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    Hi I just went back to the code I was writing (previous post)

    just realize that I if I take away the tour.js nothing is left to be seen not even the foto.jpg.

    However by playing a bit more with the code I took the style away from the head of the HTML with a different result:

    This time what will happen is that I can see my Virtual tour in a much thinner strip, it is fully operational, and the hot spot work fine once clicked the foto.jpg will open above the whole page.

    But just under the strip containing the Virtual Tour I can see my image foto.jpg sitting there. Now if I click it then it will open in the fancybox fashion.

    Does this mean that I have to modify some code in the HTML and not in the Xml as previously thought?

    I hope is all clear...

    it may be something very silly I'm trying really hard but I'm not a great coder!


    Hi all,

    I have manage to create a blinking hot spot for a picture that hangs on a wall in my virtual tour.

    I can click it and it will open above my tour. so far so good.
    I'm trying to make this photo to be opened in fancybox......

    I have wrote my Html like in the sample of "606r" (sample code couple of entry above)

    Still there must be something wrong with my code.
    Could some one look at it?

    Now if I take away from the Html code the tour.js, then all I see from the browser is the and once clicked it will open in a fancybox way..... cool but how do I make this happen together with my Virtual tour?

    It seams that my XML file is not calling the I frame function correctly and it is overwritten buy some other parameter.....

    I hope this make sense to you *smile* *smile* *smile*

    Here below is my code.


    and here below my XML

    thanks for your help *wink*

    Hi all again,

    I did finally manage to link my hotspot to a jpg,
    with onclick=openurl, and enable=true.
    (very simple after you know how to do it) *smile*

    However I would like to open the image above the tour, with fancy box.

    I did even pay the fancy box license but still not manage to use it.
    Any success out there? suggestions?

    I have looked at the following sample but... no success
    any ideas?
    How to insert a PDF document in Virtual Tour

    hopefully wil get there soon, meanwhile Merry Christmas to you all!!!! *smile* *smile* *smile* *thumbsup* *thumbsup* *smile* *smile* *wink* *wink*

    Hi all,

    well let me tell you that we should have such tutorial a bit more often!

    Thanks Klaus! I can now manage hot spots! What about a page with more tutorial such as this one?

    Tuur your panorama is really great!

    Well but now let see if I can get some further help!? *smile*

    I have followed in detail all the instruction on how to create a Hotspot in any shape an place in my virtual tour.

    My end result is exactly as good as the sample of the swimming pool.

    However, being a bit silly and not really good at it, how do I link my blinking hot spot to a 2D photo?
    I have tried several code both in the tour.xml and in vtourskin.xml but I cannot manage it.

    I think it must be something pretty simple that I'm missing! Any help!?



    I Bill thanks for your post!
    some time I feel really stupid!
    The language used on the forum and most of the sample documentation are simply off putting!

    Understandable only to whom wrote them! *cursing*

    Still I believe that Krpano is a great tool BUT.... it could be so much better and definitely should be accessible to not only HTML wizards

    Daniele *smile*

    Hi everyone It may sound silly but since I have downloaded the new version of Krpano the autorotate is giving me some problems.... *cursing*

    Before I use to have a very smooth effect but now it is always a bit fragmented,
    Does anyone know why, I really need a solution pretty urgently as my client is waiting for some virtual tours.

    Here belowe is the autorotate function I use.

    Many thanks


    <autorotate enabled="true"

    Hi to every one,

    First of all since the introduction of the Krpano editor unprofessional like me can finally have a nice looking Virtual tour done!!!!

    Now I'm trying to load my Virtual tour in a fancybox feature directly from a link. (I normally provide link to my client and so far the only option I have used is the full screen default option).

    I have been looking at tutorial but all of them explain how to implement a fancybos to a single photo or to a gallery, and none of the hoe to make my HTML pop in such window from the start.

    Any Ideas?????

    Bear in mind that I'm not a genius when it come to coding so please if you have any suggestion, try in using an easy language.

    Many thanks

    Daniel *smile*

    HI jpdeglet69
    thanks for the suggestion I did look into the software, but in this way I will have to learn an other software without considering the cost of it.

    Plus I believe that Krpano has already all what I need at offer.

    Again I need just a person who is willing to help out at an agreed rate.

    Once from there I can take it on myself pretty ok.

    Any one out there?

    Please write me back soon.



    Hi All

    here I'm back again on this great forum.

    Let me tell you that I'm not very good at html coding and after a couple of frustrating months trying hard to implement a suitable code for my purpose,I have just come to a conclusion that I would rather offer a job to some one rather then keep trying without success.

    I'm aware that usually forum like this one are not place for job offers, but I cold not think at a better place where to seek help.

    And considering the great quality most of you out there can produce I'm sure that I could not choose a better place.

    Well let me explain what I need and hopefully some one will answer.

    I'm trying to have a very simple clean virtual tour.

