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    Alexey has done a much better job with his extension. Mine only does syntax color and snippets, and it's not up-to-date.

    I think it's possible that VSCode and Sublimetext extensions can share the same markup syntax & snippet files. This would be very handy keep both of them updated.

    Unfortunately I don't have the time nor the knowledge to do this on my own.




    When I use 'Krpanotools makepano' in command line, Krpano leaves a residual folder named 'kmem/' (with the back slash included in the name)
    This only happens when the panoramic image is in an external disk. I presume Krpano needs to make this folder in order to create the tiles. That's OK, but I think it should be removed at the end of the process.

    OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.5
    Krpano version: 1.20.7
    This is the command I run:

    /my-path/krpanotools makepano -config=/my-path/my-config.config /my-path/scene1.jpg

    This is the console output:

    krpano makepano tool 1.20.7 - 64bit (build 2020-05-26)- using config: tiles_for_mobile_preview_1024.config
    Output: HTML5=no Flash=no
    processing - scene1 - converting sphere to cube format...

    The kmem/ forder includes a series of subfolders named by following the the path to the panoramic image. For example, if the path is:
    It creates the following tree folder:
    \_ Volumes
    \_ External
    \_ virtual-tours
    \_ scenes (empty folder)


    Hello Klauss,

    The URL inside the CUBE tags, used in new syntax for the multi-resolution panoramas doesn't work correctly with placeholders.

    Let's take the following line as an example:

    <cube url="%ROOT%/files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    The placeholder %ROOT% is expanded as 2OOT%


    The placeholder %SWFPATH% is expanded as bWFPATH%


    The placeholder %VIEWER% is not expanded


    The placeholder %FIRSTXML% is resolved an 1IRSTXML%


    The placeholder %HTMLPATH% is expanded as 1TMLPATH%


    The placeholder ºSEDIR% is not expanded


    Just to be clear, this issue only happens with the CUBE tags. The PREVIEW tag works correctly

    Also, there is something funny when the placeholders are used in combination with '..'

    All the code lines below load the images correctly, but they shouldn't!

    <cube url="%SWFPATH%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    <cube url="%ROOT%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    <cube url="%VIEWER%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    <cube url="ºSEDIR%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    <cube url="%FIRSTXML%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />
    <cube url="%CURRENTXML%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />
    <cube url="%HTMLPATH%/../files/scenes/scene1/%s/l%l/%0v/l%l_%s_%0v_%0h.jpg" multires="512,768,1536,3072,6144" />

    All the URLs above resolve like this:



    Hello everyone,

    One of my clients have complained that the touch control on his touchscreen DELL Inspiron 5000 Series doesn't work anymore.It used to work OK, but now he can't move around using his finger.He has the same problem in a big Kiosk display.

    Here is the link

    The console traces all the control settings, and it confirms that all the settings have the default values.

    INFO:krpano 1.19-pr16 (build 2018-04-04)
    INFO: HTML5/Desktop - Chrome 70.0 - WebGL
    INFO: Registered to: Rafael Guerra Paz
    INFO: Google Analytics Plugin: v1.3 (BETA 1)
    INFO:Scene name:scene1
    INFO: touchscreen: false
    INFO: usercontrol="all": all
    INFO: mouse="drag": drag
    INFO: touch="drag": drag
    INFO: dragrelative="true": true
    INFO: draginertia="0.1": 0.1
    INFO: dragfriction="0.9": 0.9
    INFO: drag_oldmode="false": false
    INFO: movetorelative="true": true
    INFO: movetoaccelerate="1": 1
    INFO: movetospeed="10": 10
    INFO: movetofriction="0.8": 0.8
    INFO: movetoyfriction="1": 1
    INFO: keybaccelerate="0.5": 0.5
    INFO: keybspeed="10": 10
    INFO: keybfriction="0.9": 0.9
    INFO: keybinvert="false": false
    INFO: keybfovchange="0.75":0.75
    INFO: mousefovchange="1": 1
    INFO: fovspeed="3": 3
    INFO: fovfriction="0.9": 0.9
    INFO: zoomtocursor="false": false
    INFO: zoomoutcursor="true": true
    INFO: touchzoom="true": true
    INFO: keycodesleft="37": 37
    INFO: keycodesright="39": 39
    INFO: keycodesup="38":38
    INFO: keycodesdown="40": 40
    INFO: keycodesin="": 107
    INFO: keycodesout="": 109
    INFO: keydownrepeat="true": true
    INFO: bouncinglimits="false": false

    The problem is that Krpano doesn't recognise the device as touch screen.

    trace('touchscreen: ', get(device.touch));


    touchscreen: false

    The tours didn't change. Could this be due a recent Chrome update?
    Is this a KRPano bug?
    Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Many thanks


    Hello Klaus,

    I'm working on an Extension for the VS Code editor , for editing XML files with the Krpano markup language.

