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    Piotr was, again, super helpful in pointing me in the right direction about the error I got after installing...

    [an error occurred while processing this directive]

    he found a couple of discussions that dealt with similar issues, see here:…t-not-on-server…-shtml-wrapper/

    so after I changed the permissions of the index.php files in the root of the cms4vr folder and inside the admin folder within it, the UI came right up...I was then able to update to the newest version from there (very slick and easy update process!), then uploaded a pano JPG and watched with wonder as the pano got process on the server, finally.

    weeks of getting on Piotr's nerves have finally led to the desired result.

    next in line: shoot and upload more panos and learn how to string them together with their excellent templates and tools...exciting system, exciting times!

    anyone into panos and pano tours, point your browsers to right now and support this visionary system

    Ok, that would explain why it doesn’t really show the tooltips when going to them directly, but why is it giving me that error for ?

    Once you sent me the newest version of the installer, I‘ll try deleting and re-installating yet again. I am hopeful now that Krpano might work, at last, and that you‘ll have me out of your hair about this tired topic ;)

    could that be due to a permissions problem?

    my cms4vr folder, which it is installed into is 755, as is the admin folder within it...the index.php file itself is 666.

    I don't get it...before this second install, the system and admin were working, but krpano was not, now it looks like krpano might actually work on the server, but the system and admin are not.

    if I go directly to the tooltips at, I only get a grey page...I'm on Mac Safari, but I also tried Chrome with the same results.

    during re-install, I had a green checkmark next to "Ability to run Krpano on this server" and a red ! next to the ability to run ffmpeg, just like in Piotr's screencaps...that got me excited that this time it might finally work.

    but after installation I got this on the page where before I had the login to the CMS4VR admin: [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    that did not happen the last time I installed this.

    ~ sigh ~

    since I can't be entirely sure that there wasn't an unusual glitch during the initial installation of the CMS4VR system, I'd like to try to install it again before I get back in touch with Bluehost.

    does CMS4VR need to be uninstalled before installing it again, and if so, how, or can I install it on top of itself?

    the templates which I installed would need to be re-installed again as well, I suppose?

    without having studied your response in detail, let me publicly apologise to you and the CMS4VR team if I have come across as being unappreciative for the amazing support you have given me...I thought I had made that clear in multiple posts how patient especially you have been, Piotr.

    breezing over your post I see that you managed to get it to work on Bluehost, so it is on me now to take it up with Bluehost now and figure out why it fails in my setup.

    again, this original post was solely meant to get feedback from others about their install experience on shared hosting plans...nothing more and nothing less.

    I am truly sorry, Piotr, if I came across as dick'ish about this...I know how active you are on this forum, so why would I attempt to make CMS4VR look anything other than the visionary system that it is.

    and thank you for going through the trouble of confirming the install on always, you went way beyond what can be expected.
    ok,let the trouble-shooting process with Bluehost begin :-/

    (walks away with his head hanging low in shame)

    Hello everyone...

    a few months ago I was sent an enticing offer to purchase the excellent CMS4VR system at an introductory discount, which was still more than I thought I could spend, but ended up taking advantage of in light of wanting to build a 360 portfolio and having to do a proposal for an old client that centres around the use of 360 panos and WebGL/VR.

    one of the listed features that enticed me was that it would work on *every* hosting plan, even the cheapest shared hosting plans, such as the Bluehost plan that I have been doing all of my work on for the past 15 years.

    while installing the system, though, I got an error (don't have the exact syntax anymore, unfortunately, but it failed installing one of the components), and found that uploading my first panorama (as a single JPG image, created with my Panono camera) failed to show a result.

    after much experimentation and a lot of patient help from Piotr, he deduced that the install of the krpano tools binary failed, and the panorama could thus not be processed server-side.

    through help from this community, in another thread on this forum, I was able to get krpano tools working locally, which is great, but I have still not given up on the idea that it could work on my shared-hosting Bluehost plan...since the installer tries to put the krpano tools binary into a sub-folder of root, it isn't really a surprise that the install failed on my shared hosting account...I just don't have the time or money right now to upgrade or move my dozens of sites and associated user-accounts, assets and databases to a VPS or dedicated server, so my question is this:

    > has anyone else here gotten CMS4VR to process panos on their shared hosting server, and if so, how (and what hosting provider)?

    Piotr assures me that it's *supposed* to work on any such account, but I don't see how that is possible, without root access...I would love to avoid the extra steps required to first processing the pano locally and then generating and uploading a Zip file, so any pointers or experience reports that prove from you that it's possible on shared hosting servers would help a lot.

    indexofrefraction, you hit the nail on the head!