    -I would like to work with light Box (opens on top of a Grey background)

    -Have the round navigation arrows that many of you already use

    -A drop menu to navigate trough the different areas of the virtual tour ( or any other alternative which looks nice).

    I would also like to see an option with an hot spot rather then the navigation menu.

    That is pretty much what I have been trying to achieve without success.

    What I would love is to have such a code written and maybe explained so that I could then be able to use it my self for future virtual tours.

    Is it any one interested in taking on this project?

    what would it be your reward?

    Please feel free to come back to this post with any comment I'm not trying to find an easy way out to my problems I'm only trying to solve them.


    Daniel *smile* *smile* *smile*

    Hi Michel, and all of you out there,

    I'm trying to implement the thickbox code sample to my tour but I cannot manage to make it work.

    I did download all the css and js script from the web site I have added this code into tp the heas of my html file

    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="thickbox.js"></script>
    <style type="text/css" media="all">@import "thickbox.css";</style>

    and also the following code to the xml file

    <plugin name="thickbox_button" keep="true" style="buttonstyle"
      html="[p]load thickbox[/p]"
      align="bottom" x="0" y="25"

    I did check that the paths are ok now I have 2 big problem the first one is where shall I put the


    part of the code

    and second when I add the plugin in the xml file the onclick line is marked red telling me that there is a problem.

    off course I'm lost.

    Does any one knows where I'm wrong?


    Hy Zephyr, sorry for the late replay I just got to try your code today.

    There is one problem: In my HTML code I cannot find the part


    <script type="text/javascript">

    var swf = createswf("krpano.swf");


    Now I did try to play and change my script tag but with the only result of turning every things white.

    Here is my HTML code, why is it different? and do you know how to change the script tag?


    *smile* *smile* *smile*


    Hi every one,

    I'm again here asking for help.

    Does any one know How to ensure that when I change the size of the windows the navigation buttons stay in a fix position and change size accordingly to the virtual tour size ?

    At the moment they move and stay always the same size while the rest get smaller or bigger.



    Hi every one

    It may be a stupid question for many of you but.... I'm getting crazy *wacko* .

    Now I'm not a great expert of html coding and I find the sample difficult to understand.

    Anyhow I did change my background color in the html code from black to white,easy so far, after I did implement the fix aspect resize to my xml file.

    Now what happen is that it seam that this function has its own background color which is black.

    Does any one know how to change it in to white??????


    Thanks for your post

    well I did look at it.

    I'm actually more interested to the other option the one called Scenes-with -buttons.

    I did look at the code the only problem is that I do not manage to use it.

    After I drop my equirectangular Panorama photo in the Virtual Tour Normal droplet I do end up with a virtual tour with the scenes like thumbnail at the bottom left corner.

    Now when I try to change the xml code copying the sample code it does always give me an error.

    I believe that my biggest problem is that I do not understand where the scenes need to be place and the exact connection to the code itself.

    any idea???


    Hi every one

    I'm pretty new to html coding, could some one help?

    I cannot manage to implement a code: I would like to have a virtual tour with the buttons to change scenes.

    At the moment my code is generated automatically by the NORMAL VIRTUAL TOUR droplet, I then managed to implement navigation button on the xml file, and change few setting.

    After looking at the sample files downloaded with krpano I still do not understand how to change my code.

    Any idea? *question*


    Thanks Mindlessboss

    that is a shame I did spend quite a lot in buying new camera computer and pano-pro lens........

    Do you know how does it work with a fish eye lens?

    How many shoot will I have to take and can I develop then my virtual tour directly with the Krpano software?

    I may spend some more money...... *cursing* *cursing* *cursing*

    Hi to every one,

    I'm just a beginner and I'm finding difficult to manage the Krpano application.

    There are 3 main problem that I have.

    The first one:

    I cannot manage to write a code to implement the navigation buttons.

    The second one:

    After pressing on the link to my virtual tour I would like the windows to be open just in the middle of the screen not a full size.

    (see any of the sample at this link

    The third one: maybe the biggest!

    I'm using a panoramic mirror to do my virtual tour from PANO-PRO.
    I then develop an equiterectangular panorama with the PANO-publisher sofware.
    I then drop this panorama into KRPANO droplet MAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR (NORMAL)
    after following all the instruction I find my self with a very bad virtual tour the resolution is bad.

    I have tried shooting in raw and in Jpg,
    I do a little retouch in photoshop first and none on the publisher software.

    I did follow the instruction on how to find the best focus using the mirror.

    I have a canon 50 d and I'm using a basic 18-55mm lens.


    Do I have to use the PANO-PUBLISHER softwar or I can unwrapp my round photo directley with the Krpano SOFTWRE?

    I can I improve the quality of my virtual tour?

    I does the multi resolution business work?

    I'm bit lost and I know this are lots of question they may sound silly for most of you but not for me.

    Could someone give some advise?

