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    Hi all,

    i have a problem with this type of hotspot.
    I have one big hotspot to add but i can't figure the way to get the job done...
    Tiles are 3472 x 3472px and the hotspot to add is 3472 x 3472 and is, infact, a cubeface (CUBE2_r and CUBE2_r_hs).
    I tried to apply the calculation i read before from Klaus but the hotspot appears bigger and i can't align it. It is sheared or squeezed depending on the value i tried.

    What i'm tring to do is to overlap CUBE2_r_hs to its correspondant cubeface CUBE2_r.

    Any advice?

    Thank you very much

    Are you certain you own and have the latest v1.1 of the swfaddress plugin?

    Check this link and maybe send an email to the plugin author. He may be able to help you further.

    SWFAddress plugin

    I'm pretty sure i have the last version but i'll double check asap and i'll let you know.
    I already wrote to the author ad he suspect it is a case (uppercase/lowercase) problem. But don't know where... xml? html? *confused*

    Thank you very much,

    Don't know if this could be your issue, but you have both a tour.js and swfkrpano.js file in your html page.
    Esentially they should be the same file. However, it probably would make more sense to remove the swfkrpano.js file since the tour.js file has your license embedded into it since you used one of the tools to create it.


    *rolleyes* right! I removed the unnecessay one.

    This is not solving the SWFAddress problem though.
    *cry* i'm running out of options...


    try either or both keep="true" or preload="true" either its not being kept or the plugin is not loaded when the actions need to be run. justa thought.

    Like that?

    Thank you,

    swf has nothing to do with the thumbnails being created or not. press the "o" key to see the log and the errors might tell you what is not working.

    Hi VN2011,

    pressing "o" shows a sort of debug console displaying (either locally, allowed in flash Global Security Settings panel, or online):
    INFO: krpano (build 2010-11-24)
    INFO: Flashplayer WIN 10,3,181,22 PlugIn
    INFO: registered to: IDFDESIGN SRL

    That's all...

    Only online, If i press the button: GET LINK TO THIS VIEW
    WARNING: unknown action command: plugin[swfaddress].removeparams
    WARNING: unknown action command: plugin[swfaddress].setparams

    Only online, If i press the button: COPY LINK TO CLIPBOARD
    WARNING: unknown action command: plugin[swfaddress].copylink

    Thank you,

    Hi gents,

    I need you to help me solve a problem.
    I'm trying to add deep links in some panos with the SWFAddress plugin (bought from
    The goal is to achieve a result like the one in that page where every pano has a link and FOV,X,Y are shown on the address bar.

    The result is working fine locally as shown in this screenshot:

    As soon as i upload it to the server (Apache or IIS, is the same) it is not working anymore. See screenshot:

    As you can see the thumbs are gone (lower left of the screen) and the SWFAddress is clearly not working.

    The source file now online for the pano is this: Download [88MB]

    Any suggestion or help?

    Thank you very much,