    I feel so silly for having made a mistake like this, but of course you are right...that is exactly what I must have done in the process of moving all my tools onto my desktop...I created a folder for krpanotools and also wanted to generate some CMS4VR tours locally from there (as my shared hosting account doesn't allow CMS4VR to generate the 360 panos on the server)...and in the process I must have moved and replaced the templates folder with that of CMS4VR.

    and you caught hat goes off to you...thank you!

    thanks for trying to help, ior!

    here is the output:

    "iMac5K-Till:~ till$ ls -a /Users/till/Desktop/krpano-1.19-pr16
    .. Convert SPHERE CUBE MAKE PANO (NORMAL) docu krpano viewer
    .DS_Store ENCRYPT XML MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) documentation.html krpanotools
    iMac5K-Till:~ till$ ls -a /Users/till/Desktop/krpano-1.19-pr16/templates
    . .. cms4vr_vtour_vr.config xml"

    Is this your own server, or are you running this from a shared hosting server?

    if you're on a shared hosting server, you might have the same issue as I do, where binaries are not allowed to be executed from anywhere outside of the root (this is called "root access" hosting, which - generally speaking - only VPS or dedicated servers allow).

    what sort of a server are you on?

    after a few days of unsuccessfully trying to find the culprit (with Piotr, in support, who has been very patient and helpful, so far), I will have to take this to the esteemed community...

    I have an issue that has been mentioned by other users before, but none of the offered solutions have worked for me.

    until today, when I dropped a JPG panorama onto the CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES), I would get the following output:

    Last login: Fri Jul 6 14:06:09 on ttys000
    iMac5K-Till:~ till$ '/private/var/folders/02/y0704rzn7x12_ff2zv7024hh0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/98AE9F08-9DB6-4A28-B6EA-0156B31025FC/d/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES)' makepano '/private/var/folders/02/y0704rzn7x12_ff2zv7024hh0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/98AE9F08-9DB6-4A28-B6EA-0156B31025FC/d/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES)' '/Volumes/18TB-RAID5 1/Production/Projects/Panono/_Render/2017-02-02 First Tests in Surberg/2017-02-02 Friedhofsmauer - 01.jpg'
    -bash: /private/var/folders/02/y0704rzn7x12_ff2zv7024hh0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/98AE9F08-9DB6-4A28-B6EA-0156B31025FC/d/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES) No such file or directory

    after sifting through some of the Forum threads that Piotr linked to for me, I followed one user's instructions and executed: sudo xattr -r -d path/to/your/krpano/folder

    after doing that, the output changed to:

    Last login: Fri Jul 6 20:30:25 on ttys001
    iMac5K-Till:~ till$ '/Users/till/Desktop/krpano-1.19-pr16/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES)' makepano '/Users/till/Desktop/krpano-1.19-pr16/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES)' '/Volumes/18TB-RAID5 1/Production/Projects/Panono/_Render/2017-02-02 First Tests in Surberg/2017-02-02 Friedhofsmauer - 01.jpg'
    ERROR: including config file "basicsettings.config" failed

    ERROR: including config file "basicsettings.config" failed

    ERROR: loading config "/Users/till/Desktop/krpano-1.19-pr16/CMS4VR MAKE PANO (MULTIRES)" failed!

    so, I am dead in the water and wondering what to do...anyone have any ideas about what could be causing my issues, and what to try next?


    I don't really know what I'm doing or how you managed to make all this, but it is now working and may I just say what an amazing set of tools these's just amazing how well thought through they are and how well they work...I couldn't be more excited about having found them and getting to work with much to learn, but very much looking forward to putting in the time and work to do so.

    Thanks for this like a charm!

    I may add to this thread as I experiment more, but this got me up and running for now...brilliant!

    New to krpano and the Forum...hello everyone!

    After reading over the WebVR Plugin page I was under the impression that it would also act as a gyro plugin on mobile, or did I get that wrong?

    Earlier today I had the panorama respond to my iPhone gyro using just the Gyro2 plugin, but then I wanted to take it another step forward by using the WebVR plugin to see whether it could also work in VR (cardboard) mode...the first pano I am working on is this one:…ng_Pano-01.html

    but after pasting the following code into my "Werfenweng_Pano-01.xml" file, replacing the Gyro plugin code, it is not responding to my iPhone's gyro is the content of my "Werfenweng_Pano-01.xml" file":


    <!-- the skin -->
    <include url="skin/defaultskin.xml" />

    <!-- view settings -->
    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" maxpixelzoom="1.0" fovmax="150" limitview="auto" />

    <preview url="Werfenweng_Pano-01.tiles/preview.jpg" />

    <image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512">
    <level tiledimagewidth="3840" tiledimageheight="3840">
    <cube url="Werfenweng_Pano-01.tiles/mres_%s/l3/%v/l3_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1792" tiledimageheight="1792">
    <cube url="Werfenweng_Pano-01.tiles/mres_%s/l2/%v/l2_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />
    <level tiledimagewidth="1024" tiledimageheight="1024">
    <cube url="Werfenweng_Pano-01.tiles/mres_%s/l1/%v/l1_%s_%v_%h.jpg" />

    <cube url="Werfenweng_Pano-01.tiles/mobile_%s.jpg" />

    <!-- WebVR -->
    <plugin name="WebVR" devices="html5" keep="true"


    I have the files "webvr.js", "webvr.xml", and "webvr_cursor_80x80_17f.png" in the root of the pano's folder, on the same level as the "Werfenweng_Pano-01.xml" file itself. The "webvr.xml" file is unmodified.

    does any of this raise any red flags that would explain why the pano isn't responding to the gyro? do I *also* have to use the gyro2 plugin to make it work?

    another question: once this works, is there a way to force split-view on a regular panorama to make it work with a cardboard compatible headset, and if so, how?

    sorry for all these nooby questions...hope they haven't been asked before a dozen times.