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    Tuur thanks so mutch for
    you reaction. :D

    What i try to do is te flowing. create an
    experience where you can save the KR pano as a web app on your phone.

    When you start the kr pano you will need to see an short
    video of about 10 a 20 sec. of a shot from a drone with a facing down
    cam that is taking-off to about 100 meter. from their the video
    should fade to the 360 panorama that whas taken at the same altitude.

    The part of creating an 360 panorama is no problem. but i
    don't know how to start it with a intro video using containers and
    stuff that should cover the whole screen whatever the screen size is
    that that person has. and automatically disappear when the video is

    Hi Guys.

    I have a
    I need to create an 360 multiress vtour with an intro

    The first part of creating a multi-res vtour is no
    problem for me, but i don`t know how to start the tour with an intro
    video of about 30 sec. I hope someone can help me out.

    task is to create an vtour with just one panorama of a cityscape at a
    height of about 100 meters. but before the panorama starts we need
    an intro movie of 30 sec. where you get a video shot that starts at 0
    meters and than climbs to 100 meters and than fades over in the
    interactive vtour.

    Please help me out :)



    *smile* *smile* *smile*

    Is it possbile to create a panorama of for instance a room. With a red floor and then let people chouse to see it with a white floor.?

    Can you do this using a base panorama, and depending on the floor color an partial picture / render with only the new floorcolor and the rest in alpha that overlays the base panorama. this would also need to work in VR mode.

    Hope someone can help me out.

    Kind regards,

    Dirk *smile*

    Hi guys.

    I have an question about menu`s
    When I use the tour.xml and change the: design_bgcolor="0xFFFFFF" to black. I dont get any result when i view the tour.html. What am i doning wrong.

    I only see the result when i open the: tour_editor.html. than the background color of the default menu bar is black but i only see this when using: tour_editor.html. and I need it to work also on tour.html.
    Hope someone will help me out :)

    Regards *smile*

    Hi Guys,

    I have problem I think. When I view our panoramas in VR the bottom and top bar
    fade away automatically in safari on my IPhone 5C but since the update to IOS 9
    i am experiencing that when you open a panorama in VR mode the top and bottom
    bar don’t fade away. Normally I would than just tilt my IPhone to vertical and
    then back to horizontal so that the bars disappear but this is not working two (see image below.

    Can some share some light on this question. It’s very annoying to view a VR
    panorama in a google cardboard with the top and bottom bar form safari still visible.



    Thanks for the reaction I did that but its just not working for some reason. As test I used the introimage.png from the demo on this site.

    Maybe somone can see what i am doing wrong :)  
    this is my code:

    <krpano version="1.19" title="Virtual Tour">

    <include url="skin/vtourskin.xml" />

    <!-- customize skin settings: maps, gyro, thumbnails, tooltips, layout, design, ... -->
    <skin_settings maps="false"
    thumbs_width="120" thumbs_height="80" thumbs_padding="10" thumbs_crop="0|40|240|160"
    loadscene_blend="OPENBLEND(0.5, 0.0, 0.75, 0.05, linear)"
    loadscene_blend_prev="SLIDEBLEND(0.5, 180, 0.75, linear)"
    loadscene_blend_next="SLIDEBLEND(0.5, 0, 0.75, linear)"
    design_bgborder="0 0xFFFFFF 1.0"
    design_bgshadow="0 0 9 0xFFFFFF 0.5"
    design_thumbborder_bgborder="4 0xFFFFFF 1.0"
    design_text_css="color:#FFFFFF; font-family:Arial; font-weight:bold;"

    For an alternative skin design either change the <skin_settings> values
    from above or optionally include one of the predefined designs from below.
    Either by removing the 'xml-if-check' from the particular <include> element
    or by adding e.g. initvar:{design:'flat_light'} to the embedpano() call in
    the html file:
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_glass.xml" if="design === 'glass'" />
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_flat.xml" if="design === 'flat'" />
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_flat_light.xml" if="design === 'flat_light'" />
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_ultra_light.xml" if="design === 'ultra_light'" />
    <include url="skin/vtourskin_design_117.xml" if="design === '117'" />

    <!-- startup action - load the first pano/scene -->
    <action name="startup" autorun="onstart">
    if(startscene === null OR !scene[get(startscene)], copy(startscene,scene[0].name); );
    loadscene(get(startscene), null, MERGE);
    if(startactions !== null, startactions() );

    <scene name="scene_bg_pano_l" title="bg pano_l" onstart="" thumburl="panos/bg_pano_l.tiles/thumb.jpg" lat="" lng="" heading="">

    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="120" maxpixelzoom="2.0" fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="auto" />

    <preview url="panos/bg_pano_l.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512" stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r">>
    <level tiledimagewidth="3840" tiledimageheight="3840">
    <cube url="panos/bg_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1792" tiledimageheight="1792">
    <cube url="panos/bg_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1024" tiledimageheight="1024">
    <cube url="panos/bg_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />

    <!-- place your scene hotspots here -->
    <hotspot name="spot1" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="-97.913" atv="4.448" linkedscene="scene_eerst_etage_pano_l" />


    <scene name="scene_eerst_etage_pano_l" title="eerst etage pano_l" onstart="" thumburl="panos/eerst_etage_pano_l.tiles/thumb.jpg" lat="" lng="" heading="">

