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    Hi everybody, I am probably the newest member and except some common sense actions (delete, copy, paste in xml's) I don't have any idea in writing codes. I work with Panotour Pro at a rather big project: VT for 3 galleries at National Museum of Art of Romania. I want it to be professional, easy to use for different kind of people and classy if possible.
    The default map is not of much use for me because in some rooms I have even 5 points of view and I don't find attractive to gather lots of hotspots in a small surface - room dimension among other rooms in floor map economy. For this I created a panorama where I pasted the map; now it's big, clear and easy to use, with the inconvenient of passing through it at each change of room.
    I apologize for this consistent introduction.
    I would like to add another way to visit the gallery for those who don't want to bother with maps, hotspots etc. Two more buttons at the navigation menu for a predefined exhaustive visit: next & previous; I saw it in other tours but I don't know how to do it.
    I thank in advance to all that can help me.
    For those who are interested, here are the temporary links to my unfinished project: