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    Thanks Klaus for this vey nice job *love*

    I'm a user of PanoTour 2.5.14 and I wanted to know if some of the improvements and new features you made for Krpano will be able to be integrated into PanoTour?
    Thank you for your work .

    Good evening Klaus and all

    It may still be too early to ask this question, but will there be progress on PanoTour Pro 2.5 during the update so of course it can be done?
    And a big thank you for your work Klaus BRAVO!!


    Hello everyone again

    Following a good number of tests carried out following the advices of Klaus, I isolated the file which gives me the problem of display.
    This is saurier-np_messages_fr.xml, encrypting all .xml files except this one it works.
    It seems that this one should not be encrypted.

    Copy of the saurier-np_messages_fr.xml file that I do not have to encrypt for everything to work:

    I was unable to keep the layout of the file during copy and paste, even after redoing the layout by hand.

    thank you very much
    Kind regards


    as it seems that element is created by the KolorBootstrap.js script, not by xml code.

    Maybe first check if it even works without encryption.
    And with an unencrypted file it would be also easier look for the problem root.

    Best regards,

    Thanks Klaus,

    The unencrypted visit works without problems, here is the link put online for the test of the NON ENCRYPTED visit here

    I put the KolorBootstrap.js file in the thread where I could see that the word "undefined" appears "// map generation" and "DIALOG BETWEEN KRPANO / JS STUFF"

    As I said in the previous post level o in .xml but also in .js, sorry.

    Attached the compressed kolorbootstrap.js files, the encrypted tour version and the unencrypted version, not sure both are needed.

    If necessary I can make available other files that I need.

    Thanks again Klaus for your help and for taking the time to help me.


    quick answer: encrypt only the files that will be loaded by krpano itself.

    In detail: in depends on your example, I haven't examined it in detail yet, so I don't know where and how that window gets loaded/added and where it gets its content (but at least its not krpano code).

    Best regards,

    Thanks Klaus for answer, *thumbsup*

    Again sorry for asking questions which are perhaps very straightforward.

    My knowledge of .xml programming is at level 0.

    If I understood correctly, I have to find the.xml file which loads the files I am having trouble with, among other things the file loaded with "i" and the text of the card, and not encrypt them?

    Thanks again Klaus

    Best regards


    that window that opens when clicking the 'i' button is NOT part of krpano, that's an external element / outside of krpano (probably from PTP). You could see that also by right-clicking on it.

    And content that will be not loaded/parsed by or through krpano can't be encrypted of course.

    Best regards,

    Hello Klaus

    Thank you for your answer .

    Sorry for this question, but how can I fix this?

    Merci encore

    Hello everyone

    Following the answer of our friend Klaus started here and in order not to polluting the original thread I am trying to get help in the right thread I hope, I have just made the encryption test of my .xml files only via Krpano Tools. And it turns out that it does not work correctly either locally or online, let me explain I created a description of the site of the visit and when I encrypt it, I click on the "i" icon "Small history" the window opens but it is empty with the title "Undefined" and the closing cross has disappeared (on the display of the map, the problem is the same with the title, but the map displays it well). I think other files should be encrypted with it, but the problem, I don't know which one !!

    A link to the encrypt with Krpano Tool test visit:

    Another link with the old version visit:

    Thank you again for your help
    Good evening and good weekend to all

    Hello everyone again

    Here is following the answer of our friend Klaus, I have just done the encryption test of my .xml files only via Krpano Tools. And it turns out that it does not work correctly whether it is locally that online I explain myself, I created a description of the site of the visit and when I encrypt it, I click on the icon "i "" Petit historique "the window opens but it is empty with the title" Undefined "and the closing cross has disappeared (on the display of the map, the problem is the same with the title, but the map is displays it well). I think it is necessary to encrypt other files with but the problem, I do not know which !!

    A link to the encrypt with Krpano Tool test visit:

    Another link with the old version visit:

    Thank you again for your help
    Good evening and good weekend to all

    Hello everyone

    Thank you Klaus for your answers *thumbsup* , it confirms what I thought.
    thank you very much *smile*
    Have a good weekend to all

    Hello everyone

    I hope to post my question in the correct section, if it is not the case do not hesitate to tell me

    I have just updated Panotour Pro to KrPano version 1.20.8 and when I generate my visit with .xml file encryption, when I want to view my visit a fatal error message appears. *sad*
    If my visit is generated without encryption, it works. *squint*

    I specify, for the moment test locally, no test carried out online.

