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    Piotr, I didn't have any crashes with your test scene, but many times when I would go to play a sound file in WebVR the first half second of the sound is cut-off. This was also a problem with my tour - the first time you play a 3D sound.

    I'll keep testing your tour to see if it crashes. Sometimes on my tour it would not occur until you are at the 6th or 7th scene - sometimes later.


    Klaus, thanks for the suggestion. Each of my cube images are 1536x1536 - which is a very standard size. Reducing the size would mean a pretty significant quality hit.

    I did, however, save the overall jpg quality down to get all the images nearly half the file size. The tour still crashed in Safari.

    However, I did a test in Chrome on the iPhone (even though you can't get rid of the menu bar) and it made it though the entire tour (including playing all the sound files) with no problem at all.

    My guess is that something in Safari is the problem; perhaps connected with the sound plugin I'm using.

    I'm having a serious problem that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out. I've done a million tests to try and eliminate the variables, but no luck.

    Basically, whenever I'm viewing my virtual tour via WebVR stereoscopic on my iPhone 7 Plus, I eventually get booted back to the 2D start scene.

    This can happen in any of the 17 scenes. It can happen right after getting into a new scene....or up to a minute or more later.

    I suspect it might have to do with the HTML5-VR Audio Plugin by spacerywirtualne, but I'm not 100% certain. When I get rid of 3D sounds but leave in 2D sounds, the crash doesn't happen - at least not yet, anyway. No sound files also result in no crash.

    The crash never happens when viewing 2D on the computer.

    I'm running an iPhone7 Plus, iOS 11.2.6, krpano 1.19-pr14, and HTML5-VR Audio Plugin ver 3.1.0

    I've not had any issue like this before.

    Here's a link to the tour:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Okay, so I've narrowed this down to a problem with the 3D sounds. When I remove all 3D sounds and just leave 2D, I can get through the tour multiple times with no crash out of WebVR.

    What I'm going to have to do next is bring back the 3D sound files one scene at a time. The problem is that thecrash while in WebVR can happen in any scene - so I'm not able to isolate a specific, recurring 3D sound that I might use multiple times. In other words, there's no common denominator sound file that I can point to as the problem.


    Yeah, the problem is still there and it's definitely the audio plugin. Will just have to start narrowing down the problem through testing. Ugg.

    I'll let you know what I find...

    EDIT: I just ran through the entire tour twice - after removing sound - and it never kicks me out. I'm wondering:

    1. Is there a limit to the amount of sound files per scene?
    2. Is there a limit to the length of sound files?
    3. Any special considerations for the naming of the sound files?
    4. Does the bitrate matter for the mp3 files? I'm at 32kbps.

    Been using the plugin for awhile, and this is the first time it's really giving me issues.


    Greetings, I'm using the latest version of the plugin (3.1.0), and I'm getting kicked out of the WebVR experience fairly quickly. Safari doesn't crash, the experience simply goes back to the 2D version. When I remove all sounds from the virtual tour, there's never a crash. I've got both .mp3 and .ogg files (though for all my recent projects I don't even bother with the .ogg).

    I'm running an iPhone 7 plus, with Safari as the browser. iOS version 11.2.5

    Would be happy to send you a link in a PM of the tour.

    Any ideas?


    Tnx Piotr, that's an interesting point. Here's something to consider: I'm actually creating all of my virtual tours using 3D Studio Max / V-Ray: so I don't have the physical hardware limitations of a stereo video camera rig! This means that for fixed point renderings I'm able to fully create/control the left and right output.

    Knowing this, what are my options now in terms of adding and editing the video hotspots for the right eye scenes?

    The first thing you should do is read this thread:…ution#post70022

    It's got good info on the Samsung related hardware.

    Having said that, which type of mobile device you use really isn't going to make much difference as long as it's a fairly new piece of hardware. The resolution differences are negligible, really.

    The viewers, on the other hand, vary substantially in experience and quality. For cardboard style viewers we use the PowisVR. It's the only cardboard model that allows for adjustable distance for each lens between the screen and eyes. I tested many, many different brands and the problems were numerous: too much curve in the bi convex lenses, lenses too close to the screen, etc.

    Plastic style viewers are all garbage in my view. Absolutely zero improvement in optics, negligible improvement in light leak reduction.

    GearVR is okay, but overrated in my view.

    Rift/Vive experience is very nice, but ironically a lower resolution than mobile devices. However, the experience is the most immersive and fluid. Zero jitter. *smile*

    Very true, Umalo. My needs were very specific in that I'm trying to eliminate hotspot 3D depth because they are being placed on what is being perceived as a 2D plane within a 3D stereo environment. For anyone wanting flat 2D hotspots over regular depth perceived images, my solution isn't great.