    It would be much appreciated.

    here is the link to my virtual tour I did manage to change the size of the virtual tour itself in the html code but not of the windows


    <krpano version="1.0.8" onstart="startup();">
    <!-- vtour.xml template krpano tools version -->

    <action name="startup">
    <!-- load the first scene -->
    loadscene(get(scene[0].name), null, MERGE);

    <!-- build the thumbnails (remove the next line to remove the thumbnails) -->

    <!-- disable the default progress bar -->
    <progress showload="none" showwait="none" />

    <!-- hotspot styles (for Flash and HTML5) -->
    <style name="hotspot_ani_black"
    frames="20" framewidth="64" frameheight="64" frame="0"
    altonloaded="if(isphone, mul(scale,2)); onloaded();"

    <style name="hotspot_ani_white"
    frames="20" framewidth="64" frameheight="64" frame="0"
    altonloaded="if(isphone, mul(scale,2)); onloaded();"

    <action name="hotspot_animate">
    delayedcall(0.03, hotspot_animate() );

    <scene name="scene_55vt_unwrapped" title="55vt_unwrapped" onstart="" thumburl="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/thumb.jpg">

    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="90" maxpixelzoom="2.0" fovmin="60" fovmax="120" />

    <preview url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <left url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_l.jpg" />
    <front url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_f.jpg" />
    <right url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_r.jpg" />
    <back url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_b.jpg" />
    <up url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_u.jpg" />
    <down url="55vt_unwrapped.tiles/pano_d.jpg" />

    <!-- place hotspots here -->

    <!-- example hotspot:
    <hotspot name="spot1" style="hotspot_ani_black"
    onclick="looktohotspot(get(name)); loadscene('insert-scene-name',null,MERGE,BLEND(1));"


    <!-- thumbnail actions begin (remove the 'buildthumbs()' call in the onstart event to remove the thumbs) -->
    <action name="buildthumbs">
    if(%1 != NEXT, set(i,0));
    if(i LT scene.count,
    copy(thumb, scene[get(i)].thumburl);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].url, get(thumb));
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].keep, true);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].align, leftbottom);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].width, 40);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].height, 40);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].x, 10);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].y, 10);
    mul(plugin[get(thumbname)].x, i,3);
    mul(plugin[get(thumbname)].y, i,3);
    add(plugin[get(thumbname)].x, 5);
    add(plugin[get(thumbname)].y, 5);
    copy(plugin[get(thumbname)].xsmall, plugin[get(thumbname)].x);
    copy(plugin[get(thumbname)].ysmall, plugin[get(thumbname)].y);
    add(plugin[get(thumbname)].zorder, 100, i);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].jsborder,'1px solid #FFFFFF');
    copy(plugin[get(thumbname)].thumbpos, i);
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].linkedscene, get(scene[get(i)].name) );
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].onclick, openthumbs() );

    <action name="openthumb">
    if(%2 != NEXT,
    copy(curpos, plugin[%1].thumbpos);
    set(xdst, 0);
    set(ydst, 0);

    if(pos LT curpos,
    sub(ymax, stageheight, 100);
    if(ydst GT ymax, inc(xdst,90);set(ydst,0); );
    tween(plugin[%1].x, get(xdst) );
    tween(plugin[%1].y, get(ydst) );
    tween(plugin[%1].width, 80);
    tween(plugin[%1].height, 80);

    <action name="closethumb">
    tween(plugin[%1].x, get(plugin[%1].xsmall));
    tween(plugin[%1].y, get(plugin[%1].ysmall));
    tween(plugin[%1].width, 40);
    tween(plugin[%1].height, 40);

    <action name="openthumbs">
    if(%1 != NEXT,
    set(events.onclick, set(events.onclick,null); delayedcall(0.1, closethumbs() ); );

    if(i LT scene.count,
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].onclick, set(events.onclick,null); closethumbs(); loadscene(get(linkedscene),null,MERGE,BLEND(1)); );

    <action name="closethumbs">
    if(%1 != NEXT, set(i,0));
    if(i LT scene.count,
    set(plugin[get(thumbname)].onclick, openthumbs() );
    <!-- thumbnail actions end -->


    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title> - 55vt_unwrapped</title>
    <meta name="viewport" content="target-densitydpi=device-dpi, width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0" />
    <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />
    html { height:100%; }
    body { height:100%; overflow: hidden; position:center margin:0; padding:0; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:16px; color:#FFFFFF; background-color:#f4f4f4; }
    a{ color:#AAAAAA; text-decoration:underline; }
    a:hover{ color:#FFFFFF; text-decoration:underline; }

    <script src="tour.js"></script>

    <div id="pano" style="width:50%; height:50%;">
    <noscript><table style="width:100%;height:100%;"><tr style="valign:middle;"><td><div style="text-align:center;">ERROR:<br/><br/>Javascript not activated<br/><br/></div></td></tr></table></noscript>
    embedpano({swf:"tour.swf", xml:"tour.xml", target:"pano"});