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    It's a little buggy but not bad. The concern is that there is no mention of WHY it's free. These services pop up all the time only to suddenly disappear when someone decides they need to pay the bills.

    Then it is a fear of lossing your panos because, you are right, I don't know neither how they maintain such service without asking for money *confused* , we know at 360cities they do ask for money when we need something better than the free package.

    Or you don't use it because it's buggy?

    Why might be those reasons? (I'm curious)

    Hi there everyone,

    I have been working on my own editor and then I found this one, which already solves many things I've been working on:

    I have to say it is a good editor they have but then I asked myself, did people know it exists? why isn't it being used as alternative to hosting panos just like people do at 360cities. This one allows to add even more stuff than just upload one equirectangular, here you can build a whole tour withouth one single line of code because everything is drag and drop, so very easy for anyone to use.

    So, what do you think guys?


    Hi there,
    I feel similar about this topic.

    Now, I'm curious, what about 360cities, tourwrist and similar platforms?
    Aren't these good alternatives to solve somehow the issue?

    What or how you would call a good alternative?


    Great start, Louise!

    PS: But why to connect to FB account? Not choice? ;)

    Hi Arsdezi,
    well, in fact at first stage I had considered Twitter and Google+ apis as well since I already have experience with those apis for panoramic tagging. So it wasn't big deal.

    But then I realized there are some drawbacks that made me return to only FB api.
    Main drawback was that I couldn't figure out how to recognize one user account signed up with between different social networks.

    I mean, I couldn't know that the person for Facebook account of luis, is the same person for luiscarlosjayk in Twitter, or Google+, remaining in possible duplicated accounts for same person but with different social networks. Something undesirable. I promise that if I found a way or someone shows me a way to solve this, I will implement it as long as it doesn't harm everything else.

    After that, choice was easy for which one to choose. I didn't mean you to remember another username/password and having to upload and keep updated your profile photo, and else. So, since Facebook is the social network with higher user's quantity and it's api allows for more social interaction, then, that was it.

    I grab your name, and facebook user id so I your profile photo is the same than your facebook profile photo through{your_facebook_user_id}/picture
    And you don't have to remember another password, I just implement Facebook login.

    OK, after explaning all that just for sake of being transparent with everyone, I have to say that I am very excited.

    I work on localhost of course before uploading changes, and a registered user will be able to create/edit/delete/embed his own projects using the SmartEditor very similar to the one you see at the live section.
    See everyone else projects and learn in the process.
    You will find too Tutorials I will create with code examples and videotutorials (screen capturing).

    Ah and embedding has special features, like you could embed only the code editor, or only the tour, or you could embed the smarteditor whole (code editor plus tour with buttons and else).
    This is intended to improve a lot the sharing experience here in forums, since it shall be a better way to embed krpano code and work together.

    In fact, I found a way so you will be able leave special types of comments with tooltips and popover windows, better than just <!-- --> inside the code :D
    Also, SmartEditor will have great enhancements, like creating krpano nodes just by filling forms. And more!

    I am really excited, I'm currently working alone in this so that's why it takes me time to finish the starting point that is:
    - users creating/editting/embed projects
    - tutorials
    - blog with news

    For now, please, please be patient, and please please, send feedback. That just makes it better.


    Hi everyone,
    have you seen lattest updates for krpano viewer? they're awesome.

    And hey, no, I haven't forgotten the promise I made and the idea one day was born deep in my mind: easying panoramic tours creation and help people learn better.

    The designer who was helping me left but, after working with him for a while I learned a few things and something nice happened and...well, A NEW START.

    We have finally a LOGO:

    The first logos that my friends made for me were nice but were all about cameras or lenses, and the message I wanted to give with DePanorama wasn't there, that was my feeling.
    Then I said, hey I might be able to do it!
    Then opened inkscape, placed a predefined shape, a 3d cube, played with it a little and by accident ungrouped it and moved aside one of it's faces and...that was it!
    The message, the meaning, the idea...was just that.

    And the slogan came with it too :P
    "DePanorama :: Demystifying the cube, one face at a time"

    And we also have a landing page now and a demo live editor trying to explain the new ideas that has come lately.
    Try the Editor!

    Try it without any promise yet, neither is necessary for you to register now since this is an early launching.

    But please, give feedback, keep telling me what you think. (In fact, that's why you will find the contact form in more than one place, because feedback is very important to me)


    In this case, used as a Facebook application or Facebook API?

    I do not know how you did it, but the is really great execution!
    In this case, used as a Facebook application or Facebook API?
    It can be used in the future on other sites as plugin?
    Thanks, Ciul!

    Yes, it uses Facebook API to grab the person's name, and ID to load it's profile image in a textfield.
    You must register a Facebook app for being able to use the API.


    I didn't do it as a plugin for outsource, just for the events my employer was doing at that time, so it only works on his website.
    But I bet the way to do it can be replicated, it isn't that hard as you might think.


    Hi guys,

    just to tell that I've already played with Google+ tags and achieved it successfully. Even improved my first tagging plugin from last time at TEDxBogota.
    Just haven't been on another event like that for using it. So only used for testing/development purposes.

