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    wow so many problems :S

    I wish I had more time to help all of you, but right now I am swamped with work and had no time to really do anything to this, I only do it on my free time since the plug-in is also free :P

    there are a lot of components that have really cool scrollers, unfortunately most of them are NOT free so we can't really adapt one to krpano and distribute it, unless each and everybody that uses it buys a license, we need to either find a really FREE source code, or create one from scratch :) since a lot of us use Panos commercially is really hard to really find free stuff like that :P and like I said I really have no time right now but if anyone finds a true free source code in AS3 I am willing to give it a go to adapt it to krpano.


    seems really cool, but I have only found a book and a fireplace, nothing else to do ? can't use the book on the fireplace :P

    EDIT: Never mind I found out how :) Really cool idea !!! I am enjoying it :P

    q100 , image360 that is already possible, just put the tracking inside the hotspot (or plugin)


    example 2 (not completely sure it works):

    <plugin name="logo" 
            align="rightbottom" x="10" y="10"

    in any case you can also do it for all your buttons if you like, the event is just like any other function from krpano so you can call it from anywhere actions are allowed that includes hotspots and plugins.

    hope it works out for you guys :)


    it's not possible to have any direct access to the GPU from Flash!
    the TPP player only uses the fact that the Flashplayer sometimes seems to use the GPU when using the Flash10 PerspectiveProjection to transform flash objects, but that works only on some specific GPU cards, and when Flash is not using the GPU (which can't be detected), this method of drawing 3D transformed images is slower than the usual Flash10 drawTriangle method...

    only the 'renderer' code is 'duplicated', the core is always Flash 9 based, and when starting to use Flash10 capabilities in the core, building a Flash9 version will not be possible anymore

    best regards,

    Ohh that explains the GPU issues, from other posts around the net I was under the impression that Flash used the GPU directly

    but I wasn't saying create 2 parallel versions, I meant create 1 version 9 (or probably just leave the current one as the last v9) and leave it like that, just for "backup" then the new features will only be Flash 10 :)

    Shanti, thanks for info. :)

    Problem there is probably if someone wants to add hotspots to the panoramas since that isn't as easy when running remotely on server… (editing files via SSH is one solution but still).

    Well even that's not that hard, using PHP and uploading a xml you could create your XML on a local computer and upload and link it to that particular panorama...

    I was creating a simple PHP panorama editor for Krpano but due to lack of time on my part I stopped maybe I will re-take it and release it :)

    please Flash 10 only!

    my stats show that Flash 9 is used LESS and LESS and Flash being so easy to update now a days (a Flash player update was found earlier his week without opening my browser) I think dropping 9 is a good choice, besides I have never seen a panorama that looks or performs better on Flash 9...

    but about the GPU, there is already a beta version of a new player (TPP ? ) that uses only 4-7% CPU to show the panorama, it even worked on my 6-7 year old video card, so using flash 10 + gpu is a good idea.

    and 1 byte is 1 byte! some guys might not notice it because they have 10+ MB fast connections, but here in Mexico even tho we have 5 MB (someplace even 10MB) connections, they are REALLY slow at some times of the day (the fine print says UP TO 5mb) and still 1MB connection is the "average" so every little KB counts!

    but there is probably another solution for the purists? if the code is already duplicate why not create a Flash 9 version only and a Flash 10 version ? I mean the current version could be used as the Flash 9 version(striping the Flash 10 part) and the newer one use Flash 10 only, I am pretty sure using some JS you could detect which version and deploy accordingly, new features and updates will only be available on the Flash 10 version but critical bug updates on both... hope that even makes sense *confused*

    try keep="true" also, maybe you would like to post part of your xml so we can check it the map should not disappear when you click on a hotspot (unless you open a new html page)

    yes its possible, the tools have a Linux version you just need to use PHP and use the exec command, my website has a similar way of doing it (using word press) and it works perfectly :)

    just make sure the tools *ARE* on a folder that cannot be accessed form public.

    Well guys this scroller is kinda old, and the code is really a mess, I have been searching for other components to adapt for Krpano such as this one

    that one offers a lot more options already built in and it should be easy to adapt (hopefully) so if anyone is interested I can give it a shot, I haven't had a lot of free time lately but I think Krpano needs a better thumbnail scroller than mine :)

    what do you guys think?

    Klaus, did the JS interface changed on the latest version?

    before this worked:

    function krpano() 
    		return document.getElementById("krpanoSWFObject");
    alert(Number( krpano().get("view.hlookat") ));

    now I get:

    krpano().get is not a function

    I tried the ones on the examples folder inside the 1.0.8 b9 and get the same error... *confused*

    thats very nice :) maybe you could share the code ? or the modifications made? :)

    Tourvista created a better looking thumbnail scroller but I got no idea which one is it, anyone know?