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    An option, which I have used in the past, is to write out your XML via PHP (or other, like ASP, etc). Either link to the PHP script directly, or leave your file as XML, use PHP to handle all incoming variables to write out good XML, and set up your server to allow the .xml file to be read as PHP. Upside to this is that it's way faster than krpano would be, parsing out those variables.

    I tried what u suggested but that gives THE same problem.
    Offcours we talk iPhone/pad here. On desktop these things are easy

    Is there à way?
    I need It badly
    Tuur *thumbsup*

    Hey Tuur:

    Hmmm... Interesting. Testing on my site shows the same effect (or lack of ;-)). Also, on Sam Rohn's site I don't see any text on his panos, via HTML5. I'm pretty sure he's sending the text via the URL a la "pano=somePano&title=Some%%20Text", and it shows up fine in Flash.

    I'll keep testing -- it may just be a limitation of krpano right now, rather than an HTML5-specific issue.

    Hey folks -- Thanks for the feedback *smile*

    Like I said, I'd played with wmode to no effect... Neither "opaque" nor "transparent" seem to make a difference. I'll chalk it up to Firefox, which has always seems to have some weird embedded media display issue w/each new release.

    Robert, I notice in your DIV's style you have opacity set. This is setting opacity on the -entire- DIV. Try using CSS to style -separate- spans & DIVs, and put opacity on the appropriate ones. HTH. This would also allow you to, say, not inline style your individual SPANs font, etc.

    Hey there:

    Here's what I use to display on HTML5 devices. THis shows the text w/o any background just fine. Haven't tried using a background PNG though. FWIW:

    Thanks folks -- About what I expected... :)

    Tuur, I'd read that in the specs; I find Klaus's approach to displaying objects very interesting. It allows for the tiled display which is GREAT, but otherwise feels like using a sledgehammer to drive a nail -- a photographic objectvr really doesn't need any 3D transforming (generally speaking -- "true" 3D is another story).

    Robert, what JS library are you using to display objects?


    Hey there:

    I've used the krpano tools to make an object vr -- It works great! But, no display on iPad/iPhone... I changed the Object tool config to say 'yes' to making tablet/phone images in the output... All I see are tiles. *sad*

    Does the Object display work on HTML5? If so, what simple step have I missed?

    Thanks in advance!

    hi there --

    awesome (and working) code example... many thanks!

    i don't see, easily, how to have a full 360 rotation in vertical orientation. i have an object which will need to rotate fully vertically, and limited horizontally. Ideas? A pointer to what to modify in the code would be fine -- it appears to me to limit the y rotation by default, to the number of rows minus 1. *question*

    thanks in advance!

    Hey there:

    I have a krpano panorama embedded in in a Web page, inside a DIV (div id="panocontent"). I'm using the default krpano output & Javascript(s).

    On my Web page I have a DIV which has some text and a button in it. On -most- browsers, this DIV overlays the krpano just fine. In Firefox on WinXP, the Flash content hides my buttons. I've tried changing wmode and other things (z-index has no effect, naturally), but no luck!


    Hi there:

    Thanks for your interest!

    I tried using all the variations for a link, including a target and leaving it as default, like Klaus's examples. No change! The exact XML I'm using is below. I have the latest version of krpano & plugins, etc -- and used the krtools to make the virtual tour. I really hope I'm not the only one to encounter this issue --