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    I give up for the moment: maybe it's a bug/limitation of Textfield and HTML5... I'll wait next KRPano release to check.
    Now, I have to update the online code with something working, so if someone still wants to play with this issue here's the code:
    (it works in Flash, DOESN'T work in HTML5)



    removing "url=..." doesn't work.
    Removing all "type=container" it works partially.
    Here it is:…ml?html5=always

    Going on the second pano, click the image-hotspot on the right to check: also, you might not be able to see the image-hotspot... try reloading the Virtual Tour
    (in Firefox you might still not be able to see them either. But they are there just not visible... you'll notice the cursore to change)

    Everything works fine in flash. The problem is only in HTML5.
    Maybe the problem is related to "textfield" usage in HTML5: any chance to build an info box using mostly textfield, on next release?

    The old HTML5 version is still active, just for comparison if needed:…ml?html5=always

    Removing the "?html5=always" part, on both links, you'll get access to the Flash version where everything is working.

    I erased all those " " but this didn't help either.
    Please, have a look again:

    This works fine and at normal speed.
    Now, click on the arrow on the floor to go to the second pano: as you can see there are three (of 4) hotspot to magnify the pictures on the wall. Click to open... everything is working


    Everything goes slower. Going to the second pano is even slower and... those three hotspot on the wall are gone (apparently) away: they're there, just not visible. And, obviously clicking on them nothing happens.

    Any idea, how to solve this?

    *confused* *confused*


    Do you mean...

    ... if this is what I want:

    ...and this is the action to build the above stucture:

    Am I doing well?

    As you can see, my intension is to click on a button(hotspot) to open an image inside a box(textfield) and show some info.
    Also, images can be portrait or landscape: how can I check orientation of the photo without giving the parameter "orientation" to the button?

    I don't know why but "onclick" (line 9 of the code) doesn't work. Exactly, nothing happens.
    Is there some limitation, bug...?

    Any solution?

    I have the same problem.

    I even tried to raise the "height" value of the "layer name=textfield7181" from 720 to 920: the result is the same.

    What's wrong?
    Also, here's the code:

    I do tried and in HTML5 works with all the browsers!

    I hope someone can help so to make it work also in Flash... my idea is to use fonts instead of PNG files. They should be lighter and faster to load, shouldn't them?
    But this also brings another question:

    - Is is possible to embed fonts, non commonly installed in computers, in the VT?