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    I see your green active spot !!!

    Thats right i solved the problem halfway :)

    The 4 panorama's on the first floor are ok, but when you go up then the greenspots don't work.

    Here's the code i have now in the floorplan.xml

    I can't get my active spot visible on my floorplan. I have created a tour which has a floorplan in a scrollarea. All spots are visible (blue) but not the active spot (green) i want to have the active panorama on a greenspot.

    I have a tour which has a scalable floorplan where this works:

    Here's my floorplan.xml code:

    In my pano.xml i use this:

    <scene name="woonkamer" title="woonkamer" thumburl="panos/woonkamer.tiles/thumb.jpg" heading="0.0" onstart="set(plugin[actievespot].x, get(plugin[spot1].x));set(plugin[actievespot].y, get(plugin[spot1].y));">

    Here's a preview of the tour right now:

    Can someone help?

    The floorplan and pano.xml are attached.

    I have an issue using the Iphone/iPad simulator.

    I copied the html to my pano folder and changed the path to my "all-in-one" .js file. I changed the xml path/ name
    But when i open the simulator html i get a message that it can't load the external xml's (which are in a different folder)

    The pano.xml refers to: ../global/code/interface.xml

    .js path:
    <script src="../global/viewer/oorthuis.js"></script>

    xml path:

    var viewer = createPanoViewer({swf:"../global/viewer/oorthuis.swf", id:"krpanoSWFObject", html5:"only"});
    viewer.addVariable("xml", "pano.xml");
    viewer.addVariable("simulatedevice", viewerdevice);

    I also discovered that it doesn't load the pano's properly:…-simulator.html
    Here's the normal index.html:…tour/index.html

    I am creating a virtual tour where i want to include a map or aerial image. The image (png) is for example 3000x2000 pixels wide. I want to have a map/imageholder which is the frame wih the image inside this frame. The frame needs to be able to slide down/upwards.

    I also want to scale the frame (and it's image and hotspots) to adjust to the browsers format (desktop or ipad/iphone etc.)

    Here's what i have now (in this example the image itself is static and scaled through a simple width and height):…tour/index.html

    So i have a virtual tour which uses aircompass for the arrows. I want to load the next pano with the same view of the last. So 1 looking to 2 loads in looking to 3, but when you go from 3 to 2 i want it to look at 1.

    I use air compass code for my hotspots. I have used KEEPVIEW and deleted the fixed hlookat and vlookat. So far so good. But i also have a restricted vlookmin and vlookmax of -70 and 70, but when i delete hlookat and vlookat for every scene i'm losing the vlookmin and max.

    Can any one help me?

    I generate my panorama's in each seperate folder. They all direct to my global swf in a higher folder.

    XML and HTML are in this folder
    SWF and JS are in this folder
    buttons and plugins in this folder:
    interface xml is in this folder:

    So I have 1 global folder and for each panorama i have a seperate folder.

    Here comes the problem. If i direct my panopress to the xml of my panorama it doesn't work

    [pano file= "" w="900" h="500"]

    Can someone help me to get right and working?

    Here's the page i published for this one:

    My XML is overhere:…rple02/pano.xml
    And the Interface XML is here:…e/interface.xml