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    A client gave me for some days his oculus go for testing krpano virtual tour offline, but i don't know where to begin...

    Jordi said :
    "If you do not hack it, you cannot have local files"

    Could you please explain how hack an oculus go?... or where (website or other) i can find how to do this?

    By more or less following this thread, I was able to run a krpano vt offline (aka from the the oculus local storage with a webserver running on the oculus).…&threadID=16292
    Good luck!


    Almost finished on the new editor. We needed some changes that are now in the latest krpano release.
    We do some small fixes and some tests. Then we do a short beta testing. I put you on the list.
    I expect to release this soon.
    When this fully new approach works as nice as we think and experience, we have some extra's coming later on, depending on krpano develoment progress etc etc..

    Stay tuned!
    Tuur *thumbsup*

    Any news about the new version?

    Hi Davide,
    The Occulus go needs webm encoded videos for videos beyond 2k (means at 2k, mp4 will load, but at 4k, you'll need webm). If only mp4 are provided, you'll receive the "loading failed".
    The current limitation on the oculus go, seems 8k at the moment, which don't play unless using a service like Visbit.
    4k vr videos give mix results. When played from krpano & web browser, they hang. When played from youtube, they play nicely (though 8k don't).
    We've tried different encoding, as well as downgrading the frame rate, to no avail. Maybe the webvr library is the culprit, or youtube using a streaming algorithm similar to visbit.
    Hope that helps somewhat.

    It sounds like a very promising plugin. It would be nice if we could "play" with it, maybe with watermarks or no saving options.

    What kind of code does it generate?
    Did I miss something or is there no polygonal hotspots?
    What about hotspots transformations (rotate, scale)?

    All the best with this plugin!

    My website has been copied and the content stolen.


    Copy: (a bit broken now as I have blocked the hotlinks)

    I have contacted the domain owner and filled a complain at the ISP.

    The reason I created this thread is that in the portfolio I noticed content that is stolen as well.

    Have a look if your work is displayed there.

    You can contact me per PM and I'll give you the ISP email for complain.

    Happy Easter!


    I couldn't find the documentation about the integration with swfaddress plugin.

    I currently have a tours which uses swfaddress, so I have a swfaddress.xml file with all the <pano> tags within.

    The analytics plugin requires also a analytics.xml file, which lists all the <pano> tags.

    How I am suppose to integrate both?

    Keep two separates files (swfaddres.xml and analytics.xml)? both listing the <pano> tags?

    Only one file? if so, What is the syntax for plugin integration?



    I have a virtual tour which is embedded in an <object> tag. This problem happens also with <iframes>.

    In the url/data, I give the one set in swfaddress.xml file. But it works only in Safari. In other browsers, the default panorama is loaded. As if the pano name has been flushed.

    Has anyone run across this problem before?

    Any Idea?

    The code:

    <object data="" type="text/html" width="900" height="600"></object>



    What is the scenes.count counting exactly?

    I have a tour with 6 scenes and it displays 66. I have another tour with 1 scene, and I have 90019002 displayed, when I use trace for this variable.

    I'm using v16.6.

    Is there another way to know the exact number of scenes only?


    edit: forget about it..I found out.


    1) I will look into it and send you update on this issue.
    1b) SWFAddres has nothing to do with visuals.
    2) Can you PM me a link to your test example, I will try to figure it out.


    I found the issues, they are on my side, I'm sorry.

    For information for others who might encounter these errors:

    1) I had adblock plugin enabled on firefox and by disabling that plugin, swfaddress works like a charm
    2) I was running on a local server (localhost) wonder bitly couldn't generated the url. Works fine online.

    Now I have another question and couldn't find the answer in the doc, so I don't know if it's possible.

    How to set the default scene to load (at start)? I could set random or first in file but I want to set (in the xml file) the first scene to be loaded.



    I have two problems.

    1) the plugin doesn't work with firefox 23.0.1 (nor does it with the nightly build), but works fine with Safari and Chrome (I'm on Mac)
    1b) if I force html5 on firefox, the buttons are not displayed
    2) I set up my API key and login for the bitly but receive the following error: "SWFAddress Plugin: Shorten error - service is unable to shorten specified URL for some reason." Even if I use the original credentials the same error happens. I'm just running the demo on a server no custom code.

    Any help appreciated!


    I can change scenes by passing their name as parameter.

    But when I want to visit a scene that has already been loaded, it doesn't work.

    For example:
    Then :

    So far, it's ok.

    But when I do:

    The scene1 isn't loaded. Nothing happens, no js errors.

    My xml file structure has all the scenes contained in an external file. I just include the scenes.xml file at the beginning of my main.xml file.

    Any ideas?



    I have nikon D80 dslr machine and 18-135 lens and 10.5 mm fisheye, nodal ninja 3II

    Can I make gigapixel panorama (basic, not profesyonel) this equipment?

    and if I want profesyonel gigapixel panorama, Which equipment I must buy?

    thank you.

    "Can I make gigapixel panorama (basic, not profesyonel) this equipment?"

    No. Gigapano are shot with a telephoto lens (200mm or more). Unless you have a cranked head where you can change the angle degree per degree and are very patient, there will be too much errors.

    "and if I want profesyonel gigapixel panorama, Which equipment I must buy?"

    There is the panogear, compatible with the dedicated gigapano software from Kolor:

    or Gigapan:

    The panogear is built from an astronomical head (Merlin), where gigapan is custom made.

    The advantage of the panogear is that you can still shoot standard (non giga) panoramas, thus reselling your ninja 3 head. With the gigapan, you can only shoot gigapano, no "standard" 360x180 panoramas.

    I hope it helps.

    I'm trying to edit hotspots with the editor plugin.

    For example, to rotate XY, hold SPACE and drag. Or hold R to rotate Z.

    So far, only drag works, no keyboard entry seems to be taken into account.

    I've tried this on Mac with Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I stripped the XML file to the minimum, which means no buttons or any GUI elements, just the editor plugin.

    I'm sure the editor.swf and krpano versions are the same.

    Any ideas about this?



    setting the preview image as parameter for the loadscene() call should also work,

    loadscene(scene, preview.url=preview.jpg, ...);

    best regards,


    I'm also trying to set the preview.url variable, but by passing it another variable and I struggle with the syntax.

    What works:

    loadscene(scene, preview.url=preview.jpg, ...);

    What doesn't:

    loadscene(scene, preview.url=get(var_name), ...);
    loadscene(scene, set(preview.url,get(var_name)), ...);

    What is the correct syntax, please?


    Edit: I found the solution by passing loadscene a string built before the call.

    Hi Klaus,

    You wrote this:

    "but I'm already working on a replacement maps plugin that works completely without Bing Maps API."

    What does it mean? that Bing maps won't be used anymore? or that we will have the choice of maps? I have several clients who have trouble with Bing, because they don't work in their area, but have no problem with Google maps.