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    Hi everyone / Klaus,
    I'm trying to get the exact (horizontal) mouse-coordinates at distortet hotspots. My assumption: A hotspot with 500px width should be displayed with a width of 45°. This is working fine. So the left and right edge of a hotspot (centered at 0°/0°) sould be -22,5° and +22,5°. But when I try to get the mouse coordinates over the left and right edge of the hotspot via screentosphere, it indicates a Position about -26° and +26°.

    I tried also to check this with the tools from tuur. The hotspot is shown perfectly in the grid, but when i hover the mouse to the left/right corner of the hotspot, mouse_ATH is again around -26°/+26°.

    The mouse_ATH (calculated via screentosphere) at the 15° grid is about 18°, at the 30° grid mouse_ATH ist around 33°.Is there anything wrong in my asumptions? Does anybody know, how to get the correct mouse coordinates?
    Thanks a lot for your help....

    Dear Klaus,
    I updated a Project from 1.20.11 to 1.21 (23-03-30) this Morning. When I view the project with the testing-server, it says "krpano License Upgrade required!" But when I check my License online, it says, that my license is already up-to-date. And of course I registered my license in krpano tools.

    In addition to that, another project I updated 2 weeks ago was running without any problem. As I have a presentation this evening, it would be great if you could help me....
    Best Regards

    I have a tour with 20 scenes. Each scene has a specific background-sound (something like an explanation...). I only want to hear the sound for each scene when viewing it the first time. This was working up to ver. 1.20, after updating to ver. 1.21 now the sound is playing every time I open the same scene again. Is there any change in the soundinterface? Is there any easy way to change this?
    I'm not a coding-profi, so it would be great if somebody could help me...

    Hi Klaus, hi to everyone.
    For a new project in 1.20.9 I was facing a problem with tweening the hotspot depth (onover, onout) only when viewing in mobilevr. (Fake-VR at the desktop is doing fine, but when I view the tour in mobilevr (oculus etc) hotspots are not tweening anymore). After looking for mistakes in my code for two days, I found out, that this is a difference between 1.20.8 and 1.20.9. So I made two basic tours, one in 1.20.8 with droplet and tools, one in 1.20.9 with the new v-tour droplet and tools. If I view it in mobilevr-browser, hotspots in 1.20.8 are tweening, 1.20.9 are not.
    Here the examples:
    The question is, if it is a feature or a bug, and if it is not a bug, is there any way to make my hotspots tween the depth again?
    Thanks for your help....

    Does anybody out there know a (easy) way to have the videocontrols visible in VR-Mode?
    I have a tour with 360° Videos as well as some video hotspots. For the hotspots I use the html5 Videocontrols together with css3d rendering, but this is not working in vr-mode. ( I have a roughly glimpse why thist might be the case...)
    For the 360° video I use the video-controls given in the vtourskin, but this ones are more about information and not visible in vr-mode as well.
    I would like to have a control to adjust loudness and move for- and backwards in video-hotspots and 360° Videos in VR-mode.
    Is ther already a solution for that, or does somebody have some tips for me as a beginner how to solve this?
    I think more and more tours will be viewed (and controlled) in VR Devices with controller, so maybe this topic is not only relevant for myself?

    Thanks a lot....

    As there is no known problem, please share a link.

    Hi Klaus, I still have a problem with viewing my Panos in Oculus. It is no problem when viewing the examples in your website with the Oculus. But when I drop a pano to the 'MAKE VTOUR (VR-OPT) droplet' and try to view it in oculus it is still not working. Here is an example:
    I don't know what to do anymore, would be great if you could help.

    Try to add webxr: "auto" in embedpano and check that your oculus browser is not simulating desktop device.

    I added webxr: "auto" in the tour.html, deleted the browser cache, made sure that the browser is not simulating desktop mode, but the problem is still there... *wacko*

    Hi Klaus,
    Thanks a lot for your work, its really great. Unfortunatley I still have problems to view my vr tours made with VTOUR (VR-OPT) in Oculus Go (Browser 9.2...)
    The Oculus Browser (unlike samsung or firefox on Oculus go) does not recognize my tour (made with 1.20.7) as VR. The Button "Enter VR" does not appear. When I set it manualy to VR360, it enters VR-mode, but displays only a distorted 180 degrees picture. I tried to find out something about this issue in the forum, but didnt find anything... Am I the only one with this problem, did I make a basic mistake??
    Thx for your help

    Hi to all, Hi Klaus

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful software. I'm new here and working on the following problem since hours and nights, maybe you can help me:

    To look at a certain point in the new pano I edited the skin_hotspotstyle in vtourskin.xml the following way:

    onclick="if(linkedscene, set(enabled,false); skin_hidetooltips(); tween(depth|alpha|oy|rx, 4000|0.0|-50|-60, 0.5, default, loadscene(get(linkedscene),null,get(skin_settings.loadscene_flags),get(skin_settings.loadscene_blend)); 
    lookat(get(h), get(v), get(fov)); 
    lookto(get(toH), get(toV), get(tofoV), tween(easeInOutQuart,4)); skin_updatescroll();); looktohotspot(); );"

    This works fine if I view the pano in the "normal" mode. If I change to webvr mode, the viewer looks at a certain point in the old pano before tweening to the new pano and continue with the lookto-command. It seems that in VR mode the lookat-command is beeing executed in the old pano(?)

    Many thanks for your help...