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    it simply looks like your tour.xml is not found
    check your index.hml if it really points to your tour.xml
    if yes, check the permissions on your tour.xml

    it simply looks like your tour.xml is not found
    check your index.hml if it really points to your tour.xml
    if yes, check the permissions on your tour.xml

    Thanks for the feedback. The tour works fine offline. In fact, it used to be online on my old website. Nothing has been changed. I can run it using the KP testing server. The tour.html is properly pointed to the correct .xml file.

    As I have 2 different hosting accounts, I went ahead and uploaded the tour to another server and it works fine. Both of my accounts are with the same host, FastComet, and in the same region (Singapore). So I find it very hard to understand why one specific server is preventing it, while another is allowing it to run. I uploaded and tested it with a few variations on the problem server and all failed. The same files worked fine on my other server. I will take the matter up with my host.

    I've been out of the business a while. But I recently had a need to revisit a very well made and functional tour that continues to work without issue with the Krpano test server for local viewing. And it used to be online at one time and working, since removed.

    But when I uploaded the files to a website, I get a FATAL ERROR: tour.xml - loading failed! (0)

    This was, and still is a really good tour. So I am wondering if there have been major changes to the browser to the extent that I would need to recreate the tour again, or is there some fix? What could it be that I need to do.

    I had presented this to my daughters school about 4 years ago. They are only just getting around to wanting it and requested my help.

    Appreciate any advice.

    Thanks, Tony

    Hi All,
    Been a while since I've been in the 360 field. I suddenly found myself in need of 360 Product Viewing again, but it appears that the Object droplet is no longer available. What is the current status of Object Pano's. I am doing a lot of Product Photography and greatly need to re-establish the 360 Product Views I used in the past.
    Update anyone?

    Tony, I am glad you found a glitch in your process. I think you learned to store your images (take care that file name of the image doesn't start with number) in project /images folder instead in templates.
    Manual reference:
    "In your project folder you see two folders: images and videos. There you should store the images you want to use in your projects in advance. I have pre-installed 3 images and 3 video files as examples to get you started (actually 5 video files...more about that later)."


    Details on the plugin code structure:
    /images - This is the folder where you store your pop up images in jpg format. Keep in mind not
    to use too large files to have faster load when online. 2000px wide at 120dpi is fine.

    3 images I stored in /images folder from templates I placed there as help for you later on when project is created with droplets to be easier to understand where to place your own project images. That maybe introduces some confusion on your side, but at the end hope you didn't loose to much time figuring it out.

    Learning Curve. Thanks for the help and concern. Your plugin will help me, anyone really, to create autotours quickly, whereas before I had do every little detail back and forth, check this, check that... terrible workflow. Now a simple thing, thanks. I will let you know if I think of anything that could improve it (the plugin).

    One thing comes to mind already, maybe there is a way and I did not find it... when setting the next scene to load in autotour, it would be good if it were possible to set the hlookat, vlookat, and fov for when the scene loads. This feature is already built into krpano's editor, but I did not see it with your editor. Is there a way to do this now? For the time being, I put my images back in photoshop and centered the start view the way I wanted, but that is not a good way to save time.

    BTW.. as for the images.. I did put them in the templates /xml/images folder before i created the tour.

    Hmm.. nevermind.. I think it was my fault. I removed your 3 default images. That seems to have thrown an error message and may have been the root cause. After replacing the 3 images, I started over again. All seems to work fine now.

    BTW.. as for the images.. I did put them in the templates /xml/images folder before i created the tour.

    Having some trouble with saves and add image. I've watched all the videos and read through most of instructions but can't find my mistake.
    Windows 10
    Chrome Browser
    Server Running

    AutoTour > Create New
    Startscene 01
    "Show Image" has no effect when I click the button.
    "Add New Point" works fine.
    "Load New Scene" works fine.
    When I click "Done" and "Preview" - I get a nice preview of the tour. All seems good (except no images).
    When I click "Save To File" - nothing happens. The new "autotour - definition" file does not show in the bottom of the browser window and does not 'download'.
    If I repeat the process, and I don't preview... instead I go straight to "Save to File" - nothing happens
    What could be wrong?

    I'm using Camtasia Studio 8, What do you use?
    Computer is pretty good, but admittedly a bit old. Viewing tours and other things show fine, it's just capturing krpano tours that are autorotating seem to jitter unless I slow the rotation speed. That includes zooming in automatically.
    After I capture the tour, I later will speed up the video in post.
    8 core AMD
    16 Gigs Ram 1333mhz
    4 GB AMD 6990 Video
    My biggest problem is probably AMD :) , I have a newer i7 in the States, but that doesn't help me here.

