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    Hi Loro, I've just checked and I have the same issue with the background sounds only playing once after the 1.20.11 update. Using the older theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl fixed an issue with the sound not playing after being muted, the sound only playing once is a new issue. Do you think you would possibly be able to take a look at this one in the New Year Klaus.

    1.20.10 sound interface files still work with panotour, see this post for workaround;…87021#post87021

    Hi Loro, I found a workaround for the background sound only playing once after 1.20.11 update, I've pasted the old sound interface files from krpano 1.20.10 into the krpano folder in panotour and the sound works as it should & plays again if you revisit the same panorama, the location of these files is: C:\Users\trebo\Documents\Kolor\PanotourPro 2\krpano

    In outputted tours they are in the graphics folder.I've attached the sound interface files from 1.20.10 they seem to still work ok with panotour, but I still needed to replace the theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl with the pre 1.20.7 version above to get the sound working properly too. The 1.20.11 release notes mentions 'Soundinterface Plugin - update howler.js to v2.2.3.' It would be great if that's fixable in the next release for Panotour too Klaus, but at least the 1.20.10 file works ok for now.

    Hi Loro, if you search the Kolor Panotour/krpano facebook group after krpano 1.20.7 was released May - July 2020 if should be posted there somewhere. Without using this older theplaystoptoursoundscontent template I don't get background sound on the first panorama of a tour and the sound wont play after being paused. It's the Same in 1.20.11, but this older sound template still sorts that problem, but not the new issue of individual background sound only being played once - fingers crossed it can be fixed, everything else is working perfectly in panotour with 1.20.11. Thanks for this update Klaus & for the continued support for panotour users, it's greatly appreciated.

    The older theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl above fixes an issue with the sounds not playing after being muted, I just checked a tour made in 1.20.11 and I have the same issue as you Loro, the background sound only plays once now, if you return to the same panorama the background sound doesn't play again. This worked in 1.20.10, and the template above does still fixed the issue with the sound not playing after being muted, but not the sound playing once, hopefully it can be fixed in the next update?
    Here's the post in 1.20.11 thread:…87008#post87008

    Hi Loro, I've just checked and I have the same issue with the background sounds only playing once after the 1.20.11 update. Using the older theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl fixed an issue with the sound not playing after being muted, the sound only playing once is a new issue. Do you think you would possibly be able to take a look at this one in the New Year Klaus.

    Hi Loro, Maurizio posted a fix a while back on the panotour/krpano facebook forum for an issue with the sound not playing after being paused, I've updated to 1.20.11 & pasted this older theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl and the background sound works again after being paused, but I'm still getting the issue you have with the background sound only playing once - tested that after I uploaded this template!
    I've attached the older template that works for the pause issue, if you use the panotour update tool in the future it does overwrite this theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl each time, so if it's not working after an update just overwrite the older template file again.
    Maybe you have this template already, I realise now it's a different issue with the sound only playing once.


    Hi Loro, Maurizio posted a fix a while back on the panotour/krpano facebook forum for an issue playing sound after being paused. I've updated to 1.20.11 & pasted the older theplaystoptoursoundscontent.tmpl and the background sound now loads after being paused. I've uploaded it to the panotour update page:…=17064&pageNo=3

    N.B. Since I uploaded the template I now realise that this doesn't fix the issue you are having with the sound only playing once, I'm having the same problem in 1.20.11. Sorry it's not helped.


    Thanks to Alex Popov for persevering and finding a solution to this one, his edited template fixes an issue with Panotour’s default Simple Thumbnail Bar not being responsive on ipad when rotating to landscape orientation, it was cropping off the top two thumbnails if you had 12 + panoramas in a tour. His edited thumbnailsBarCore.tmpl fixes the problem. I’ve uploaded his edited template & where to paste it & there is also a manual code edit for existing tours, everything is in the download.

    Really appreciate you fixing all these templates and for allowing them to be shared for the benefit of other users – top man Alex!

