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    I remember this was an issue but need to know if meanwhile there is a solution to use a video plugin with an absolute url to the video source like

    <plugin name="video1" posterurl="panos/p1/poster.jpg" url="plugins/videoplayer.swf" alturl="plugins/videoplayer.js" keep="true" visible="false" alpha="0" videourl="" align="center" x="0" y="0" width="100%" height="100%" pausedonstart="true" loop="false" volume="0" preload="true" buffertime="0.1" ignoremetadata="false" updateeveryframe="true" onvideoready="" onvideopaused="" onvideocomplete="trans_loadscene_2();" onunsupported=""/>

    Thank you

    Equirectangular stereo pairs like name_l.jpg and name_r.jpg do no create stereo tiles when dragged onto the batch files.
    It works with over/under and cubestrips. What am I doing wrong?

    I still cannot use the tour edior. It generates an error message that flash is required. Also when dropped on the testing server. Why?
    (Using Chrome).

    I'm using a toggle button to start/pause/resume a single narrative in my panoramas.

    In a tour with several panoramas it is a bit clumsy to copy/paste/edit the same routine into each scene, and I guess it would be easier and more elegant to have just one button plugin that plays the sound that belongs to each scene.

    With my very basic knowledge of krpano coding I've tried to get that to work using code snippets from search results, but whatever I try it will not work. So I assume I'm missing some essential routines but have no idea where to look at.
    I understand that it has to be using things like for example "set currentsound,sound01" ... But I'm lost about how and when to recall such variables. The documentation won't help me here as it shows samples and syntax for single commands but not for complex tasks like these. Unfortunately I also couldn't find a solution to similar problems that I could try to adapt in the forum. Please shed some light on this and put me into the right direction.

    Hint for Klaus: I'm sure it will be much appreciated if you add a speaker button to the controlbar of your MAKEVTOUR template that does exactly this: start a sound or narrative for the specific scene. *thumbsup*

    It's not a phone issue and not a device settings issue.
    It happens on all devices with different settings.
    When viewed with ORBIX viewer on GearVR or in normal mode it's ok, so it's also not an image issue.

    Unfortunately I can't link to the original Krpano examples as I don't have a weblink. But if you start the demo and watch the entrance at the "Kuchlerhaus" (steps) you can see how they bend in different directions when above and below the horizon.
    The larger the distance the stronger the bow.

    I searched the forum, but didn't find a hint, so in case this is a kknown issue, please direct me to the solution or an explanation.

    Today I realised that the horizontal lines in panos are bending above and below the horizon as soon as VR mode is activated.
    This looks a bit odd and I'm hesitant to consider this a desired feature.
    Why is that and what can I do about it?

    Same problem here (5s/9.1), almost drove me nuts yesterday when tried to debug my code :D

    Because it IS working properly (for me) when I save a link of the tour to my homescreen and open the tour from there.
    That may not always be a proper solution but it might help the one or the other in the meantime.

    In the old days we could start a krpano tour from an exe-file in fullscreen on a kiosk screen and not let the user interact with the tour in any other way than the given.

    Now that Flash applications are ditched and our tours are running in Browsers, which tools do we have to prevent unwanted user interactions?

    The reason behind is that a customer wants to run a tour on computers during a trade show and let visitors interact with it on their own.
    But of course he doesn't want them to fool around with the machines and mess things up or even worse.

    Thank you Sasha.
    Yes probably this would make things a bit easier.
    But the code above is from the master himself, so I suggest Klaus sees an advantage in doing so.
    Unfortunately I am myself have no idea about pros and cons besides that for me it looks more complicated :D

    I started to use the krpano videoplayer from the krpano examples to show different videos tiggered by hotspots inside a single panorama.
    The player works fast and fine and with the hotspots it's a great tool to enhance interactive storytelling with panoramas.

    But to make it more convenient for users I need ot add at least a close button and later (sigh) video controls.

    After some fail attempts I finally managed to get a close button on the screen that does what it should do, but I still fail to get it inside the videplayer_plugin which is needed for precise positioning.
    I assume the closebutton_plugin should have the videoplayer_plugin as a parent, and if so, I must be doing something wrong with he syntax or whatever. I feel a bit uncomfortable with that layer stuff.

    Can you please give me a hint or a similar example of how to correctly add it?

    Thanks a lot

    Ok, that's easy too.
    Simply add the hotspot name to the setcubealpha action.

    Wonderful, thanks to myself for helping me *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *thumbsup*