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    Hi Klaus,
    Do you have any date for new version. We are still waiting without patient.

    Best regards,

    Thank you for your information. We believe you. You are best in VR software's.


    I found some bugs. Can you fix it. I will continue give feedback to you.

    Desktop Chrome 44 -- in your Edit gui : range dont work when I add 3D sound.
    iphone5 ios 9.2 -- sometimes heard strange sound like scratch. if I make refresh browser than working correct.
    iphone5 ios 9.2 -- Ambient sound continue when I am exiting from safari with home button.

    Can you add global sound option for virtual tour 2DSound from GUI. Now only has self scene.

    Thank you

    Thank you for your answer. I have a different question now.

    I tested your plugin VR mode on my iPhone (…ndvr/index.html ) . VR mode very well work in desktop chrome fake mode like your youtube sample video. But When I want to use with VR mode ios 9.2 iphone5 and iphone6s plus dont work. Pano photo shows single same as normal pano. I am adding screenshot. What is problem.

    Thank you.

    I found solution. The problem is about screen lock.