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    I have an interior lounge view I am trying to convert into depthmaps for the first time. My result below is not great, and I feel like I may be missing something small in my code. The pano file and the depthmap png were both exported directly from 3ds Max so I figure the alignment would be perfect.

    Am I missing something simple? Or is there something wrong with my geometry and I need to re-generate the depthmap png? Here are links to my source files:

    I appreciate anyone's suggestions!

    Louis G

    I have a 17-pano project I have completed using krpano and would like to hire someone to convert it to the Everpano framework. I just bought an Oculus Quest and think it might be a good showpiece for my tradeshow coming up next week. All panos were generated from a 3D model in Autodesk so merging/blending the panos shouldn't be an issue. I just don't have time this week to learn a new system. And I am not looking for any special post-production effects or user interface features, just the ability to seamless walk around the rooms through the Oculus Quest.

    If you are interested in the project and can knock it out this week please DM me. Thanks.

    I have finished developing the other features for my tour and am now optimizing for mobile. As stated above, the advanced combobox works perfectly on desktop, but not so much on mobile. If I access it from my phone and click on the search icon at the bottom, it brings up the advanced combobox as expected. However, if I select an option from the combobox, or even if I try to progress to the next scene using the navigation arrows at the bottom (without selecting an option from the combobox), the "Loading..." text appears, but it does not progress to the next scene and freezes all actions.

    Can you please take a look? Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for the quick support, I got #1 and #3 working.

    I'm still having a little trouble with #2 though. It appears that it is opening the list to the expanded state using the code you provided, however it is loading off the stage. You can see the attached image:

    I tried adding this code to bring it back into alignment but it did not work

    onclick="switch(plugin[my_plugin_parent].visible);  plugin[advanced_combobox].open(); set(plugin[advanced_combobox].x,0); set(plugin[advanced_combobox].align,center);"/>

    Any ideas?

    Also on an unrelated note, the placeholder ("Type/Select Section") works great on desktop but the text does not appear on mobile. How can I make it show on mobile?

    I am continuing to customize the plugin and have a few more questions:

    1. What code can I use to hide/show the advanced combobox plugin? I have a search icon in the bottom navigation bar. I would like for the advanced combobox to be hidden when the page is loaded, but when the user clicks on the search icon, I would like for the combobox to appear. I have tried the following code

    <layer name="skin_btn_mag"  style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|192|64|64"  align="left"      x="95" y="0"  scale="0.5" onclick="switch(plugin[advanced_combobox].visible);"/>>

    in the vtourskin.xml skin_control_bar section but it does not work. I've tried using "enabled" as well, and I've even hidden the plugin off the page as referenced in this thread , but I can't bring it back to the stage when clicking the search icon. Any ideas?

    2. Also if we can get #1 working, when the advanced combobox appears I would like for it to appear in an already expanded state, as shown in the attached image. How do I do this? <img src="…-state.jpg?dl=0" alt="opened-state.jpg?dl=0" title="opened-state.jpg?dl=0" style="font-size: 0.8em;" />

    3. Is it possible to customize the height of the combobox once expanded? In my example above on a desktop, when it is expanded it shows 5 items. However there is room on the screen to show more items before forcing the user to use the scroll down using the bar on the right. It would be great if the height could be configured as a % of the screen size or something else so that user scrolling effort is minimized.

    This is a great plugin, thank you for offering it.

    I am looking to customize the style and have successfully changed the font. However I cannot figure out how to change the background color. I have tried adding


    but that did not work. I was able to do this successfully within the standard comobobx plugin by adding the following style:

    <combobox_design name="bluebackground" margin="4" open_close_speed="0.25">		<!-- default vtourskin.xml design -->		<style name="combobox_container_style" bgalpha="0.8" bgcolor="0x00205b" bgborder="0" bgroundedge="1" bgshadow="0 4 10 0x000000 0.3" />		<style name="combobox_marker_style" css="color:#FFFFFF;" bg="false" txtshadow="0 0 2 0x000000 1" />		<style name="combobox_item_style" css="color:#FFFFFF;" padding="4 4" bg="false" bgcolor="0xFFFFFF" bgalpha="0.5" bgroundedge="0" txtshadow="0 0 2 0x000000 1" />	</combobox_design>

    How can I accomplish additional styling with the advanced plugin? Thanks.

    Thank you Alexy for the tip! I did not even see that section. It is very interesting, by just changing the layer names (just putting a "2" behind them), I am able to position the buttons exactly where I want using just the align and x coordinate. However I am just viewing on desktop, so I have to test design and functionality on mobile devices to see how the layout may be affected.

    But now I at least know the section of code to learn about/adjust to make further changes. Thanks again!

