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    There is some way to use the plugin only for desktop from the index.html, and not to use the preserveDrawingBuffer:true, because having it active in the mobile version, the tour moves very slowly and it is not smooth to play.



    I just bought the plugin and I have two questions:

    1. When the first scene is loaded, the check mark of this scene is not activated until I return to the same scene after seeing other panos. How do I activate the mark since loading the first scene?

    2. With Bing Maps, after loading the first scene, if I do not click on the button to open the map and i change the scene, the map does not update the spot in any of the following scenes, until i click on the button map. Do you know if the problem is that the menu button does not update the spot on the map?

    best regards!

    Object in menu can be switch to upper/lower group so we can't have it closing menu on every click. Easy solution is to activate menu to be closed directly in side menu xml definition. After loadscene action you can add:


    Example of one menu item link:


    Action slide_menu_left is already defined within side menu code.

    Thank you very much, it worked perfectly!

    Regards! *thumbsup*


    I already bought the plugin, can you send me the centred version?

    And I would like to ask another question: can I open an external xml file by clicking the thumb?

    My intention is to make a start menu and call other virtual tours.



    I would like to ask you two questions before buy it:

    1. If I only have 4 o 5 panoramas, can they be centered on the screen?

    2. In your examples you use several panoramas, and in small screens there is nothing that indicates that there are more panoramas down. Can you include a scrollbar or arrow that indicates this?

    Thanks and congratulations for this excelent plugin.



    I have two cuestions: ¿which is the correct code to display the loading progress bar in this example:?

    ¿and how I can do to make the panos load first before you can move it?

    The code is from the example Slider-Blend-Cube:

    loadscene(get(scene[0].name), null, MERGE);

    altonloaded="if(isphone, mul(scale,2)); onloaded();"


    set(plugin[slider_grip].backup_align, get(plugin[slider_grip].align));
    set(plugin[slider_grip].backup_edge, get(plugin[slider_grip].edge));


    sub(mouse_x_offset, plugin[slider_grip].x, mouse.x);
    sub(mouse_y_offset, plugin[slider_grip].y, mouse.y);



    set(image_dragging, false);

    add(xpos, mouse.x, mouse_x_offset);
    sub(xmax, plugin[slider_bg].width, plugin[slider_grip].width);
    if(xpos LT 0, set(xpos,0));
    if(xpos GT xmax, copy(xpos,xmax));
    copy(plugin[slider_grip].x, xpos);

    div(val, xpos, xmax);

    delayedcall(0.01, dragslider() );
    plugin[slider_grip].changeorigin(get(plugin[slider_grip].backup_align), get(plugin[slider_grip].backup_edge));

    set(hotspot[%1].url, %2);
    set(hotspot[%1].ath, %3);
    set(hotspot[%1].atv, %4);
    set(hotspot[%1].width, 1000);
    set(hotspot[%1].height, 1000);
    set(hotspot[%1].distorted, true);
    set(hotspot[%1].enabled, false);
    set(hotspot[%1].visible, false);
    set(hotspot[%1].alpha, 0.0);
    set(hotspot[%1].details, 16);
    set(hotspot[%1].zorder, %1);

    addface(face_%1_F, 'daynight/%1_f.jpg', 0, 0);
    addface(face_%1_L, 'daynight/%1_l.jpg', -90, 0);
    addface(face_%1_R, 'daynight/%1_r.jpg', +90, 0);
    addface(face_%1_B, 'daynight/%1_b.jpg', +180, 0);
    addface(face_%1_Z, 'daynight/%1_u.jpg', 0, -90);
    addface(face_%1_N, 'daynight/%1_d.jpg', 0, +90);

    set(%1.alpha, %2);
    if(%1.alpha == 0.0, set(%1.visible,false), set(%1.visible,true));

    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_F], %2);
    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_L], %2);
    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_R], %2);
    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_B], %2);
    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_Z], %2);
    setalpha(hotspot[face_%1_N], %2);



    sub(blend2, 1.0, %1);
    setcubealpha(pano1, %1);
    setcubealpha(pano2, get(blend2));

    I hope someone can help me!

    Greetings from Mexico. *wink*