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    Thanks, I have already 'fixed' that problem.

    Thanks for fixing it :)

    Unfortunately i found another bug. The new soundinterface is working on iOS in VR Mode now correctly without the need of touch. But now sounds are not beeing played in normal view mode on iOS. The sound only begins to play on entering VR mode and it also stops playing again when i exit VR Mode.

    Then means when the size is wrong, the values in that database are wrong.
    To find out more, please post the user-agent-string and the correct size of your affected devices.
    Btw - even when it's a 'Samsung S7' there can be multiple different user-agents (e.g. depending on the country where sold).

    Hi Klaus, you asked for the user agent string. Here is the one from our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is always falsely detected in WebVR Settings:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; SM-N950F) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.92 Mobile Safari/537.36

    This one should have a correct Display Size of 6.3"

    It would be really bothersome and a real deterioration, if we have to tell all our customers that they now have to do the vr settings on their own, as they don't even know whats wrong. They just say "it's looking really bad now". *confused*

    Really cool features in this great udpdate. Can't wait experimenting with the Depthmaps.

    Unfortunatley, while updating some tours, i recognized that the VR Mode does not work for cardboard etc. it works awesome on Quest, but on Cardboard the distortion is weird. Also It does not recieve the right screen sizes (e.g. on Note8). Not only on my own tours, but also the samples.

    Has anyone also experienced it?

    Best Wishes and keep on hacking! :)

    Yes, i also have the same issue on my devices. All the Tours that i updated (and the samples also) don't look good in cardboard anymore (it gives me headache) :-/
    Are the new settings for Cardboard v1 & v2 the same as the previous Cardboard A & B ? Seems they are somehow changed, because in krpano 1.20 i see the distortion stereo mode in a "pillow" shape whereas before in krpano 1.19 it was square... *unsure*

    Remaining features are awesome!!! *thumbsup*