    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="120" maxpixelzoom="2.0" fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="auto" />

    <preview url="panos/eerst_etage_pano_l.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512" stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r">>
    <level tiledimagewidth="3840" tiledimageheight="3840">
    <cube url="panos/eerst_etage_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1792" tiledimageheight="1792">
    <cube url="panos/eerst_etage_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1024" tiledimageheight="1024">
    <cube url="panos/eerst_etage_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />

    <!-- place your scene hotspots here -->
    <hotspot name="spot1" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="-163.518" atv="19.062" linkedscene="scene_bg_pano_l" />
    <hotspot name="spot2" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="-163.207" atv="-25.742" linkedscene="scene_zolder_pano_l" />


    <scene name="scene_zolder_pano_l" title="zolder pano_l" onstart="" thumburl="panos/zolder_pano_l.tiles/thumb.jpg" lat="" lng="" heading="">

    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="120" maxpixelzoom="2.0" fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="auto" />

    <preview url="panos/zolder_pano_l.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512" stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r">>
    <level tiledimagewidth="3840" tiledimageheight="3840">
    <cube url="panos/zolder_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1792" tiledimageheight="1792">
    <cube url="panos/zolder_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1024" tiledimageheight="1024">
    <cube url="panos/zolder_pano_%t.tiles/%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />

    <!-- place your scene hotspots here -->
    <hotspot name="spot1" style="skin_hotspotstyle" ath="145.283" atv="18.605" linkedscene="scene_eerst_etage_pano_l" />


    <events name="panoevents"
    onloadcomplete="delayedcall(introimage, 4.0, if(layer[introimage], hideintroimage() ); ); set(events[panoevents].onloadcomplete,null);"

    <layer name="introimage"
    onloaded="set(alpha,0); tween(alpha,1.0);"

    <action name="hideintroimage">
    tween(layer[introimage].alpha, 0.0, 0.5, default, removelayer(introimage));


    Hi Guys,

    I am a new guy and now trying to ad a startscene to my 360 images but it`s not working for me I. I think becoulse I am not an expert on coding. but I tryed topics on this forum but i am doing someting wrong. this is what I am doing:

    <layer name="introimage"

    I added this after my skin settings in the xml.. but nothing is showing up when i try the panorama. I tripple checkt if the path to the url whas correct. Please help me out.
    Thanks :)  *smile* *smile*

    hi guys,

    I am relitive new to krpano and have a question.
    I need to embed a panorama in to a WP website. I looked at the manuel on this site, how to do this. But its just not working for me, could someone help me out please.

    I know I need to use the: embedpano.js file but that is about it. Is there someone who could right down some basic steps on how to do this with a wordpress site.

    Kind regards,

    Dirk *smile*

    HI All,

    *unsure* I am having a problem creating a Virtual Reality.

    I am now finishing a project with an exterior 180
    panorama. And I used the system for limiting
    ( the view to max 90 degree
    left and right but what i see now is that it works fine. But when I
    swiths to VR mode the limits dont work anymore. Could anyone please help me
    out :S..

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    Excellent work on the stereo panorama... inspirational stuff. I am looking to do something like this with spherical panoramas out of vray, but cannot find a way to get it into VR (split screen) mode. My current method is dragging the panoramas into a MAKEVTOUR Droplet and adding hotspots etc, but cannot get any futher!

    Could you please spare the time to share the steps that you took to get the above pano? How do I add the VR plugin? I'm pretty terrible at understanding xml files and I seem to be getting nowhere!*cry*

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi There,

    I used the steps form klaus. I am sure you will make it work. becoulse I also dont have any experiance with xml±

    1. download the latest 1.19 release here (currently 1.19 pre-release 3)
    2. make a left and right pano image - e.g. pano_l.jpg and pano_r.jpg
    3. drop them both together on the MAKE VTOUR droplet (NORMAL or MULTIRES)
    4. open the tour.xml for editing in any text-editor
    5. delete the whole second <scene> element from the xml
    6. in the first <scene> element edit the <image> element this way:
    7. add stereo="true" and stereolabels="l|r" - e.g.

      Source code

      1 <image ... stereo="true" stereolabels="l|r">

    8. then look for the urls and change all 'pano_l.tiles' to 'pano_%t.tiles' - the %t is the placeholder for the stereolabel values.
    9. done, view the tour and switch to VR mode to see the stereo pano

    Just try to follow the steps klaus gave us :) it should work out.

    Hi guys.

    Just finised my firt stereo pano: Hope you like it and maybe could share some tips on how to create a custom interface like this for example: For tours using stereo vr pictures.

    I bought the kolor full softhware with the krpano licence

    Btw, a special thanks to klaus for the great steps to create the pano. Hope you can helpout with creating a custom interface.

    Hope to hear from you all.
    Thanks :)

    thanks so much.

    This works out great.

    step two for me is to try to create a pano vr tour with hotspots to the next

    step three is deciding witch software package I can by..

    step four create an custom interface

    for step 2 can I follow the same staps as you explained already or do I need to
    do some additional steps. Off course i need to put in the hotspots manually
    with the tour_editor.html. But will this automatically generate the hotspots both
    for left and right eye?