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    Hello Mudin,

    I'm not quite sure what you mean - Did you optimize the original 2:1 aspect ratio panoramic source image via Photoshop or the like? Now you want to replace the panoramic image part of your KRPANO virtual tour only and keep all the rest? That should be easy enough. All you'd have to do is create the tiles again and replace the complete tiles folder.


    Hello Michael,

    I run this command

    krpanotools makepano -config=###.config [options] original_pano_file

    And I got xml file, html, thumbnail, image tiles. Even original_pano_file is not optimized, the result tiles are optimized.
    If I optimize it using other tools like Photoshop and run the command, the result of tiles are same.
    It means krpano is optimizing the original image and making tiles.
    If possible I wanna save that image which is optimized by krpano.
    If I optimize it using php, it takes more time again.
    Hope I could explain well.

    Thank you
    Best regards,


    Is it possible to replace panorama image with optimized one?
    I am calling krpano tool command using php and making tiles with image optimization.
    And I would like to have the optimized panorama image.
    I only have optimized tile images.

    Any suggestions are very welcome

    Best regards,


    That's the buggy CSS3D software rendering of Chrome.

    That means Chrome can't use the GPU hardware of your system and renders the 3d graphics with its buggy CSS3D software renderer.
    Unfortunately it's not possible to detect that case to show an error that your system/browser combination wouldn't be supported...

    To avoid such case you could force required webgl support via html5=only+webgl in html file - then you will get an error message.
    Or manually disable the GPU blacklisting in Chrome via chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist.

    Thank you for answering!

    Then it was because I updated Chrome, not krpano.

    I will wait new chrome update I guess.


    Hi everyone! Yet another stupid newbies question.
    I created the container like a control bar in v1.19 skin, used special skin settings. But I'm don't see the container in tour. Whats wrong?


    First, try with bgalpha
    Then, make sure you have databar_offset/width/height in ur skin settings

    Hope it will help

    Best regards,

    Hi Mudin,

    Have you tried destroying the pano object when leaving the state which displays the viewer ?
    We have successfully implemented an Angular JS app that displays different pano viewers and we fixed the behavior you describe by calling removepano from the krpano js library. Just make sure that removepano is called when the user leaves the state, for example in a scope destruction event.

    Hope this helps,

    Hello Dreummeur,
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    I have not tried to remove the pano.
    Cuz I guess it is already removed as html template is changed.

    I call embedpano function with some timeout in the controller.
    The controller runs everytime the route state comes to this controller.
    Still not sure it is good solution or not.

    Best regards,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions and opinions!

    That time, it was so slow,so I gave up with doing this feature in my project.
    I have just seen this post and ur reply.
    And I think I was so silly to try to use actions instead of JavaScript.
    I already have array of all real hotspots (not arrows) in DB and json data.

    Now also I need to find the nearest hotspot to the center when users zoom in to open next scene.

    I will try what you suggested!

    Thanks a lot *smile*

    Best regards,



    I've been trying to find the solution for this kinda coordinates.
    I also asked question here:
    lookto 3d hotspot

    But I only success with ath, not atv.
    I also used this example:
    Example/Tutorial - interactive area in the pano (aligned distorted hotspot)

    ath = hotspot.ath + atan(hotspot-width/original-cubeface-width);

    if I do the same for atv, it is only working for bottom center, not bottom/top left/right.
    Kindly let us know if you found or will find any solution.

    thank you,


    Hello, Klaus

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    I am already using viewer removing.
    But I am developing a single page app which changes leaflet map and krpano viewer a lot.
    I need to embed viewer again every time when users want to see the viewer.
    When embedding it, I need to call a function onready. It is slower than just hiding using css (dislay=none).
    Kindly let us know if there will be other solution. *smile*

    Thank you,

    Best regards,



    I used the same thing! But I also need better solution.

    My solution is:


    tween(hotspot[h54].alpha,'1.0', 3); lookto(get(hotspot[h52].ath),get(hotspot[h52].atv),,smooth(20,20,20));tween(hotspot[h52].alpha,'1.0', 3));

    lookto has donecall, but looktohotsot does not.

    it is working for me.

    Hope it helps!

    Hello everyone,

    I am using AngularJS and changing routes often, and embedded krpano div is becomes empty after route changes.
    If I refresh page, it is perfect, but if I go back and come the page again, the viewer is lost.
    If anybody has an experience to use krpano with Angulat ui-route, kindly give some opinions.

    Thank you in advance.


    I got answer in github :)  Thanks,Lorenz

    And it is working




    Thanks for the nice plugin!

    I am using it in my project, and I have a question:

    is it possible to edit/add/remove arrows using javascript or just action?




    Yes you are right, that's what I am trying to do!

    And also floor plan enable is false, it doesnt call 'onclick'.


    <style name="floor_plan_style" distorted="true" enabled="false" zorder="1" width="512" height="512" alpha="0.7"/>
    <hotspot name="fp_1" style="floor_plan_style" ath="0" atv="0" url="floor_plan.jpg" onclick="js('f_click'))"/>

    If it is 'true', it calls the js, and I may know that the floor_plan is clicked even in vr mode.
    But in this case, since it is big hotspot, it doesnt let me change view, i always have to use out of it for moving.
    This is one more issue I got now *smile* .

    And Sorry, currently I don't have online demo link.

    Thank you very much for your help.