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    I figured it out using JS way. Just sharing if someone else need it:

    var video_element = document.getElementsByTagName("Video")[0];	video_element.setAttribute("controlsList", "nodownload");	video_element.setAttribute("disablepictureinpicture", "");

    Though it would be better if can be done directly in KRPano plugin.

    Hi Martin,

    If you are still trying to find out the solution, This is how I generally do it to play different videos.

    function play_video(video_name){  var krpano = document.getElementById("krpanoViewer");  video_url = "%CURRENTXML%/videos/"+video_name;"layer[video].playvideo("+video_url+");");}

    Though I have used JS code but you can do it through krpano actions too. Idea is to use playvideo functionality and pass the url.

    Hope this helps. *smile*

    Hello All,

    I am looking for a way to disable video download option in chrome.

    Chrome html5 controls by default gives the option to download the video but we can disable it using controlsList="nodownload" option.
    When we enable html5controls in video plugin, it shows the download option.
    Is there any way to disable it using krpano ?


    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to use krpanotools to create virtual tour using php script but sometime (not always) it throws below kind of error and fails.

    creating file kvmem_1620_00000046.swap failed: Permission denied (errno=13)

    Is it some RAM problem ?
    As I read on some other thread that it should be because of not having enough disk space (temp folder) for creating temporary files. But I think /tmp folder has decent disk space on my machine.

    OS: Ubuntu
    RAM : 1GB
    DISK size: 8GB
    File sizes are almost 2 MB (max 3-4 files)

    It fails sometime with above error and after sometime it starts working again without any manual changes. First I suspected it to be RAM problem but even it failed with one process only.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Amit Suthar