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    Theoretically, could just take the code of the plugins from panotour and transfer them to krpano plugins

    Mmmh, I don't know if it's that is legal or ethical in the first place. But besides that, part of that code is always encrypted (which I think is fair if they are selling you the effort they put to build that solution). Again, my point is if you see possible to have AI assist people to build better virtual tours. Ther are dedicated gtps for coding, writing, advertising, etc. Why not a krpano gpt?

    Coming from Panotour Pro (discontinued), I was always dreaming about having a similar GUI built in Krpano. I know that Klaus is working in something like that. In the meantime, It's just too complicated for me to work with the code. There aren't any tutorial around and once you need custom solutions it becomes really difficult. I was trying Chat GPT 4o an Gemini 1.5 and the provide some insights, but still they are pretty complicated. I believe that a custom GPT trained specifically for Krpano would be of great help for the community, broadening the base of customers as well.

    Things I would love to do in krpano:

    Get custom animated hotspots with tooltip customization, google fonts, custom boxes, color, etc. And the ability to be grouped and show or hide depending on other triggers, or get htem showcased just in the middle of the viewport (I know there are paid plugin that do something similar, but customization is up to a certain level)

    Having something like the plugin Easy HTML, that shows text, images, galleries, and video, but having the possibility to customize everything.

    Creating a custom Menu! like the ones you can do with superbutton plugin (PTP) or sidebar but that really allows for custom graphics. Superbutton it's great but unfortunately has a lot of bugs an it's usable at a very basic level for complex menus, and you need to use it in PTP which I'm not sure how long it will survive.

    In general, I love all of the panotourplugins, it would be awsome to have the possibility to creat our owns for krpano..



    Klaus is working on this and there should be new Version with an advanced GUI soon.

    However you don't need to code for krpano. Only simple XML you can easily manage with some reading and googling. Actually you can achive almost everything with some copy and paste.

    Such a good news!
    Well, for simple things it could be true that modifiying here and there the xml can work, but I'm not that sure that when you need to customize your skin and elements it's that easy... But I will need to try in the future, since Panotour will be killed at a certain point (I hope not).

    Hello krpano community. I've been a user of Panotour Pro for many years and still love that software. I have bought several plugins to get more custom features and in general they have worked pretty good. But as there is no support for Panotour Pro is really difficult to get any help each time I cannot get the desired result. I don't code, that's why I'm stick with PTP. And I love krpano engine (image quality, speed, engine, features, support, etc). So I don't want to move to Pano2vr or Vista 3d since they seem much more complicated or have less options (respectively).
    But Krpano is very complicated to use once you want to add custom icons and behaviours, I mean, for non coders.
    Is there any chance that Krpano could build a friendly GUI in the future? I've been taking a look to vrToursoft and virtual tour builder from krpanostore, but they seem to rely on templates and if you want to cutomize things, then you need to go the code again...

    All the best


    I'm not using krpano skin files, but custom pngs that I have created. In general they are twice bigger in pixel size to the actual size I put in panotour pro for them. For example, many of my icons are 100px x100 px, but I put 50px x 50px in the panotour parameters, so you can see them in high resolution on retina screens. But with 1.21 it's like having these icons with a size of 25x25 in mobile devices. I don't know how to code, but reading the release document of 1.21 I see that there are changes in some paramaters like "scalechildren" and "scalesize". I'm not sure if that could be the issue but I cannot find that paramaters in any of the xmls generated by Panotour Pro anyway.

    why are you using 1.20.11 ?
    only the newest version has support for the newest devices and os versions.

    I was just afraid to update in the middle of my project. I've just did it. Sounds are now playing!, but and I'm getting a problem with icons and buttons all being smaller than before on mobile..., maybe I'll need to go back to 1.20.11. Probably Panotour Pro has its limitations with these updates?

    Hello, I was building a tour in Panotour Pro with krpano 1.20.11 but as I couldn't make audio to play in iphone, I was recommended to try krpano version 1.21. Now the audio works great!, but my main concern now is that all of my buttons and icons are loaded really small in mobile, both in android and ios. Any way to fox this or should I go back to krpano 1.20.11?…html#popup_8164

    Many thanks


    Thanks a lot Tuur!, I see that your sounds (cool music actually, ha) take several seconds to load as well.
    But you don't get that problem I'm having about audios all playing together when you return to the broswer tab of the tour.

    Talking with a coder, he actually found a solution for that, inside the xml code of PTP.

    PTP creates an xml file that is called skin.xml From there it calls the soundinterface.js plugin from krpano.
    in that skin.xml, I needed to change the "autopause field from true to false", and now the audio does not play when I come back to my window.

    <!-- Sounds Management -->
    <plugin name="soundinterface"
    bgsoundtoforce = "false"

    Still looking on how to make audios to play in iphone...

    Hello, I've made a tour in Panotour Pro with Krpano 1.20.11
    I have 16 panos, each one of them with a button to play a voice over of 2 minutes explaining the scene.

    I'm having three issues with audio:

    1-Default behaviour of Panotour Pro to preload all the 16 sounds makes the start screen to appear after several seconds of waiting. I've compressed my mp3 files as much as I could (they weight near 700kb each). If I set the preload to "false" inside the xml, now the tour load fast, but on each pano the sound has a delay when the visitor click the button, and sometimes it could seem that the button is not working. Is there nay way to preload the audio per scene?

    2-Audios don's play in iphone, but they play in Ipads.

    3-The most annoying: if I leave the browser window where my tour is being played, go to another tab and then come back to my tour, all the sounds that have been played in the tour start to play simultaneously, no matter the scene.

    I don't know if this is a Panotour-related issue or it has to do with the kprano sound interface. So I apppologize in advance if the problem is Panotour.

    But as I don't code, I just wanted to understand where is the problem to ask a coder to help me with that.
    Much appreciated,

    Pablo *smile*

    Hi friends, I'm a Panotour Pro user, but now I need to make a 360 video and the software has some limitations.
    Is there any tutorial on how to use krpano for VR with videos? I've tried to drag and drop an mp4 360x180 file to all the droplets, but it says that the format is not supported. My main goal is to create a VR video to be seen in Oculus Rift.

    Many thanks!