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    Sorry to hijack this post but rather than make a new one on same issue, i hope its okay to post here.. i have same issue with a 360 video I have updated for an old client. They desperately want the gyro to work on iphone. They have latest ios and I have updated to krpano 1.20.2 but am getting reports its not working for them. I don't use iphone (have android) and have nothing to test, would you mind to test this link for me ?

    360 video link

    They are reporting its not working, and the gyro button is inactive, the project is also hosted on https..

    How does it work for you ?

    many thanks,


    ps. Update from client

    Feedback so far:

    iPhone 6+ / Oneplus 6 – works ok & gyro works automatically

    iPhone SE / IPhone 7 (iOS 13.1.2) – gyro not working & button greyed out

    Samsung A3 – sound and gyro work ok but video doesn’t play

    It seems to work on my iPhone 11 ok now.

    Ah thanks Jordi !

    That makes sense, I have updated the main.xml and uncommented the navigator plugin but still desktop moves alot faster than mobile. Its possible its because of the circle controller, once you hold and drag the circle for a while your finger has moved up to far up the phone, perhaps some sort of joystick would work better.

    I have opened the depthmap_naviagtion.xml and tried changing var speed to 1 but it does not seem to make it faster. It could be also that the pitch is just along area to walk around.

    Any other tips to speed it up please let me know as the effect i hope to get is more running ;)

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    Hi Jordi,

    LOVE playing with your software many thanks for the tuts and help videos getting started!

    Couple of possible features that would be nice to have in future updates i noticed when creating my stadium model, would be

    make it possible to change color of some line point circles so users can easily see which are at different depths. As the first color is red if you have complex area with lots of lines sometimes its hard to distinguish which is which. So a simple way to click the red circle and go to a color option in top nav menu, might be useful for users to easily identify the lines they have have different depths.. Hope this makes sense ?

    I wonder also if it would be helpful when duplicating a line, to be able to press 'shift' and drag the line to lock the line elevation when you drag it ? I had to duplicate a few lines, and when dragging into place (especially on far away distances) found it difficult to keep the same elevation even though i could see the circle markers were close to the line duplicated it was tricky, and a simple shift click (like photoshop) would be helpful.

    Just a couple of ideas, you've done a superb job already so many thanks again !


    Hi Jordi,

    Firstly thank you soooooo much for the everpano software is really awesome and exciting to be doing new things..

    I have made some tests and projects thanks to your helpful videos and tutorials, one of the first tests i thought would be cool to try would be a football stadium. I only have one pano shot from the center spot but am chuffed with the results.. Firstly i made a rectangle to explore in 3d but have since modelled the stadium stands as best I could. I have published the result for your feedback here

    stadium link

    What i have noticed however is the walking speed on mobile is much slower than desktop. I have entered a value that should be fastest just so i could try and get mobile walk speed faster, walkingSpeed = "1" but now desktop is too fast and mobile is too slow.

    Is this because of the size of the area I am trying to walk around or have you any tips for increasing speed on mobile whilst reducing on desktop a bit ?

    many thanks, I look forward to your feedback. I have modelled more the stadium but lack the textures behind the model so for this demo took them off.

    p.s. i also modelled the goals but it made the stands abit wavy around that area, so took them out.. Would be great in later additions to be able to put in an external model of goals.

    best wishes,



    I need to autostart a 360 video that's on a website and we'd like the video to autostart when a user accesses the webpage for the first time.

    I am not sure if this is possible anymore owing to web browsers restricting this, so just wondering does anybody have a krpano or innovative workaround ?

    Has anybody managed to track a user interaction in order to start it for example ?

    many thanks,



    You can use offset filter in photoshop to adjust your panorama along the horizon so you can fix your painting that is split in 2,

    The paintings will not appear square when in equirectangular/cylindrical distortion, like the image you have shared, that cant be fixed but you could change your projection view to pannini/verditismo in ptgui to get a wide view.

    Or because your wall is black and you care for print only, you could convert in ptgui or with krpano (cubes) to rectilinear projection, copy the paintings they will be square in this projection then paste into your equi panorama over your current frames. That would give you square frames but could look weird as distortion will still be prevalent in the horizontal wall lines for example, so the wall curve will not run parallel with your square frames.

    Good luck !


    Hi Klaus and all,

    Inline videos do not work on IOS as we know but i was just wondering if we could use the same trick for it as the panoramic video for IOS does ?


    No 'inline'-videos on the iPhone
    On the iPhone videos will be played automatically in the iOS-internal fullscreen-video-player. That means playing videos 'inline' as element of the webpage (the pano) is not possible.
    iPhone Panoramic Videos

    Because of the iOS and iPhone limitations krpano needs to 'trick' a bit to be able to provide panoramic videos also on the iPhone:
    When trying to play a video on the iPhone, iOS would normally automatically switch to the iOS fullscreen videoplayer. krpano works around this case, but this way the sound of the video can't be played and there is no real loading/buffering control.

    many thanks and best wishes,


    Hi Klaus,

    Is their a way to increase the limit on the amount of panoramas than can be processed with this droplet ? I can only do 50 panoramas at a time and this post is a bit old now Confusion over SPHERE to CUBE MULTIRES droplet.bat so not sure if the same method applies but settings seem to have moved to convertdroplet.config and look slightly different, so is it possible to raise the amount of panoramas that can be processed or does it run into issues if too many are processed ?

    Hoping you can help as I have thousands to do :) and currently dropping 50 panoramas a time is taking some time *wacko*

    thanks and best wishes,


    Not sure if this is the right word but does this happen for other users when panning latest krpano using html5 on firefox ?


    running html5 on firefox I get a strange jitter across the screen, I can live with panos resolving but sometimes it appears like a strip across the screen and its quite bad., and seems to be worse with latest krpano (1.1.7).

    Is their any settings than can improve the panning to eliminate this ?

    On chrome i see it but just a little bit, on IE11 its slightly different more tiles resolving as the user pans around.

    I have looked for other posts mentioning this behaviour but its difficult to find when not knowing the correct term. I tried capturing it with print screen but does not seem to show issue.

    Any thoughts or advice on how to improve appreciated.

    best wishes,


    This is excellent ! many thanks Klaus :)

    Just a quick questions as blendmode="screen" does not seem to work anymore when used on plugin or layer tag. I checked docs to see if their was an update but none mentioned.

    Can anybody check if this param is still working ? It worked for me on 1.16 but on 1.17 is not having desired effect,

    thanks and best wishes,



    Just noticed this image gallery last night, looks very cool, thanks Klaus !…agegallery.html

    I try to make a button for it, which I can do, but cant seem to make the thumbnail images disappear when changing visibility of the thumbbar..

    <action name="x-gallery-close">




    what is the correct code to change the visibility of a group of thumbnails from the thumbbar.xml example ?

    I have tried





    with all images referenced....

    but no joy...

    Cant quite find it, and would appreciate help if anybody knows ?