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    Hi all-

    I was working today to replace the standard skin's "thumbs" scene browser with a combobox-based menu.

    (Why? I think a scene menu is a much better user interface - the user can quickly get a list of scenes that have BOTH pict thumbnails and names, and clicks on just the one they want. That beats the thumb's "scroll around and look at nebulous thumbnails and make guesses" navigation by a country mile...)

    I have a combobox menu placed at the "global" level of my tour.xml working just fine. (Well, the selectItemByName function doesn't seem to work, but I have a work-around.)
    OK, great - all I have to do now is edit the thumbs code in skin.xml, change the references over to my combobox, some common-sense edits, and I'm home free, right?

    However, when I place that same working combobox inside of a new "menu container" layer inside my skin.xml, the "onloaded" event never fires off.

    Code from vtourskin.xml:

    However, that last "trace" command in the last "onloaded" option isn't firing off.

    I see in combobox.xml that it only looks at the global level when converting comboboxes to layers:

        <!-- convert all <combobox> elements to layers -->
        <action name="combobox_parse_xml_elements" scope="localonly">
            trace("DEBUG: at top of combobox_parse_xml_elements code");
                trace("DEBUG: in combobox_parse_xml_elements if global.combobox code");
                copy(combobox_src, global.combobox);

    So, am I out of luck in my attempts to modernize the skin interface by dumping the thumbs and going to a menu?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    "As always as users we need to have the knowledge on how to use technology, and just to take the part that inerest us, and never leave it control us."

    Yes, exactly. I hope that my panoramas help encourage people to go see these amazing sights WITH THEIR OWN EYES.

    I'm happy for Palmer Lucky, and I'm really proud that he's focused himself so much on making a groundbreaking product. However, I fear for a world where people are engrossed in his product for more than, say, an hour every week (non-professional use).

    pramanj, from what I can see, your plug-in doesn't have anything to do with "Bing Maps".

    I guess I wasn't clear in my initial question - being new to KR Pano I didn't realize there are "mapping" solutions other than the traditional Google and Bing. Good luck with your plug-in, but I need to simply have text displayed with existing spots in the BING Map plug-in.

    Yes, but onhover is flash-only, and requires users to go around mousing over all points....

    I'm looking for permanent text, and I consider "mobile" to be the most important platform, especially for tour-related items.

    (Hey, come to think of it, is there a way to show the user's current location on a krpano plug-in map?)

    Hi all-

    I have a fairly straightforward request: I'd like to add a text label - and possibly also a the scene thumbnail - to each "spot" on a map.

    This way, the map becomes infinitely more useful - you don't just know there's "something" at a spot (which you have to click-through to find out), you get an overview of "just what is where".

    After looking over the API documentation, I didn't see anything. I realize I could probably bake the text into a custom spot image for each point, that that seems incredibly hack-ish, inflexible, and obviously labor-intensive.

    Does anyone have any tips? If not, can this feature be added soon?

    OK, I fixed this, by hand-hacking the videoplayer.js file. As it turns out, when you want to play html5 video on the iPad, the javascript MUST set the ".controls" tag of the video document to "true". Otherwise, not only is the video not "controllable", but it doesn't even show up.

    As far as how other people can apply this fix, I'll attach the new videoplayer.js file, and describe what I did:
    1) I had to make it look like real source code again;
    2) I added "b.controls=true;" right before the "b.load()" in the "function p(c){" block;
    3) you'll see in the file that I have a bunch of "debugging alert" statements that have been commented out.

    I hope the fix can be applied into the real release soon so I don't have to maintain a separate version.... (Hey, I don't own KRPano yet, can I get a discount for debugging the thing?)

    TA Photographic

    I'm chiming in that I'm seeing the same thing. I'm brand new to KRPano, and am trying to use it to put together a multimedia (VR panos, video, stills) tour.

    With version 1.16.4, I have simple flat videos working on Mac (both flash and strict HTML5 modes), and iPhone, but not on iPad. I can confirm this with not only a real iPad, but I _also_ get the same exact behavior on Safari in the iPad simulator that comes with Xcode.

    Anyone have any clues? Thanks much!