    Hi Umalo,
    Three things that will help me real quick.
    I want to remove the zoomto function when changing scenes.
    I want to be able to change the rotation speed of the autotour when moving from point to point.
    I want to be able to change the speed of zoom to a single point (hopefully it is separate from zoom to scene).
    Can you help with locating these setting in the xml.

    Hi Umalo,

    Can you tell me how you made the autotour video?

    I have making videos with screenshot software to capture my autotours. Unfortunately, this creates a lot of jitter in the tour as it pans around. So I have had to set the speed of rotation so very very slow to capture decent videos of an autotour.
    This is a regular request from my customers (create autotour video). I am very interested in getting a full solution from autotour creation to clean, jitter free, video. From what I can see, you seem to have the perfect solution.



    BTW... bought it!

    I've run across an oddity. Maybe it's my code, or not.

    I created a tour with all flat images (ordinary pictures).

    When starting (button), each image (scene) will get zoomed in, then proceed to the next scene and repeat. But I am getting stuck after the 2nd image when trying to load the 3rd scene.

    I get a WARNING: unknown action: scene_somescenename

    INFO: krpano 1.18.4 (build 2015-04-23) INFO: HTML5/Desktop - Opera 31.0 (Chrome) - WebGL INFO: Registered to: Tony Baker INFO: im in the tween INFO: i made it to the action called nextscene INFO: im in the tween WARNING: unknown action: scene_856

    Here is the code...

    Any ideas

    Thanks, Tony

    I am trying to use a very long link with the openurl command. The link is intended to open a street view from google maps. But it seems that krpano is cutting the links short and the map page does not fully load to the correct coordinate or even the view. Is it fixable?

    Here is the link...

    And here it is working as a link....

    The link gets shortened when try to open the url from a button in my tour, and the link gets cut somwhere around the data=!3m7!…t1708/tour.html</a>
    Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

    Please help me to understand.

    I am curious about the use of the Push(var) Pop(var) function and have no relevant use case where I can understand it fully. Could I get an example(s) of how it might be used. Mostly I don't understand how to reference "the stack" in the way I might reference a variable.

    My first impression was to use it to "stack" photos, maybe as a variables referencing image #'s, then use some button action to push or pop them from the stack for viewing.

    I don't actually need a new photo gallery, I have many options to choose from, I just want to understand this set of functions/commands to learn a bit more. So only a basic example is ok.

    any help is much appreciated

    Hi! What if keep hlookat within the range - from -180 to +180?

    Try add this:

    <events name="hlookat_check" keep="true" onviewchanged="check_hlookat();"/>

    and action:

    <action name="hlookat_check" >
    if(view.hlookat GT 180, set(view.hlookat, -180););
    if(view.hlookat LT -180, set(view.hlookat, 180););

    Hope this helps.

    Hey, thanks so much Alexey. That certainly works. Interesting, I thought the view.hlookat needed a workaround (adjust)and was not diretly editable. Been schooled again :)

    This has been posted before, with a response from Klaus. post

    I am hoping there is an updated, or better way of accomplishing this with adjusthlookat or something. I wanted to do a daytime to nighttime to daytime transition when the user reached a certain horizontal point... ie around hlookat 0. It works fine if the user swings the pano left and back to the right, but if the user continues around and around in same direction, hlookat goes beyond 360 degree count and continues indefinitely with user persistence, thereby never reaching near the 0 value again.

    I am using cubeface hotspots that turn on/off inside the daytime scene to show/hide the nighttime scene.

    Test here... move right, then left, then right... but full rotate not work.
    Ideas? Suggestions? Help? Advice? Criticism? *cool*

    Hi Klaus,
    I have been browsing the forums looking for an option like this to fix a problem. I too need a way to call an action when the user passing a certain viewpoint in the tour. The problem with this "continuous code version" is when the user passes the point, and continues spinning the tour in the same direction, the view.hlookat value continues to build towards infinity (so long as the user continues moving one direction). So the point in the scene we need a trigger, is gone.

    I have a daytime/nighttime transition using 1 scene. Then i have 6 cubeface hotspots in the scene. So the scene starts as day, then switches to night, back and forth. I have yet to figure a code that will allow for continues transition at a heading say 0-1 degrees (view.hlookat = 0-1) when the tour spins only 1 direction.

    Can you recommend a solution?


    Flat-pano-support for HTML5 is already there:
    krpano HTML5 Multiresolution Preview

    And has been improved today:
    krpano HTML5 Multiresolution Preview

    Best regards,

    Great! I did a quick preview of the multiresolution some time ago but didn't even notice that. After seeing it was still "experimental" and expired, I just left it at that and decided to wait until full release. Or maybe I did see it and just forgot. Either way, the wait will be worth it... thanks a million for your devotion and hard effort!