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    I have just returned from nearby Bristol and a visit to Ultraleap HQ where the new Leap 2 was installed on my Pico HMD
    The virtual hands provided by the leap are very impressive and I would like to use them to navigate pano tours.
    I can see a lot of mails from 2013 about the possibility of a leap plugin. Was it realised & could be updated for the Leap 2?
    Many Thanks

    I have two panos from two vpoints at each end of a large room with several obstructions.

    By making extruded polygons of each pano I can cover the space - but how do I join them so the user can 'walk' from one to the other?

    I've tried making a 'portal' with no success.Thanks in anticipation!

    Can I use an Everpano portal to link two models of exhibitions held at different times in the same gallery?
    I realise I could simply link them but a portal would be more interesting.
    As a new user struggling with Everpano I could use some simplified step by step tutorials!


    <sound name="s3d_0_sound_8659" audiofile="bell"
    I have some sound file examples like the above - thanks Piotr!

    to use my own I THINK I need to assign a number as in the example.
    I've tried and failed with
    <sound name="s3d_2_sound_12345" audiofile="trimstreet"

    How should I do it?
    By using only 4 digits - my sound file now plays - of my 2 examples one has 4 & the other 5...
    Anyone know why?

    Many thanks for the detailed tutorial which I've attempted to use but failed with the following

    Warning: stopsound: no sound with name 'null' found!
    ERROR: Soundinterface Load error: loading failed

    Warning: stopsound: no sound with name 'null' found!

    ERROR: Soundinterface Load error: Failed loading audio file with status: 404

    I've checked that everything is in place but cannot find the problem...


    As an experienced pano maker who has played with the Google cardboard camera I’d like to be able to reuse conventional equirects in the cardboard viewer - so far I’ve managed to get a ’fake vr’ stereo pano working on the mac screen, but the format of the Android Cardboard camera panos is about 6-1 in contrast to the 2-1 equirect. & I dont know how to proceed. Do I convert the 2 x 1 to cube faces and line 'em up?

    Any advice or pointer to a short tutorial would be very welcome!


    Thanks to our pano colleague Toni Garbasso who pointed me towards WebGL, I now have a couple of interactive spheres with panos painted on the outside. The Turrell cubic room looks very odd but the Hunstanton beachscape is almost tolerable.

    Now I need to find out how to paint a pano inside a sphere...

    WebGl is very forbidding for a non-programmer but it looks worth the effort!


    Thanks for the swift replies!

    Leszek - Your attached image looks similar to my initial equirect made from 4 x10.5mm images on a full-frame. The fisheyes were other ptgui projections, not mirrorballs:

    Red - I’ve made 3d objects with modelling software but what I was trying to remember was a manipulable sphere in which the user was at the centre not outside it.
    Many thanks for the links to the Three.js plugin and the examples.which look very promising.

    Sacha - will try your settings and re-render - but will the result be passive or interactive?

    Merry xmas & HNY’ 16 to you all!

    Please take a look at some recent work - circular fisheye projections of spherical panoramas:

    I would like to turn these circular fisheye projections into true interactive spheres that the user can roll with mouse or finger, but dont know how to do so. I’m sure I’ve seen examples of this…

    Suggestions gratefully received!


    john Law arps

    tel: 01225 339590
    mob: 07814 993 904
    skype: john-sk-law

    please take a look at using your phone/'pad/tablet & see if the CERN panos seem ok and after clicking through to the synchrocyclotron does the animation work ok?

    Having got video working quite well on desktop I’m expanding things with settings for mobile devices.
    here are the ones I’m now using in html5:

    <video autoplay width="1000" height="700" >
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.mp4.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.appleuniversal.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.iphone4.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.ipad.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.large720p.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="vids/cern-anim.webmhd.webm" type="video/webm">
    Your browser does not support the video tag.

    Many thanks