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    Thank you, I didn't knew a stereo option does exist until now!

    Ah, the possibilities...

    Do you know if it is possible to use these stereo hotspots to work with videos, too?

    (im referring to the extract distorted hotspot technique here )

    I got these distorted hotpots working with videos, so, it would be awesome to use them with stereoscoic images !

    Thank you and best regards,

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a way to extend the VR prev/next scene navigation with some more buttons.

    The background is, we have some panoramas with a day/night switch - on desktop this switch is a layer, which works flawlessly.

    It actually worked to add the buttons to the prev/next menu, but the the onclick value doesn't update...
    Does anybody have any idea how to do the action right?

    This is my scene (the other ones look similiar)

    and this in my vtourskin:

        <!-- VR scene switching hotspots -->
        <style name="skin_webvr_menu_style" torigin="view" depth="1000" scale="0.625" distorted="true" ath="0" atv="45" alpha="0.9" />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_prev_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" crop="0|64|64|64"  ox="-88" onover="tween(scale,0.750);" onout="tween(scale,0.625);" vr_timeout="750" onclick="skin_nextscene_loop(-1);" visible="false" devices="webgl" />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_switch_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" scale="1.25"  ox="0" vr_timeout="750" url="%SWFPATH%/skin/switch2night.svg"  onclick="switchscene();" visible="false" devices="html5.and.webgl"    />
        <hotspot name="skin_webvr_next_scene" keep="true" style="skin_base|skin_webvr_menu_style" crop="64|64|64|64" ox="+88" onover="tween(scale,0.750);" onout="tween(scale,0.625);" vr_timeout="750" onclick="skin_nextscene_loop(+1);" visible="false" devices="webgl" />
        <action name="switchscene">
            loadscene(get( scene[get(xml.scene)].loadscene ), null, MERGE|KEEPVIEW, BLEND(1));
            <!-- set(hotspot[skin_webvr_switch_scene].url, "%SWFPATH%/skin/switch2day.svg"); -->

    the problem is, once clicked in VR, the value persists and is not updated anymore when going to other scenes.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you and best regards,


    so, here you are.

    The problem:

    (i fiddled in the dollhouse view here to have an overview)

    But it should look like this, which it does, without depthmap.


    The code in question is nothing fancy, just a standard scene:

    I wonder if I should load the pano with panocamadder and build a new model?

    I also tried to make it work with everpano - the obj file does work there,
    but it has other restrictions which make it unsuitable for this pano experience...

    The root cause for me fiddling with depthmaps is that the client thinks that the 360 pano when viewed in VR (without depthmap) "is too huge"

    Since I haven't found a way yet to reduce that effect and have seen that panos with depthmaps do scale, and look better in VR, i thought that would be the way to go^^

    Hope to find a solution here soon.

    Hi there,
    first of all - thank you for this product!
    I have been utilizing it for quite some time and now i want to divee deeper into some features.

    While creating a tour which should be used on a VR headset, I have a 3D model ready and the corresponding panoramas.
    ( we want to visualize a house, and the first scene is in front of it )

    I have created the stl.depth file and it works.
    The image load, too -

    The only problem I have now, the panorama "doesn't fit" - the front of the house shows "the back" of the panorama^^

    It looks like that the pano image is rendered into the 3d-model, not onto it.

    Does anybody have an idea why ?
    And if possible how to fix ?

    Thank you in advance and best regards,