    I previously had an issue just with image hotspots on my Oculus Go not loading on first click, which the earlier template that Alex Popov edited fixed by using the 'ondown' click, but I've subsequently discovered it effects other actions that still needed the default 'onclick' action in the Oculus browser. He's kindly edited the template again so that if you use three keywords in the hotspot style name is will only change those hotspots to 'ondown' and only for Oculus headsets and it still uses 'onclick' for all other devices. This means you can select what hotspots use 'ondown' for Oculus without effecting actions that still require an 'onclick' & it only makes the change to 'ondown' for Oculus headsets.

    I've attached the edited template, keywords and location instruction to this post if it's any help to anyone else that's great. Thanks for help & for allowing me to share the template Alex.

    Upgraded to iOS 15.0.1 on my iPhone 6s and unfortunately the VR wakelock doesn't seem to work on first load of a tour when clicking allow access motion and orientation now, but if you load the same tour again or any others from the same server it works fine, just the initial load of VR mode the screen dims/timesout. This is the same for the KRpano examples too. What version of iOS are you running Alexander, is it the same for you or not?

    Thanks for fixing this one Klaus, The 1.20.10 wakelock fix is working ok for me on new tours using panotour, on an iPhone 6s Alexander, but the example on the krpano site did still timeout/dim, I did clear the cache. Some of the tours I've updated the viewer files of on my own site take a few days to show the update versions, could that be the same for the krpano ones maybe? Works perfectly on new built tours for sure.

    Best regards,

    Big thanks to Klaus and Alex for helping to resolve this one, I couldn’t get my image hotspots to open consistently using my Oculus GO headset in the default browser, (not VR mode), they would only open 50% of the time. I thought it was the size of the files at first, but Klaus suggested it could be that my Oculus Go controller maybe had to much shaking or vibrating on click & when there is too much movement between pressing and releasing a button it isn't recognized as click. Panotour’s default image hotspot uses ‘onclick’, I changed all to ‘ondown’ in the xml file and bingo, images load first time every time now on clicking of hotspots in Oculus Go's default browser.

    Not sure if it’s my shaky hand, but if anyone else has the same problem this edit will fix it. Alex has edited the scenespotpoint.tmpl so that the default action is now ondown, seems to work for me, tested it on desktop, tablet, mobile too and all work ok.

    I’ve uploaded the template & instructions where to place it, I’ve saved my original file as .old just in case I have any issues, but it works fine for me. Hope it saves someone else the same problem.

    Alex Popov has kindly fixed an issue I had with the Kolor default combobox and has said it's ok to share his template edit.

    Basically when I used a deep link like: ?html5=auto&s=pano6757 I found that the combobox wasn't loading the correct title for the panorama I had linked it to.

    Here's his description of the issue and the solution:

    "I've checked your link and it seems to be a cache problem.
    WIthout cache it is doing OK. I think all the assets load very quickly with cache and the combobox is late.

    You can add in the code a small delay to the
    onnewpano event to fix this".

    I've attached his edited template which has a two second delay added and resolved the issue for me. There is a slight delay for the combobox to load the next scene title of 1 second, but blink and you'll miss it. I've kept kolor's default comboboxpanoramalist.tmpl as my main template and will temporally overwrite with the attached for tours that require direct deep links & then revert back to the default. The file to overwrite is in the system dir/plugins/panoramacombobox folder.

    I'm using PTP 2.5.14 with krpano 1.20.9

    Thanks for your help Alex, hope it's helpful to others.



    Just found an issue with panotour’s default Social Share buttons positioning when using iOS 14.2 on my iphone 6s, Klaus explained that as they are not krpano elements they are outside of krpano and put on top of it and therefore not controlled by krpano. I’ve switched to Maurizio’s Super Social plugin and that already seems to place the social share elements within krpano and has fixed the problem I had which was the social share buttons moving up to the centre rather than staying where I had placed them with panotour’s default social share plugin – thanks for thinking ahead Maurizio, I appreciate the work you put into your plugins.



