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    Hello, as far as i understand krpano it's not the final tiles size that will set the quality of you jpeg. You should have a look at the "templates" folder which is used to set parameters in the vtour or multires creation. There you will see that the multires conf file calls the "basicsettings" in which I can read :

    # image filtering and compression settings

    Then you can test which settings gives you the best quality you want without taking too much time for loading.


    No need for a green screen. As we said it's seems to only be a 360 video, so they've put a tripod on the floor, filmed themselves and that's it. The tour starts on video paused then when you click on play it gets animated.

    For a better initial photo it would be as simple as taking the photo at the same position then taking the film. Sorry I don't have any links to an example but really, think as it as just a simple 360 video, nothing complicated, really. Go on krpano example to study how it works ( and video example ) and the doc is quite good ). All the code is available by downloading krpano, even without having a licence :)


    Thanks for you work @lonelyel

    6 years after, if it can help other peoples, yes there is a "vdir" too (see the doc of the plugin), it allows to point up and down :)

    Little question, this plugin does exactly what I need (great !) but I was wondering as it is quite old, can I use it without fearing that it won't work or do strange things on some devices ? I don't use any recent features (3d transitions, depthmaps, etc) and everything seems to work fine but as I only test it on desktop I want to be sure not to work on a too old code that will cause problems.

    Have a nice week :)


    1 - You will get all that's needed to use krpano. Only the third parties plugin won't be with it (except the free ones). Personnaly I can do all I want without buying any additionnal plugin.

    2 - You just need a simple server to put your visits online.

    3 - The doc explains everything, for beginners I guess a "getting started" or something like that would be nice but I don't remember of something like that.

    You can take any examples in the krpano download at "examples" and with the doc you should be able to work something :)

    Krpano is a great tool, if the doc isn't enough for you people are pleased to anwser questions on the forum.

    Have a nice journey with krpano and welcome !

    Wow ! I would love to have those skills, one day perhaps :)

    s-maier, i would love to know what you do to have xml that would "cost" ages to write yourself, without showing examples could you just explain a bit more about that ? In which cases do you have so complex files ? Huge virtual tours ?

    Have a nice day everyone !


    Here we go for the next n00b's question... I know the topic has been discussed, I've read all I found on the forum, most of them are quite old so perhaps things have changed.

    I understand the principe of spliting with other xml but in facts I don't understand how I am supposed to do exactly. I have my hotspot, so I imagine this will have to do with linkedscene, but how about if it's not a scene parsed and i want to direct to a new xml file.

    So to sumup, using a hotspot, how can I load a new scene from a new tour ?

    Best regards.

    I couldn't explain why but after removing the piece of code below which I didn't have in older version, things seem to work :)

    It's in the new vtourskin at the "skin_hotspotstyle_click"

    				tween(caller.depth|caller.alpha|caller.oy|caller.rx, 4000|0.0|-50|-60, 0.5, default,

    Me again :/

    I guess it's because of the new way of vtourskin dealing with loadscene but this part of code used to work but doesn't anymore.

        <action name="mouse_click" scope="global">
            calc(scene_nbr_var, substr(scene_nbr,6));
            calc(scene_nbr_var1, 3 + scene_nbr_var);
            loadscene(*scene_nbr_var1, null, KEEPVIEW, BLEND(0.1));

    If I trace scene_nbr_var1 the value is ok, krpano loads the good scene but the second after it loads another one. The reason I have a "+3" is because I have videos on the beginning of the xml scenes and I don't want them to be loaded automaticly, but now krpano loads the good scene then the second after it plays the video.


    I recently upgraded my krpano licence. The code below used to work when I didn't want to start with the first scene in the tour.xml. But it doesn't anymore, it always starts at the first scene of my xml. I looked on the web and the doc, I'm sure I miss an obvious thing, but after different tries I can't manage to choose my first scene. If somebody could help me that would be great :)

        <action name="startup" autorun="onstart">
    		if(startscene === null OR !scene[get(startscene)], copy(startscene,scene[0].name); );
    		loadscene(THE_SCENE_I_WANT), null, MERGE);
    		if(startactions !== null, startactions() );

    What a great feature Klaus ! How did I miss it ? The idea of being able to change with projection's settings an image already computed is so brilliant.

    @MA, not sure this help, but perhaps if your panos all have the same (or pretty close) problem and you want to automate the process, probably you will only have to copy and paste the parameters that this option Klaus mentionned probably do in the scene xml and apply it to all scenes.


    Sorry I can't answer that question, I didn't even know it may be possible in krpano, I hope someone can help you, or tell you if it is possible.

    But if krpano can't do it, Hugin is an open-source software that can let you take a bad horizon equi and set it perfect in few clicks (yaw, pitch and roll are available).


    Interesting question :)

    I was wondering the same thing about hotspots (I have a VT where the hotspots are all stricly identical), and even some "basics" parameters. If you have lot of images but some common parameters to all of them it would be interesting to have an .xml lighter. I remember reading an old topic about how to deal with huge list of panos, I'll try to find it and pick it up, I remember I had ideas (or at least questions ^^) about that topic.

    Have a nice week everybody !