    The first step is to enable syntax highlighting to help reading the code better. This is what I get so far.

    Luckily, there is a similar project in Github to do the same thing for the SublimeText editor, and I was able to use its tmLanguage file to cover some ground. Although the person writing that extension did an amazing job creating the regular expressions to find all the elements, there are a few missing.

    Is there an easier way to have access to all the functions, elements and actions used by Krpano, other than the documentation web pages? Although they are very useful, I really struggle to find an structure to go through all the information.

    Something like an index page or a list, with just the names and the type would be ideal.

    VS Code developers have put a lot of effort to make easy to people write very powerful extensions. Syntax highlighting is only the beginning. it's also possible define formatting, snippets, intellisense, hovers and validators.

    Here is the Github repository: VS Code Krpano Language

    Many thanks,



    i didn't move the 'krpano tools' application:

    I also tried dragging a pano on 'MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) Droplet' and got the following error:

    Just to let you know, the directory "/private/var/folders/mj/lvmzp2cj7675nwm9fy9qv4vh0000gn/T/AppTranslocation" is empty.

    Sorry. I moved from windows to Mac and this is the first time I'm using Krpano Tools on it.


    Hello everyone,

    I hope you can help me with this one.

    I always liked the way Google Street View loads a new panorama when the user moves forward. There is something about it that truly gives the feeling of diving into the next position.

    Is it possible to achieve the same effect in Krpano? At the moment we use a lookto action (See this example )

    lookto(10,0,50,smooth(100,20,50)); activatepano(%1);

    But some how it doesn't look the same as the Google Street View effect.

    Any ideas?


    Thanks for your quick reply Klaus

    I was afraid you were going to point to the method explained in that post *smile*

    You're correct. The way I do it is a waste, but It was done long time ago. The client has requested to update the virtual tour to make it work 100% in HTML5 and I was hoping that I could do that without re-writing the way it works.

    It seems that I don't have any other choice though.




    Thank you very much in advance for helping.

    I've got the following virtual tour:

    Find the hazards

    Basically you need to click in the hazards and after that the hazard is either fixed or removed.
    You can test this by clicking the hose on the floor, next to the big box filled with metal bits.

    In order to achieve this I add several distorted hotspots. In the case of the hose, I add 3 images:…rds/safe_46.png…ds/safe_46b.png…ds/safe_46c.png

    They're 1000x1000px PNG-24 with transparency.

    You can see the XML file here
    See underneath a little summary of the actions I use to add the images:

    ...        delayedcall(2, add_safe(%1); adjust_safe(%1));...
        <action name="add_safe">        addhotspot(safe_%1);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].alpha,0);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].ath,);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].capture,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].distorted,true);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].enabled,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].handcursor,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].keep,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].url,%HTMLPATH%/files/images/hazards/safe_%1.png);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].visible,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].zoom,false);        set(hotspot[safe_%1].zorder,0);    </action>
        <action name="adjust_safe">        ...        if (%1 == 46, hs_l(46); add_safe(46b); hs_f(46b); add_safe(46c); hs_d(46c));        ...    </action>
        <action name="hs_f">  set(hotspot[safe_%1].ath,0);   </action>    <action name="hs_d">  set(hotspot[safe_%1].atv,90);  </action>

    As you can see the problem is that there is a thin black line around each image.

    I tried save the images in a different shape, format, and smoothing the edges, but nothing worked.

    Any ideas how can I remove that line?


    I managed to to get rid of the black line by using:


    Everything looks great in Chrome, but in Firefox some of the hotspot images disappears when they touch the edge of the browser.

    I understand that's a well know Firefox CSS3D rendering bug, so there is nothing I can do abut it. Back to the original problem, the black thin line.


    Hello everyone,

    Thank you very much in advance for helping.

    I've got the following 360 video: Car interior

    When I open it in my laptop, I can tell by using Chrome's' Developer Tool that once the whole video is played once, next time I open it Chrome uses a cached version of the video, which is nice.

    I tried the same thing on my mobile but the video doesn't seem to be cached at all *sad*

    Does anybody now if there is a work around for this?



    Hello everyone and Klaus in particular,

    I was very pleased to see that krpano 1.19-pr4 finally supports 360 video in VR Mode.
    The virtual tour I'm working at the moment starts with a 'regular panorama'. Then the user loads a 360 video and after that the sequence repeats: normal pano, 360 video, normal pano, 360 video, etc...

    So for some reason the 360 video only loads he first time. The second time I try to load the same 360 video, Krpano doesn't show it. It's loaded because I can listen the sound, but it's not showing.
    After hours checking everything I decided to try the same thing in the official VR example webpage.

    Same problem there. Try by yourself:
    - Open the Panoramic Video
    - Go back to the Main Menu
    - Open the Panoramic Video again and... it doesn't work!

    Is there a work around to make the 360 video show after the first time?