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    Thank you Klaus. With these settings, an OBJ from Scaniverse works flawlessly:

    Hi. Total newbie playing with an OBJ I created using my iPhone and Scaniverse. I used the Depthmap Textured 3-D Model example and have my model loading okay. But, in VR my head is at floor level! Hahahah. Kind of like my reality, I suppose. *tongue*

    Is there a setting that can elevate the "camera" position when the scene loads?

    Thank you.

    Hi @Klaus.pano,

    I’m a long-time krpano user. Your work is astonishing!

    I’m wanting to purchase a branding free license for my university, but I see your payment processor collects tax on the purchase. My university prohibits purchases where taxes are collected because we are a tax-exempt organization in the US.

    How can I do this using your payment system?

    Thank you so much for your work!

    Isn't that exactly how posterurl works?


    Hi Piotr,

    I don't think so. From the docs: "This is the url to an image (typical a screenshot of the first video frame) that should be shown until the video is loaded and ready to play."

    I want the poster image to remain displayed until the user clicks the video to play. Currently, the poster image disappears as soon as the video is ready to play as described in the docs.In the case where the browser cannot autostart the video, the poster image is removed as soon as the video is loaded and either a) a black box is displayed or b) nothing is displayed.

    Thus, I'm suggesting it would be nice if the poster image remains UNTIL the user clicks the video to play it.

    Hello. I'm jumping back into krpano after a long absence. The last big project I did was back when Flash was still a thing. *blink*

    I don't miss it, except that the excellent flash-based editor. What's the replacement for that? Specifically, it was great for creating distorted hotspots.


    Hi, I'm returning to the community after many years away. I'm working on updating a website comprised 100% with krpano. Wow, lots has changed. Well done Klaus!

    Looking at this documentation (, I don't see the skin_settings element listed in the clickable krpano XML structure. Where is the documentation for skin_settings?

    Thank you!

    I'm using 1.20.2 with iOS 12.4.3. If Safari setting "Motion & Orientation Access" is turned off, then no VR or Gyro button is shown. I believe the correct behavior should be to show the buttons, and then if touched, display the permission prompt to enable it via the setting. Is this the expected behavior?

    Thank you!


    I'm trying to change the depth on hotspots conditionally based on whether the device is mobile or desktop.

    For mobile devices, I want a depth of 1000. The depth varies on desktops.

    I've tried

    <hotstpot name="test" ... depth="if(, 1000, 1800)" />

    to no avail. Can anyone point out my issue?


    The entire folder is less than 5 Mb, however... you can copy only the folders whose styles are used in the project.


    I just losslessly compressed all the PNG files in this plugin, which yielded a savings of 669.4K (which is 27.8%). This is substantial. I used the free ImageOptim. I'd recommend that you do the same. If you don't have a Mac to run it on, I'm happy to zip up the files and send them to you, Piotr. Cheers!

    Hi Krause,

    First, thank you for your wonderful support in addition to your brilliant work.

    I resolved the issue for the time being by simply copying in Finder (not command line--important) all the droplets and executables indidually one at a time, then deleting the originals. This has the effect of eliminating the attribute Apple uses to track whether to enable AppTranslocation. Works perfectly.

    Hello. Though I've read a number of posts on limiting the down view, I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly. And, I'd like to do it automatically.

    So, I've edited /templates/xml/default.xml, with the following:

    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" maxpixelzoom="2.5" fovmax="110" fovtype="MFOV" limitview="lookat" vlookatmin ="-90" vlookatmax ="+22" [VIEWLIMITS]/>

    Of course, this makes an XML error in browsers, since [VIEWLIMITS] also declares limitview.

    So my question is, what is the correct way to always limit the down view so that the nadir (and my tripod legs) are hidden?

    I just purchased the iphone license, downloaded the viewer, copied it to my server, put the iphone license file and my krpano license file in the same directory as krpano.swf, but when I visit the demo with Safari emulating iPhone, I get a "License Error" message.

    What am I missing?