    In fact, I am preparing the disappearance of flash player which will take place at the end of the year and I will re-generate the visits that use flash.

    In addition, a message appears when generating my visit, telling me that the Krpano version is different from the PanoTour version, this is perhaps normal.

    Thank you
    Good evening to all

    Hi Philippe,

    You have tried to open it on Internet Explorer, right?
    Try this one:
    It works... So, that's mean that krpano is opening an xml embedded inside himself rather than the external one... then, you can't see the changes you are trying to make inside those external xml files...

    You have to make the changes inside the xml file you have embedded inside your protected swf and remake your protected file including this new xml ...


    Thank you again Michel

    If I understand because my English is pretty rusty, sorry.
    I use Google translate for help me.
    I must change all URLs adding %SWFPATH% as he had been informed by Klaus. xml as the changes I make, but before entering Kprotect.

    Thanks again Michel ,but I'll have to wait until next weekend to return to my problem, I could watch the messages in the week but I will surely be difficult to make changes.

    Best regards


    Michel thank you for your visit.

    No, I did not enabled" Disable External Parameters (HTTP, FlashVars)"
    For the link that you have:…_file=SAlut.xml, it opens a blank page?

    I do not understand where is the problem of link, how to fix it? *confused*

    Thanks a lot Michel for your help


    try to add that %SWFPATH% also to all other url="..." attributes,
    e.g. for the <preview> and the <plugin> and <hotspot> tags,

    best regards,

    Hello klaus and all

    I followed your advice and change all the url's by adding %SWFPATH%/ and always the same.
    I wonder if the problem is my link for access to the summary of the visit to the Google page.

    I tried to start a thread on the Google forum, but this does not .

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards



    okay, the problem is that the xml is embedded into the swf,
    and by default the paths in the xml are relative to the xml,
    now without xml there is no relative path to the xml and so also no relative path for the images,
    and so it will search the images in the folder of the html file,

    one solution would be by editing the xml and adding %SWFPATH% in front of the image urls,
    or an other solution to set the Flashplayer "base" parameter to the path where the xml was,

    best regards,

    Good morning at all

    I changed the path to the cubic faces, as I have been advised.
    And nothing will do, always an error loading the faces in google map.

    Before I've that :

    Now I'm change by this version :

    Perhaps I have not well understood the explanation was Klaus, or order it somewhere else .

    Or is this the wrong file I changed, but the file for the launch of 1 ° spherical in Google map is grammont0.xml

    I'm don't understand what happens

    Please , help me ! *cry*

    Thanks a lot


    Hello Klaus

    Thank you for your help, my level of programming xml is at zero. *cry*
    Can you put me an example, such as changing the. xml that create a problem with the technical %swfpath%.
    I think the xml file in question is: grammont0.xml (cloister, 1 ° file upload in google map),one that gives the path to the sides.
    If that thee can, I'll be grateful. *thumbsup*

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    it seems to be a path problem,

    first try using the latest krpano version to be sure that's not bug,
    then check if the paths in the xml file are relative to the xml file,
    when the xml is embedded then the paths must be relative to the swf file,
    because there are no path informations anymore,

    best regards,

    Hello to you all

    Klaus thank you for your answer
    Sorry for the late reply

    I searched for a problem link. xml files, I have not seen

    I attached the 2 files that apparently problematic

    this concerns the 1st ball in the open page with google map

    Directory organization and spherica lin the directory are:

    grammontk.swf (the k because I renamed passing through KRprotect)
    grammont.html (modif made regarding grammontk.swf)
    The directory containing the directories grammontdata grammont0, ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 and the graphics directory

    Following is the problem, if one wishes to observe the phenomenon : see here

    Hi at all

    Hoping to post good place

    I have a small problem with KRPano and Google map.

    The link to see the problem: Priory of Grammont

    I made my 1st visit with panotour pro, then protected with Krpotect. But now when I go through the Google map it gives me an error message:

    Navigating the pano, the resolution is zero (it displays the preview) go into another room and all the changes the message remains, close and return to normal resolution is 1 ° pano there is no message and the resolution is normal.

    Try using the link below the map and then all works well!

    If anyone has a solution, I'm interested *wink*

    Thank you in advance for your help.