    I was trying to guess how to add Skype tags too but Skype doesn't have a way to authenticate users accounts, to verify they're real.


    Hi all Krpano pals,

    wanted to share my dream of what I would like for DePanorama (I'm workin in my local host, that's why you don't see updates from the site).

    What is DePanorama?
    A community where 360° projects could be easily made, with a nice user interface editor also by empowering the edition of code itself. For coders and non-coders as well.

    A central driven plugin holder for projects. You could take approach of plugins developed by krpano experts.
    Example: many have asked about Social Tags Plugin, and although they're out there, they might be expensive for small or personal projects, these might need advanced knowledge of database/php/javascript/krpano and other stuff, which makes great panos out there to miss it. I've written Social Tagging code for Facebook, Twitter and recently added Google+ social networks.
    I've made other plugins for other stuff too ;)

    I also know you miss Google Maps plugin since they deprecated Flash, so you moved to Bing maps. Know what? I haven't because I already used my own javascript code for Google mapping and connect it to Krpano as well. So it could be taken back to Krpano playyard ;)

    And so on... I have many ideas I'd like others to test.

    Team Work
    Would be nice for teams working on a same project right? Each one adding it's contributions.

    I've been in Krpano forums for at least one year and I've trying to help from time to time to those who ask coding stuff. But sincerely, I feel there's a lack of teaching Krpano syntax and capabilities.
    Why not taking Krpano experts and make some webinars and having lessons with good examples according to what people need to learn from basic to advanced stuff for their krpano projects?

    I've seen many services that offer support online chat. I think we could do that for Krpano too. Having that already know Krpano help you on your projects. People you could chat with.

    Collections is a concept I thought about: once people have many projects up in DePanorama. It would be cool that these could be converted into something more meaningfull. With pretty skins, to show those in some fancy ways.

    NOW, the big question is
    Would you support it if I take it to KickStarter? ( for trying to collect enough funds so I could dedicate more time and efforce on it's development, pay a designer, etc.
    Tell me sincerely if you would help make this dream become true. Would appreciate sincere answers.

    Whos the heck is Ciul?
    Hi, my name is Luis Carlos Osorio Jayk, I live in Colombia (south america), and I like to say that I am a normal guy from the moon. I love to code in several web languages, to learn, to read, watch movies, ride bicycle and being happy.

    You can freely talk to me as a friend :)


    Hi Janie,

    yes, I've tried.

    There are many flavors you can try for this.

    - Popups windows
    - Modal windows
    - and an experiment I did some time ago which you can view in these links:

    And sincerely I haven't tested these on iPad. Since usually, on iPad and mobile devices in general you should use fullscreen to show a video.


    Hi Krpano friends,

    I wanted to show you the skin for 360° videos I'm working on lately. Also take approach of forums to ask for help from you.
    It is based on the new (very cool) krpano skin generated by lattest versions of krpanotools.

    First of all, here's the url for you to take a look:

    Project by VirtualStep team

    Now, the problems I've found are these:

    - Everything gets very very slow if the equirectangular video is played (button with shape of plane earth).
    - The equirectangular video (a videoplayer plugin which parent is STAGE) doesn't show upon complete download of the video. While that happens black rectangle is shown.
    - Since Krpano actions don't return values, a variable is settled with current time of video playing, then this time is given to the equirectangular video on a seek call. Between first and second, a small lapse of time happens. Thus, they end not being correctly synchronized (delay smaller than a second but notable anyway).

    Would appreciate your help.

    About the equirectangular video at bottom, the idea is that it works the same as the player at


    Hi Krpano friends,

    In request to Nupsi I've searched for a XML Syntax Highlighting editor that could be used (OPEN SOURCE).
    After testing a few out there, I stay with CodeMirror

    I've just implemented it into live site DePanorama for you to test and tell me what you think.
    Thanks for all your support and feedback.

    (I apologize for the delay in adding many other features as login in for having a list of projects created, just that I am working and studying at same time, and this is an aside project of my own, thanks for understanding)


    Hi Krpano pals,

    I've done similar code to aircompass in the past but for a different request from a client, it was to create hotspots likely google street view arrow floors .

    They are not exactly the same but hey, behaves similar.

    Here an example made by me: (bigger view)

    Three scenes with arrows inside each one to load other two *wink*

    Client request was make it easy to place as many arrows as wanted with less code possible. Thus, to add a new floor arrow only needed to use:
    <hotspot name="scene_1" style="airhotspot" edge="bottom" north="0" title="scene_1" />

    Where key hotspot properties are:
    1- Set style to airhotspot so I can catch it on actions and events I wrote.
    2- Set a north value which is likely an ath property, it is used to know where it has to point to.
    3- Set title to the scene it has to load on hotspot click. This can easily be modified to load a xml file instead.

    What do you think? *smile*



    In words of Klaus: (from an Email)
    "It can be used to dispatch either krpano events or user defined events,
    e.g. define:

    <events myevent="trace(global myevent);" />
    <events name="local1" myevent="trace(local1 myevent);" />
    <events name="local2" myevent="trace(local2 myevent);" />

    and then call:


    then all these events get called.

    when you just want too call one function then just call that one,
    e.g. events[local1].myevent();
    but for such it would be not necessary to use events...