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    I'm working on a tour and the designer sent me an interface with a layer with transparency which is actually a "multiply" blend mode from Illustrator.
    I was looking is this is posible to do with CSS and I found the "background-blend-mode:" parameter. I think this should be very easy to implement since it's a native CSS parameter.

    There's more information about this CSS parameter in this link:

    would be very nice to have this option.


    Hey! what about adding a Street view panorama as a scene in krpano?

    here's some information that can be helpful…reetview-simple

    This way, google trusted photographers who upload their panos to Google Street view can use those panos hosted in google and build tours with them using krpano...

    just thought it'd be really cool to have this feature... I don't know the technical and legal possibilities of this.


    when I set background="false"
    I set textshadowalpha="1" and the shadow text looks good!
    but when I set background="true" and backgroundalpha="0.1", even if textshadowalpha is set to 1 the shadow text looks like a 0.1

    so it looks like the textshadowalpha it taking the background alpha value when the background is enabled.

    Is this a bug or a feature? *smile*


    I have a tour that uses textfield plugin to show tour title.
    When the browser uses HTML5 player, the title looks weird. I figured out that the h1 css property from the page where the tour is embeded is affecting the [h1] from the textfield when it is using HTML5 player... doesn't happen -of course- with the flash player.

    Example (Disable Flash so it uses HTML5 player!):
    this tour shows the title with a white background and uppercase characters:
    And this tour is exactly the same as before but embeded in a different page:

    The difference between both pages is that tour.php uses main.css for the styles of the page. Here we have properties for H1. When I remove these properties, the [h1] from the tour looks good.

    I didn't test it but I'm sure it'll be the same for every html tag used with textfield like [h1] [h2] [h3] [p] [a]... and styled in the page CSS

    I think krpano html5 textfield shouldn't be affected by css styles of the page where the tour is embeded. Is there a quick solution to this that doesn't makes me change the css of my pages?
    Is this a fix that krpano can do in future versions?



    the solution should be doing the registration step in the same context as when using the tools (e.g. in the same script).

    E.g. when calling the krpanotools from some server-side script, then this script is typically executed in a different user-context as when normally logged-in.

    Best regards,

    Hi Klaus
    I think I'm in a situation like this.
    I'm trying to call krpanotools in the server side using ssh and I get watermark on the generated images.
    This is happening with the newest version of krpanotools since the older license system with krpanotools.license is not working anymore.
    Can you please explain me how to solve this?


    Hello ! Thank you again for your answer !

    I tried inverting the config file with the image file like you said but I get the same error

    Then, I tried this:
    shell_exec('cwd /home/'); (here is where kmakemultires is located)
    shell_exec('./kmakemultires ./templates/vtour-multires.config ./frey-04.tif');

    But, same error...

    Now... if I modify the config file path, I get another Error message:

    ERROR: loading config "./templatess/vtour-multires.config" failed!

    So I think the app is interpreting the path well.

    I also tried moving the image file to template folder and do this:

    shell_exec('./kmakemultires ./templates/vtour-multires.config ./templates/frey-04.tif');

    But same error....

    Is there any path inside the config file that can send this error?

    I don't know what to do...
    Thank you again !

    Thank you very much for your answer !

    I've tried this:

    shell_exec('./kmakemultires /home/ -config=./templates/vtour-multires.config')

    but get the same output :(

    the permissions to the file and the folder are set "777"

    I tried with other tif s and same problem...

    The weird thing is that the path to the vtour-multires.config file is ok and the application finds it

    Any clue?

    Thank you !!

    Hello, I'm having the same problem, I need to create the pano on a server.
    I'm running the commando through PHP code:

    shell_exec('./kmakemultires ./templates/multires.config ./frey-04.tif')

    This is the output I get:

    kmakemultires 1.16.6 (build 2013-08-09)
    - using config: multires.config
    ERROR: no input images

    frey-04.tif is in the same folder than kmakemultires

    Can you help me please?
    Thank you !

    So Klaus replied to my email and the point me out if I was using the latest Build 2012-10-05
    and no, I thought I had the lates but it had the 2012-08-10

    so if you come up with this issue, make sure you have the latest build.


    hi Tuur
    I tried that and still doesn't work

    can someone test this code and let me know if it works or I'm just crazy?

    <events onloadcomplete="if(device.flash,showlog());"/>

    also try deviceS but i think it's the same

    <events onloadcomplete="if(devices.flash,showlog());"/>

    this is the simplest thing! I don't get why it doesn't work!


    oh wait! =S

    now if I do

    onloaded="if(device === phone, set(scale,2) );"

    it works, but it also does the scale,2 for tablets!!!!
    I did a trace(get(device)) and I get null

    so why is it resolving device === phone a true when it is a tablet and tracing null ???

    this is really strange...
    Or I'm stupid and I'm doing something wrong, or there's a bug with the device object

    Klaus, please can you review? thank you!!!

    Hello Klaus
    First of all, your last update of the software, the is a peace of gold!
    thank you so much for such a great work!!!

    I've been trying to work with the device object.
    In the documentation you say that the old devices variable are being deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore.
    So in stead use the new device object.

    In the examples of the documentation it is used like this:

    if(device.flash, ... );

    But this is not working at all!

    To be more specific this is what I tried to do:

    this doesn't work
    <plugin name="Somename=" url="..." ... .. onloaded="if(,set(scale,2));" />

    But the old way it works:
    <plugin name="Somename=" url="..." ... .. onloaded="if(isphone,set(scale,2));" />

    So I tried other ways and I came up with this syntax wich works:

    if(device === phone, ... );

    I wonder why in the examples of the Docu it's set like that???

    thank you!


    for all those who want to embed a tour in an iframe (or open them from a lightbox in page pop up: colorBox, lightbox, shadowbx and what-ever-box you like)...
    you'd notice that it doesn't read the #/scene from the url you want to embed, because swfaddress.js reads this variable from the browser url. And as you ar in an iframe and this variable isn't in the browser's page url, it reads nothing so the first panorama in your panos list from swfaddress plugin will load (means, not the pano from the variable).

    the solution I found is really simple... I had to go into the swfaddress.js documentation wich can be found here: (download the 12mb source and there you have a folder with examples and docs)

    you can pass this variable from the in-html javascript in stead of the browser's url.
    to do this, just write the following line somewhere between your <script></script> tags:


    where /MyPanoToLoad is not the scene or xml name. It is the name you gave that scene/xml in your list of panos in swfaddress.xml in pageurl="/MyPanoToLoad"

    I hope this helps someone to save all the hours of research I had to invest to figure out a simple thing like that.

    In addition, I'll give you a simple php code to make this embeded tour to get the panoToLoad name from querystring, so it works as it should, and you don't have to make lots of htmls files one for each panorama to embed.... you simple set the variable in the link:

    <?php $pano = $_GET['pano']; if($pano !== null) { echo "SWFAddress.setValue(\"/$pano\");"; };  ?>

    this will get the name from the link like this:…no=MyPanoToLoad

    and print this in html SWFAddress.setValue("/MyPanoToLoad");

    Remember to write this php code somwhere between your <script></script> tags.
    Also rename your index.html to index.php


    As far as I can guess, swfaddress.js gets the variable #/lobby from the url and send it to the swfaddress.swf to make the loadscene or loadxml action.

    So is there a way we can pass that variable from javascript in the html body in stead of letting swfaddress.js to get it from the browser url???

    just and idea that could work for me.

    thank you!