Possible to use krpano in iPad App?

  • I have a friend that wants to create a tour app but instead of displaying regular images he'd like to use my 360's. He's used flash before in a previous app via Flash Pro and so was under the impression a krpano could be presented if it's a standalone swf file. He tried but no luck. I sent him a .mov file instead and no luck with that.

    I can obviously make the tours in HTML5 and am happy with those results but these 360's would just be the bare minimum with no hotspots etc.

    If I can get just a yes or no answer that would be great then I can either forget about the project or look more into it.



  • Hi Andrew,

    this question came up a few times here at the forums and it is for sure possible, based on what I´ve read. But I´ve never found the time to look into it. You may want to run a google-search, because the krpano-forum don´t allow a search with less than 4 letters *thumbdown* Would be nice, if you could keep us informed *smile*


  • Thanks for the reply Nupsi.

    Yes, I noticed that the same subject came up a few times but there doesn't seem to be a solid 'Yes' or 'No'. Seems a bit odd with all this technology that it wouldn't be possible so perhaps those that have already suceeded are keeping quiet and sitting on the code *sad* I really don't want to use a different pano viewer as I like krpano.

    I would be more than happy to contribute funds towards the code if anyone has it, especially if it allows hotspots to work opening info windows (png / jpg image)

    My only other option would be for an offline HTML5 tour on an ipad if that would work. I'll make one this week and see if my mate can install it on the pad. I only have an old iPod for testing.

  • DOCUMENTS is by far the most reliable App I´ve tested so far to show krpano-tours offline on the iPad. Every other App I came across seems to have some problems here and there with krpano (i.e. background music&sounds, dragging actions etc.), even Goodreader. You might want to give Documents a try.

    And if you find a way to produce a "real" App with krpano, let me know. Two brains are still better than one *squint*

    Best regards

  • Thanks to both of you for the links. They do look like a solution for viewing offline tours. Yesterday I also found a link on this forum for GoodReader which seemed to have positive results.

    Would be nice to have a dedicated app so it can be used as is without these additional downloaded apps at extra cost but I guess if the technology isn't there yet then then there's no other option. My mate has some experience with app making and can add his own presentation features (menu system, voice overs etc) and use my 360's as the actual views. I only have an iPod for testing my HTML5 tours (plus the krpano simulator) and don't really have any free time to start getting into learning the code for the the actual app design of things.

    The tours XML keeps me busy enough

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