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    Yes, that example is just very basic, the requirement of several tweaks for mobile browsers is not very uncommon. It seems that touching the pano does't automatically change the focus (I don't know why yet), so it might necessary to do that manually.

    I will look into that focus issue and post an updated example (but probably not before next week).

    Klaus, did you manage to look into this problem and why krpano doesn't allow the html5 input to lose focus when touching away from the input?


    Also discovered that on my Samsung Galaxy S3, the text input doesn't respond by opening the keyboard when I touch it. This happens for Chrome and the phone's built in browser. Works fine in Firefox on the device.

    This only happens when I add the element like this


    It works fine if I do it the following way, but then I lose the functionality that the plugin interface provides


    I will look into that focus issue and post an updated example (but probably not before next week).

    Hi Klaus

    I am also interested in a solution for this. When the input receives focus, you enter some text, and you close the device keyboard, and start moving the pano around with your fingers, the device keyboard pops up again, because the input never lost its focus.

    Any solutions to this yet?



    I have a div, called #panel, that is overlayed on top of the krpano. I've set a width and height on #panel, but a big black background, which is the same height as the #panel div, stretches the with of the page.

    See the Div-over-pano.png attachment a screenshot of the problem

    Here is my html code

    <div id="panel">
        <p>Hello World</p>

    and my CSS


    My div was pushing the pano down, hence the black background stretching the width of the screen.
    Here is my updated CSS code that fixed the problem

        background: #fff;
        padding: 5px;
        width: 250px;
        height: 250px;
        position: absolute;
        z-index: 1;