    I am trying to customize the control bar buttons after using the Make Vtour batch and have been able to change colors, add showtext, and re-arrange th eorder of the buttons. However, I am having an issue moving around 3 of the buttons and my head is spinning! I was hoping someone could take a look at my demo page, my code, and give me a helpful tip!

    Test Website/Mockup

    My issues are:

    1. The Thumbnails button is currently over the Previous Scene button and blocking it. For the Thumbnail placement I currently have

    <layer name="skin_btn_thumbs"    style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|128|64|64"  align="left"        x="150"   y="0"  scale="0.5" onhover="showtext(Viewpoint Thumbnails, navbar)" ondown2="skin_showmap(false); skin_showthumbs();" />

    and for the Previous Scene placement I have

    <layer name="skin_btn_prev"      style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|64|64|64"   align="left"        x="50"    y="0"  scale="0.5" alpha="0.5"  onhover="showtext(Previous Viewpoint, navbar)" onclick="if(skin_settings.thumbs_loop, skin_nextscene_loop(-1), skin_nextscene(-1) );" />

    2. I can't get the fullscreen button to move no matter what I set x equal to. I want to keep it in the center cluster but can't move it a little to the left like I want without changing align="left", which doesn't make it right.

    3. The Hide Controls button won't move. I currently have

    <layer name="skin_btn_hide" style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|448|64|64"  align="right"       x="5"   y="0"  scale="0.5" onhover="showtext(Hide Controls, navbar)" onclick="skin_hideskin()" />

    but as you can see it is not close to the right edge of the control bar skin like my Home button is close to the left edge of the skin.

    It's furstrating to me because I can move the other buttons around just fine by adjusting the align= and x= variables, but it isn't working for these 3 instances.

    Can anyone help? Thanks in advance for taking a look.

    After creating a virtual tour for a client a few years ago using version 1.08, the client has finally agreed the tour needs to be compatible for mobile devices. We had a lot of bells and whistles on the old (all-Flash) version that we wanted to keep so I took all of the panos and created a new tour using Make Vtour tool. I am trying to have one link that detects whether the user should look at flash version or mobile/html5 version. The detection appears works fine and the (old) Flash version works fine. Everything about the html5 tour works except for thumbnails, they do not come up when prompted (I am viewing on iphone 5):

    The vtour works fine when I upload to a directory as it was created and do not try to do any detection, but I guess something about the detection is causing thumbnails not to load or do I need to update some files? Or is it not possible? Any ideas?

    sachagriffin, thanks for the advice that did the trick!

    VN2011, I am trying to follow your logic and understand the benefit of this method. Right now thanks to sachagriffin, I am using scenes and have "keep=false". When navigating away from the pano using either the navigational hotspots or combobox, the polygonal hotspots disappear as they should. And when I return using either method they reappear. Would using your suggested method involve less coding? Thanks.

    I am attempting to create a tour that has 5 panos. There is a combobox as well as hotspots on the panos that allow the user to navigate to a different pano. Everything is working fine with the exception of the polygonal hotspots I have on one of my panos. Using the pointers on a previous thread, I created polygonal hotspots that "blink" to catch the users attention. These are not for navigation but just for an informational pop-up box.

    The problem is if I use the combobox to navigate away from the pano with blinking polygonal hotspots (let's call it pano1) and then come back to pano1, the blinking polygonal hotspots are not there. If I click on the navigational hotspots instead of using the combobox to go to another pano and then come back to pano1, the blinking polygonal hotspots are there. The code I am using to load the polygonal hotspots is below:

    <krpano version="1.0.8" onstart="hotspotblink(info1);hotspotblink(info2);">

    <action name="hotspotblink">
    tween(hotspot[%1].alpha, 0.8, 1.0, default, tween(hotspot[%1].alpha, 0.2, 1.0, default, hotspotblink(%1)) );

    Also, I have keep=true property when declaring the actual hotspot.

    Any ideas? DO I need to use scenes to make this work how I intend? Thanks.

    Hi all, is there a way to make the pano you are looking at invisible? I am creating a website where the pano is essentially the background skin/layer and i want the user to be able to toggle between the tour and a static image in the background. I want to give this option because there will be animation/video in foreground and I don't want anyone to get dizzy!

    Ideally, there would be a button at the bottom of the screen where the user could toggle between static image or pano. I figured there might be some kind of alpha setting for the pano where i could set that to 0 and load the image on top of it via plugin but couldn't find it. Any ideas?

    Louis G


    I credit Hans. Turns out I must have installed one of the updates wrong. I completely started from scratch, re-downloaded, viewer, tools, my licenses, and latest beta version and now code works perfectly. Note to other newbies out there: correct files/updates will generate a .js file for each viewpoint when running Make Pano MultiRes. Before when I used that to make the panos it was only giving me an xml and html file.