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    At the origin point, there is a 10m cube. My model doesn't have
    such a cube. I didn't notice it in previous versions because it didn't
    have any impact. However, in build 2023.04.30, it affects the virtual tour.
    It appears as if there is a surface there. Is there a way to remove that cube or prevent it from affecting the virtual tour?

    Thats great. its working now.
    Thank you so much.

    Try setting the subdiv setting to 0:

    This disables the sub-division of the 3D-model geometry.
    Because a very large/wide 3D-model in combination with short minimal length for a triangle-edge-length could cause generating too much triangles.

    I try to 1.21 with my old depthmap project. But look like there is a limit for stl files now. obj files already has this limit before 1.21

    will try to show you what I mean.
    this basic model for create stl file. if the box size biger than 50m tour get slow down. stl file size 88k. its not about stl file size

    even try to 1m box size and scale it to 100 again it get slower.

    I prepared an example. 100m box size and 0.1 scale, working. but if scale it up, get slower and after 100m chrome give error firefox slower and slower.

    You can try it from link

    and this is the 1.20.11 working project

    is that bug or limit. Any idea?