    I wanted to share this fullscreen html template; I hope it is helpful to others. I’d added the full screen swipe action for iphone safari browser to all my ptp tours using an edited krpano template, but after upgrading my iphone 6s to iOs14 I discovered that the swipe action wasn’t working in my PTP tours but was working perfectly for krpano tours, Klaus suggested looking at the html file and the following edit has brought it in line with the krpano html template and fixed the swipe action.
    It now works first time every time like krpano tours do. The edit has also fixed a resize issue I’ve had for ages with ptp tours, when rotating a tour from landscape to portrait on my iphone 6s I got a white strip at the bottom of the browser and lost the navigation bars, this edit corrects that and the tours behave as a krpano tour would now. It is also optimized for oculus headsets.

    I've included the edited html template, the krpano swipe code prompt I pasted into the build_skin.xml and screen grab of the code that's been edited.



    Alexander Popov has fixed panotour default combobox plugin which had a bug when using krpano 1.20.7, he's kindly said it's ok to share his fixed version which I've attached to this post.

    Here's the fault as described by Klaus and also his manual xml code edit fix if you don't use the revised version of the plugin attached . “In the build_skin.xml there is only one combobox design named 'glas'
    defined. But when building the combobox no design name is given - and when no name was given, the script is trying to use a design named 'default'. But there is no 'default' design defined.

    In older krpano versions (before 1.20.7) there was a small bug: when
    trying to access an array item with 'null' (not defined), it wrongly had
    returned the first item instead.
    This krpano bug helped the
    wrong behaving custom combobox script to still work, even when used
    wrongly. But now with 1.20.7 this incorrectness wasn't working anymore.
    Here’s one solution (I’d selected the glas combobox design for my test):
    1. open the build_skin.xml
    2. search for this line:
    3. and change it to this:
    if(!panoramacomboboxMod1_kr_design[get(design)].name, set(design,'glas'));
    That means changing 'default' to 'glas'. Then it can load that 'glas'
    designed that is defined a few lines above.

    Hi Scott and Klaus,
    Thought you'd find this edited fullscreen html template of interest. Alexander Popov wrote this code and has very kindly offered to share it with everyone. It solves this issue and forces the Oculus browser to always load the mobile version of the tour so that VR mode is enabled. The tour will remain in mobile mode even if the user switches back and forth from desktop to mobile mode in the Oculus browser.
    Thanks for your help Alex, excellent job.


    Hi Klaus,I've managed to update a tour created in ptp 2.5.14 successfully using your Update Tool in krpano so that the viewers are updated without effecting the mouse navigation, so this has fixed the issue with the panotour mouse move / drag problem updating the tour via krpano instead of ptp, it updated the viewers and left the navigation as it was in the version created in 2.5.14 which is what I wanted. It also updated the VR mode prompting for access to be permitted to run that which is great. Here's my problem, the plugins that I set to not scale up on mobile have been sized up during the update using the krpano update tool, I was hoping they wouldn't be effected and the problem resolved this way, unfortunately not.

    Is there a workaround?

    Hi Klaus, great job, I've successfully updated Panotour Pro 2.5.14 with krpano 1.20.2 via your Krpano tools, I've reproduced a tour from a project file created in 2.5.14, everything works apart from the drag navigation for the mouse on desktop, it is set to 'move to'

    At the moment the panorama will not continuously rotate when you left click and move the cursor around the panorama, would this be something that you could look at and fix in the next update do you think?
    Also would it be possible to fix / re-connect the global overall scaling in the advanced section of ptp build to 1.20.2, I don't wont the plugins to increase in size on mobile devices, I left the tick box unchecked but it didn't have any effect and the plugins were increased in size, see screen grabs, the plugins should be smaller when tick box is uncheck.

    The last issue relates to viewing a tour on my iPhone, if a tour is opened in portrait format and then rotated to landscape the image resizes to fill the screen, however, if you rotate it back again to portrait mode you get a white strip at the bottom of the screen and the browser navigation disappears unless you click the top of the screen image, then it resizes correctly in safari. This doesn't happen in krpano tour examples, I think you said it was an issue with the way the kolor plugins were created and how they relate to the updated browsers on mobile, if you were able to possibly update some of the templates / plugins to prevent this issue in ptp that would be brilliant and if there are any work arounds for any of the above issues in the mean time that would be great?
    I'm going to check out the Depthmap /everpano software, sounds like the future for some projects for sure, looks amazing.