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    Hi is it possible to do something like that?
    I want to have scene but not in whole window, but just in windows created with layer tags

    <layer name="flatpicture" type="container"  keep="true" visible="true" bgcolor="0x000000" bgborder="2 0xffffff" alpha="1" bgalpha="1" bgroundedge="10" handcursor="false" width="300" height="200" align="center"  scale="1"  zorder="3" >	<scene name="flat" title="fff" onstart="" thumburl="flat.jpg" l>		<view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="120" maxpixelzoom="1.0" fovmin="70" fovmax="140" limitview="range" vlookatmin="-48.180" vlookatmax="48.180" />		<image>			<cylinder url="flat.jpg" />		</image>	</scene></layer>

    but this does not work

    i tried just flat panorama in window, and it should also rotate- or tween position....dont know which one to use, but i dont know how to do it

    Hi im trying to use 2 styles in one showtext action like this:

    onhover="showtext([font style='font-size:20px;']Name:xxx[br][font style='font-size:10px;']Email: xxx [br]Phone: xxxxx);"

    but it added quotation marks at the begin and end:

    does anyone have idea what is causing this problem?

    oh, i think i found where is the problem-apostrophes
    documentation says(for html5):

    [font style='font-size:10px;']smaller text[/font]

    but then, showtext action is showing also apostrophes
    so i deleted them and it works great

    i guess it is just typo error in documentation or some kind of bug? can someone confirm?

    i think there is another bug or error
    if i use this formating, and in text is comma like in code

    [code][font style='font-size:10px;']smaller, text[/font]

    it breaks formating- it is possible to use commas in this type of formating?

    Hi, what is best way to let video buffer in krpano?
    What i mean: I have 2 scenes
    On first are some pictures and button, when i click on button, thisscene ith elements will hide, and scene 2 will show.
    Scene 2 contain video. The video is hided only with visible = false parameter, but it is playing in background. (is it enough, or should i use some other way?)

    What i want: The video will start to play after i will click button on scene 1, and scene 2 will appear.
    But the video is lagging due to large size (70MB).
    So i want the video to start buffering rigth after i open first scene(but not play yet), then when i press button and scene 2 will show, the video will start to play.
    I prefer not to use flash buffertime attribute.
    I hope i explained it clearly.

    Hi i have problem with textfield plugin
    i have 2 scenes
    in 1, i have videoplugin with textfield in the middle and after i click on it, this scene(video+textfield will be invisible, ale scene 2 will be shown)

    in 2, i have controlbar with +-7 textfields...all this textfields are grouped in another layer like this:
    <layer name="bar" url="bar2.png" keep="true" visible="false">


    the problem is, that if i set defaut value for visibility bar in scene 2 as true, textfield show what they should
    but if i set default as false (as in this example), and on button on first scene is onclick function, that will set(layer[bar].visible,true);
    then the textfield are not showing right text, only dots and white pixel in one row like in picture

    can anyone explain me what im doing wrong?

    what are common ways of moving between layers? (showing one, hiding other etc)


    *i just realized this bug hapens only in chrome, in mozilla everything works fine (opera and other not tested)

    Hi, is there any documentation for vtourskin.xml?
    i cant find definitions for some variables and properties like: y_opened, y_closed etc- i cant find any informations about them and how to use this for creating custom skins

    or what is common way to create custom skin? delete skin_scroll_window and skin_control_bar layers and define my own?

    also, can i delete this part from tour.xml file?

    <skin_settings maps="false"	               maps_type="bing"	               maps_bing_api_key=""	               maps_zoombuttons="false"	               gyro="true"	               title="true"	               thumbs="true"	               thumbs_width="120" thumbs_height="80" thumbs_padding="10" thumbs_crop="0|40|240|160"	               thumbs_opened="false"	               thumbs_text="false"	               thumbs_dragging="true"	               thumbs_onhoverscrolling="false"	               thumbs_scrollbuttons="false"	               thumbs_scrollindicator="false"	               thumbs_loop="false"	               tooltips_thumbs="false"	               tooltips_hotspots="false"	               tooltips_mapspots="false"	               loadscene_flags="MERGE"	               loadscene_blend="BLEND(0.5)"	               controlbar_offset="20"	               />

    i guess it shouldnt be problem because that is just for override


    nice examples
    my pano is made in spherical mode, but it is not 360/180, just 360/120 or so
    so what i need to do? should i use other pano mode?-flat?cylindircal?
    im not able to use full kit that would allow me to shoot 360/180, i can try it withour , but it will be more difficult i guess
    or should i just remove this thing from my virtual tour?

    panorama with closed doors
    panorama with opened doors
    cropped doors
    krpano without recalculation function
    krpano with recalculation function

    also, when i click on this hotspot, nothing happens even though the names match

    <hotspot name="spot1" url="panos/dvereptgui.jpg" ath="4.646" atv="2.412" linkedscene="scene__Group_0_-GOPR0611_GOPR0615-5_images_0000"
    zoom="true" distorted="true"
    width="316" height="448"
    scale="1.2597138310354041" scale9grid="" scalechildren="false" rotate="0"
    rx="0" ry="0" rz="-0.026108532505666214"
    edge="center" ox="" oy=""
    crop="" ondowncrop="" onovercrop=""
    visible="true" enabled="true" handcursor="true" capture="true" children="true"
    onloaded="calc_pos_from_hfov_yaw_pitch_roll(29, -5,3569, 4,1233, -0,4554);"
    alpha="0" blendmode="normal" smoothing="true"

    its almost good, but i have again some questions
    i did everything like in the tutorial, but the final door image was too stretched when used as hotspot

    what i dont understand- tutorial, 2 part- i used the sliders to have only needed area, but i dont know what numbers and where to write, because after i moved sliders, that numbers were there already, and if u used that numbers in the tranformation function in krpano, the hotspot image was completely out of position

    but i still dont understand what changed the color of the water in your post? he did all the things with blue pool, then he exported it, and then he changes blue color to green in graphic editor?
    and what to do next? how to use this changed photo in panorama? only link it in hotspot?

    i made panorama with closed door, i used this to make virtual tour, now i have to edit the whole panorama which i will make with open door? or edit just the photo that contain open doors?

    sry for english and this noob questions, but im newbie