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    Hello, relationcg

    1. This plugin is tested only against the latest stable release. Which at the tшme was and still is 1.18.5. Not sure what is the problem with 1.16, since all features I use were already implemented.
    2. You can move arrows up or down but you cannot move them left or right. Arrows are supposed to be "in place" and if you move them sideways they will be either asymmetrically distorted or "out of place" (like on a separate screen). So I decided do only one thing without excessive options

    Thank you!

    This is discussion thread for arrows plugin. This plugin is open source and also available on github. You can use github's issue tracker to report any issues.

    This is streetview-inspired plugin that projects on the fly any flat shape (originally arrows). This shape points in one direction from a virtual point in front of the viewer. The shape is created as a polygonal hotspot with all its styling abilities.

    I'm getting this error sometimes on refresh when using html5 krpano viewer version 1.18.
    Managed to figure out that at this moment while view object exists its vlookat and hlookat properties are NaN. No errors in krpano console. This is chrome browser dev console output.

    How do I debug this? Is there any way to find out where it all goes wrong? Sometimes it leads to panorama not being rendered and only black screen showing. Sometimes panorama does render. But majority of refreshes goes without problem.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you very much!
    I there any place where these methods and functions are documented?Also I find that this approach messes up hotspots zorder. In flash version setting style zorder attribute seems to help, but in html5 version the order seems to be different if you add hotspots without style, load hotspots from action tag of from javascript using method. And no way to reorder hotspots afterwards.
    Adding hotspots without style always sets visible zorder in the order of adding: last on top. But when using loadstyle this order is broken. And it is broken differently depending on which version (swf, html5) you use and is it js or action interface. How can i fix it? Is it because javascript is asynchronous and action is synchronous?


    Using commandline tool:

    /Applications/krpano-1.19-pr3/krpanotools makepano mymultires.config pano.jpg

    Inside for html setting I have


    I get following error:

    ERROR: unable to load html template: mymultires.confightml/embedpano.html

    So I have to create folder "mymultires.confightml" instead of html. Both for krpano 1.18 and 1.19-pre3. Must be some error in path construction?

    Krpanotools sphere2cube seems always to place sphere image in the middle vertically? Documentation doesn't specify any possibility to transform sphere projection when it's full circle but not full height. I would like to specify voffset for transform tool? Is there any posibility to do so except attaching black stripe where I want it to have 2x1 image before using sphere2cube tool? undocumented feature perhaps?

    I'm trying to show equirectangular panorama in html5. If entire image is used:

    <image type="SPHERE" hfov="360.00" vfov="120.489130" voffset="-29.755435" multires="true" tilesize="256" baseindex="0"> <sphere url="pano.jpg" /> </image>

    Everything seems ok. But when using levels only black screen is shown.

    <image type="SPHERE" hfov="360.00" vfov="120.489130" voffset="-29.755435" multires="true" tilesize="256" baseindex="0">		<level tiledimagewidth="17664" tiledimageheight="5912">
    			<sphere url="0/%h-%v.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="8704" tiledimageheight="2913">			<sphere url="1/%h-%v.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="4352" tiledimageheight="1457">			<sphere url="2/%h-%v.jpg" />		</level>		<level tiledimagewidth="2048" tiledimageheight="685">			<sphere url="3/%h-%v.jpg" />		</level>		<level aspreview="true" tiledimagewidth="512" tiledimageheight="171">			<sphere url="4/%h-%v.jpg" />		</level>	</image>

    Black sphere seems to rotate with mouse and rotate hotspots with it. But constraints from image tag are not used.

    krpano version 1.18.5
    all browswers on mac os x

    Cubic projection seems to be working with tiles in html5. But I guess it's because it's css3.

    Is this behaviour intended? Is this expected to be fixed any time soon?
    Also having problems inserting code with line breaks.