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    When will it be possible to use code like this (here with PHP code constructing the HTML)

    <a href="event:action(pro_feature);">'.$v[1].':'.$v[2].'</a>

    therefore trigger default/standard KR Pano actions from the popup? That's the only thing holding me back using the plugin.

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    I'll have a look at what you suggested. I would love to make it as "native" as possible, at least for MacOS. That said, I'm still at a loss as to the correct syntax to call krpano functions via JS, because I've not been successful with the samples given in the krpano documentation.



    Title says it all. Am busy creating a standalone version of my "panorama" on MacOS using nwjs, but am anything but an expert. Managed to get the baby running nicely, but would love to get some custom menus in the MacOS menu bar, accessing some functions created in the panorama.

    This, for instance, doesn't work. The submenu item is created, the shortcut shown, but the doesn't yield a result. The pano.js has been called up earlier, and i am not aware of anything else I would have to do. Or do I?

    I also get a "unknown version" when using krpano.version from the sample code given in the docs, so I am stumped, as it looks as if krpano has NOT been loaded.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Ich habe ein neues Samsung Galaxy Advance mit Android 2.3. Beim Aufruf meines Krpanos bekomme ich die Meldung, dass Flash 9/10 oder höher installiert sein sollte, aber es ist doch Flash 11 drauf (gerade updated).

    Hat da jemand einen Rat, wie ich testen kann, ob das Pano auch auf Android läuft?

    Edit: War fast zu erwarten, aber unter Opera Mobile läuft meine Anwendung nahezu perfekt. Nur der native Browser des Samsung spinnt. Fazit: Opera rocks!