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    Hello to everyone!

    thanks to Karlo for kindly sharing his code.

    I managed to replicate with my picture and audiofile a pano with an audio and its button/volume control, by using "MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet.bat" and by modifying the xml code.

    Now my question is: how could I get a title/heading to my pano (as I could get with a vtour), and possibily how could I get a text suggesting that the audio file is actually an audioguide explaining the pano?

    Thanks for your help! *smile*

    Thanks I'm almost there... *unsure*

    is there a chance to put an audio control so a user can silence/stop the audio?

    How can the audio be stopped when you move to another position? I tried to put onout="stopallsounds();" both on <hotspot> and <scene name> but it does not stop, moreover if you turn back a new audio is played overlapped to the first one...

    I'm sorry to bother you with such a stupid question; I tried to search over the forum but I completely lost in tens of codes I can't understand where to put... *unsure*

    Will you be so kind to help me? *g*

    Hello Tuur,

    yes it was the / on rootpath; by removing it I could hear the audio. Thanks!

    But why linkedscene="scene_foto" in the hotspot stuff does not work?

    When I click on the spot I can only hear the audio, but I'm not taken to the scene I'm supposed to go...

    Maybe is there another way to automatically play a specific audiofile whenever you get into the next scene in a vtour?

    Thanks in advance for your help! *smile*


    I would like to create a virtual tour that could automatically play an audioguide (mp3/ogg) after clicking on a hotspot.

    I can create a vtour using pictures and linking them by hotspots (via the editor).

    But how can I autoplay an audioguiode?

    What I would like to create is something similar to that:

    The only thing I managed to do (unsuccessfully) for the moment is that:

    1) Create a simple working vtour (two pictures linked by hotspots with the editor)

    2) in tour.xml I did as follows:

    a) add: <plugin name="soundinterface"

    b) modified: <hotspot name="spot1" url="skin/vtourskin_hotspot.png" ath="-162.027" atv="13.785" linkedscene="scene_foto" onclick="playsound(auto,sounds/audio.mp3);"

    But when I click on the hotspot I get "ERROR: soundinterface - loading of /sounds/audio.mp3 failed!"

    The audio.mp3 file is in the "sounds" directory

    What's wrong with that?

    Thanks for your help *smile*


    I already have created a vtour using flat image using an iphone panoramic photos, but it's not a 360°.

    Now I would like to create a 360° virtual tour. I gave a look to some device that could help me getting spherical pictures, and I've found motrr galileo.

    Before buying such a device I would like to know if the images I will get from it are suitable with krpano, and in that case wich kind of pano I should create.

    Do I have first use Convert SPHERE to CUBE droplet.bat?

    Or can I go straight to MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) droplet.bat or MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat with the pictures as they are?

    Still confused... *confused*

    Thanks for your help