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    No answer, maybe i wasn't enough clear whith what i would like to do.

    To resume, I just want to simulate a lightbox effect by displaying a flat pano over the main 360° pano.

    Or maybe should i simply use SHADOWBOX to display my swf ?
    Is it possible to call my shadowbox window after clicking on an hotspot of my main pano ?

    <hotspot name="spot_dragon" 
    	     	ath="0" atv="0"

    Thanks for your answer

    Hi everyone,

    Here's what i would like to do :
    My main pano (type:360°) contains 4 hotspots. By clicking on a hotspot, a popup containing an another pano (type:flat) appears above. By closing this popup, we go back to the main pano.

    So i builded my pano (type:360°) like usual with its 4 hotposts.
    I builded my another pano (type:flat) and used KProtect to create a swf file called "dragon.swf".

    Now i'm trying to display "dragon.swf" in my main pano by declaring :

    <plugin name="photo_dragon" 
    			width="80%" height="PROP"

    But the plugin doesn't appear. I get no error message, so it's not a path issue.
    I tried with another swf file (not coming from KProtect), and it worked as expected.

    So the issue comes from the swf file generated by KProtect ?

    Is there a way to fix this issue.

    Thanks for your answer!


    I'm using Krpano 1.0.8, and i'm trying to change the font color of the combobox plugin.

    So, i took the combobox.fla (1.0.7) and i changed the AS code to allow the combobox to work in 1.0.7 and all higher versions :

    I replaced

    if ( krpano.get("version") != "1.0.7" )


    if ( krpano.get("version") < "1.0.7" )

    Then, i added this line code in the startplugin() function :

    function startplugin(event:Event):void
     	combobox.setStyle("color", 0xBFB179);

    I saved the fla in .cs3 and then i had a warning alert from Adobe Flash CS4

    "The file has data which will be lost in case of saving in Flash cs3 format :
    - Metadata of the infobox on the XMP file
    Would you like to save in cs3 format anyway ?"

    I clicked "yes" and i compiled in .swf.

    RESULT : the font color stays in black (default), there's no change

    Can someone tell me what i did wrong ? Is it because of the warning alert ?

    Thanks for your response


    Just like thatkeith, i would like to open an help box info within a pano when someone first arrives. I have 7 panos, each one stored in a xml file.
    I'd like to open this help box when someone arrives on the first pano, and avoid to open it in the others panos (and if the visitor come back on the first pano)....just like cookies

    So i tried what Klaus explained (by javascript), and it worked.
    But when i use Kprotect to embedd all my xml files in one swf file, it doesn't work anymore (the box is not showing).

    Can somebody explain me why this doesn't work anymore and if there's a way to fix it ?

    Thanks for your reply *smile*