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    thanks for checking the mp4 in the web browser i forgot to do that. it was in the right place so at least the 404 told me there was something wrong with the server not the files. i had not added the .mp4 MIME type. Once I added that the files played ok.

    i cannot get an MP4 to play online at all. Always states unable to open file. I even tried the cats-short.mp4 from the krpano examples and it also will not play when uploaded online. FLV and WEBM plays ok so I know it is not a file path issue. All videoplayer plugins and video files are sitting in the same root folder as the swf.

    <hotspot name="spot7" url="skin/play.png" scale="0.45" alpha="0.75" ath="4.967" atv="-7.497" onclick="set(hotspot[spot7].visible, false); hotspot[videospot].playvideo(second.flv); looktohotspot(videospot);" />

    <hotspot name="spot5" style="skin_hotspotstyle2" ath="-27.129" atv="18.459" onclick="set(hotspot[spot7].visible, false); hotspot[videospot].playvideo(cats.mp4); looktohotspot(videospot);" />
    <hotspot name="spot6" style="skin_hotspotstyle2" ath="28.273" atv="19.289" onclick="set(hotspot[spot7].visible, false); hotspot[videospot].playvideo(km_full.mp4); looktohotspot(videospot);"/>

    The first line works the second and third do not. If I change cats.mp4 to second.flv the video plays. km_full.mp4 is the actual file i need to work and play, maybe someone could test this file to see if it work online for them? I am just getting back into the pano game after taking a few years off. This is only a rough demo there are stitching and other issues but i don't want to worry about all that until it is technically sound and working.

    please help if you can, the racing team wanted to post this by the weekend :(

    i dont think onload works i think it is onloaded

    or you could jsut set the jsborder in the plugin itself

    <plugin name="pano1" keep="true" effect="glow(0x000000,0.7,4,2); dropshadow(2,45,0x000000,3,1); jsborder="2px solid #000000"; />

    <plugin "name=photo"
    onclick="set(visible, false);

    that is a very basic image plugin. that is not visible. on your google map hotspot make sure the onlick setting says. onclick="set(plugin[photo].visible, true);" then when the spot is clicked the image will show up. clicking the image itself makes it disappear.

    you can do almost anything with krpano. you could use a map spot to open an image yes. it could also be restricted to the map if you set the parent of the image plugin to the map plugin. opening a url inside the google map would not be possible.

    nice tour! i dont like that is forces you into fullscreen mode when entering a new scene. some pcs have a hard time with fullscreen and forcing that to be used could drop the frame rate I would prefere to start in a normal window with a text pop up that clearly shows how to enter fullscreen if desired.

    also the video would be much cooler if when the remote was clicked it zoomed into the actual video screen on the wall and had the movie play there. just my opinion.

    very interesting making the menus in html but why not just make them inside krpano and have them do the same thing? just curious. also i think that is a great tour but you could have really benefited from using some bracketing so the windows were not so blown out. such an amazing house and scenery the glow from the windows takes something away from the views.

    a little off topic but i would like to see a scrollable textfield that works with idevices. the current one only supports flash i have emailed the person who provided it to us and got no response. as far as support goes klaus is much better than others but still not perfect. i assume krpano is not his fulltime job which means we have to work around is work/life schedule. just my thoughts.

    the object tour follow the same rules as a vtour. you can place hotspots you just have to find a way to place them based off the frame count so it only shows in certain frames. it can be done i just have never taken the time to do so.