    But scrollable/draggable version is already implemented as one level menu and is in fine-tuning. Will be offered soon as new/separate plugin.

    You can take a sneak preview: Link
    Features: easy xml menu entry creation by just adding menu items (similar like in side menu), coloring scheme configurable, 6 predefined coloring graphics already built in, HTML5 compatible, size configurable. Rest is done dynamically.
    For teaser this would be enough. *cool*

  • Thanks a lot. It works very well and it's easy to customize even for a newbie like me.
    I have a question regarding hotspots.
    In the .xml I wrote this code down below <!-- place your scene hotspots here --> :

    <hotspot name="spot1" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="-79.900" atv="6.284" linkedscene="scene__69A0138_39_40_41_42_Panorama" />

    But the hotspot doesn't show.
    I checked the skin xml too but everything seems to be fine.

    Any tips on how to had hotspots when integrating side bars and menus?
    Some action or code seems to bypass typical hotspot codes..

    Thank you for your time!


  • You have PM. Can't see much without the code. Can guess only: if vtourskin is included where style is defined...

  • Yes.. I included <include url="menu.xml" /> but left this one out <include url="skin/vtourskin.xml" />..
    Rookie mistake!

    Your menu works very well.
    Thanks a lot for everything!

  • Hi there!

    I want to implement sidemenu from the right side. Is there a simple way to do this?
    edit soloved

    just menu_background and menu button property align set to right


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  • Can you elaborate more in details on what you mean by "on right side" (same vertical orientation but aligned on right side of the screen or... something similar to thumb slider)

    EDIT: Oh, now I see we are in side menu plugin and not bottom menu. Yes I already have right side menu available. Contact me via mail to send you the code of it.

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  • Hi.

    I have some question:

    1. Can I make the Sidebar Menu responsible? On small screens, I canno't so all menu points.
    2. How can I edit padding for the link text in Menu?
    3. How can I change the font-size?
    3. How can I edit the link color from black in another color?

    Friendly regards


  • Which version of sidemenu you are referring to?

    1. Responsible to what? What you mean by small scene?
    2. As meanwhile textfiled got padding attribute you can add this like:

    set(plugin[%menu_0].padding,'0 0 0 5');

    3. find and edit this line

    set(plugin[%menu_0].css,font-family:Arial; font-size:11px; color:#000000; text-align:left; font-weight:bold);

    Note: There are also two others for onover and onout size and coloring css definitions
    4. If you are refering to font color see point 3.

  • Hi.

    I use Sidemenu v 1.0.
    I mean screen size from smartphones such as 640px height. On this screen size, the menu isn't responsible and if I had much menu objekts, some objects are not shown on screen and I cant scrool down to click the menu points.

    I have another question: can I embed google web fonts?

    But the other answers help me, thanks.

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  • hi
    I want to use the logo as a link to external website with onclick-open and onhover-showtext. the showtext does not work.

    <plugin name="logo" url="gui_menu/logo.png" keep="true" visible="false" align="lefttop" x="-20" y="10" alpha="1" handcursor="true" zorder="15" parent="menu_background" 
  • hi
    I want to use the logo as a link to external website with onclick-open and onhover-showtext. the showtext does not work.


    it works with tour_editor.html but not with the normal tour...strange...

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