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    Thanks Klaus, and sorry for the late answer.
    I'll test with 512px texture size.
    About the memory problem, I think it is browser related, Chrome behaves better than Firefox here.
    Anyway, we chose to prefer Flash and use WebGL as a fallback, even though I would prefer to do it the other way round.

    Hi !

    I have two separate issues with the WebGL viewer that I use as a fallback to the Flash viewer.

    First, and that's the reason why I use it as a fallback and not as a preferred viewer, the memory usage is huge. Firefox can use as much as 2GB of ram (and even crash) when loading a single panoramic image and quickly moving around. Also, it seems that the memory is not released upon destruction of the viewer, I have to wait for the garbage collector to do it's work.
    Is this normal behaviour for the WebGL viewer ? The Flash viewer does not even use a quarter of that memory amount.

    Second, it seems that the viewer does not work in IE11. I don't know what could be wrong since it works in Firefox. I can't see any error in IE's console (but IE's console is crap, so...).
    I have read some posts about NPOT textures, but my panoramic images are cubic with a tilesize of 1024 and levelsize of 4096, so everything should be "power of two", right ?

    Thanks for your help !

    Ahah OK, sorry for that, I'm still a beginner when it comes to panoramic photography *wink*

    Still, makepreview behaves differently than makepano, but I think it is because it does not support partial equirectangular panoramic. In my case, the panoramic 360° horizontal, but only ~90° vertical (not exactly, it depends).
    Makepano handles this without any problem (the top and down cube faces are just full black), but makepreview stretches my image to fit a 360°x180° panorama, resulting in a distorted image. Well, that's my best guess at least.

    In my makepano config, I only specify hfov=360, nothing more, and the script adapts itself beautifully to my partial panoramic image.

    I rejoiced too quickly.
    The input images can only be cubestrips or spherical, but my source images are equirectangular.
    They work fine with makepano, but makepreview does not like them, the output image is distorted and does not correspond to the preview that is generated by makepano.
    I guess I just have to start over then ?

    Hi !

    I generated a lot of multires panoramas (a lot, like thousands), but I did so without generating the previews.
    Now I'd like to generate these previews, but is it possible to do so without regenerating everything ?
    If it is not possible, what are the fastest settings to generate a minimum tileset and a preview ?

    Thanks a lot !