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    What I possibly need is the ability to control VFOV limits based on HFOV positions. While the first answer was very helpful it's probably not something I can program based on my very limited use over the last five years or so of only standard KR use.

    For example I have a VT of a Miami property where the developer only wants the ability to look down at the beach, not the other 270 degrees. So I'm looking for a solution to control the VFOV within a 90 degree span, and limit it across the other 270.

    Not clear yet if needed, but if it is I would be happy to pay, say $100 for working code to do this.

    OK, 43 views no response.

    This code worked in 1.19.n, but I can not see anyway to download that version. I had a hard disk fail and have ben slowly rebuilding my core applications. It seems pretty clear to me that something changed between 1.19.n and 1.20.n with limit view. Is there anyway to download a 1.19.n version of this product so I can get my viewlimits back?

    Any one done multiple compass images or found a source for them beyond the default included with KrPano?
    I'm looking to find at least 5 alternative compass image sets that I can borrow or buy.

    Thanks Klaus,

    I understand, I was one of those very, very early adopters to 360's - back to 1999 - probably one of a few - some of my best tours were done then. Things are very different now as it's become pretty easy to produce 360's, pretty much as easy to take a still photo.

    Thank you for all you have done and still do to move this media forward.

    As always, simply best regards.

    Hi Klaus, all the best to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2021.

    As we exit 2020 Flash is all but over - I know has been for years - but now it pretty much official as no major OS will support it in 2021.

    I assume like a lot of other early 360 photographers and users of KRPano we may have a lot of old 360's that were built on Flash as the default or even only option.

    While I have figured out a few ways to move these to no Flash, it would be great if there was a tool to do this in batch, basically automatically.

    One way to convert old Flash based 360's is to simply run the existing cube faces thru KRPano and change the HTML from old to new. However in the tour I did this to, which included a opening graphic, for some reason showed lines in the first 360 that appeared to show what the cubefaces.
    Anyway, I know such a conversion program would probably open a can of worms in issues based on Flash, older versions of OS and KRPano.
    Just a thought.
    Best Regards to you and your family,
    Happy New Year!

    From the example XML provided in the demo it looks like the Makescreenshot xml file becomes the first reference from the html. But I see no plugin reference, nor anything else that would stop this from working by simply changing the html xml reference to the screen shot xml and having the screen shot xml refer to the "tour.xml"
    Is this a feature that requires the new 1.20.nn version or what am I missing? It's been quite a long time since I looked at doing any custom KR work.

    There must be a bug in the flat pano view.

    If I try older versions I get a immediate xml error(0) and this is from untouched droplet generated versions.

    With the current 19.3 version I get a flat pano view, but it's the entire pano - 360 degrees by 120 slightly inset by black boarders and it can scroll into the black space up to about 2/3 of the pano in either direction.

    Tried adding a set of <view> parameters but nothing changed. If I alter the <image> parameters, default is horizonal "1", vertical about ".55nnnn" it gets totally wacked out.

    Seems like this use to work very differently, showing a nice view that you could scroll left to right with no black edges.

    I'm trying to create what I thought was easy back in the day, a cylindrical interactive, even a 360 one that did not use perspective correction but simply allowed you to pan the file left to right and vs verses. The ends were not connected, simple pan with all the distortion inherent in a cylindrical that comes with the format.

    this does not seem to be the case anymore as I've tried the normal vtour droplet, the flat pano droplet, and none seem to work. I've also tried cropping the 360 horizontal image to less than that and still no results.

    What am I missing is this still possible? I've tried a lot of older versions and none seems to work.

    OK, looks like I'm wrong, I see no way to add view limits in stereo VR mode. The limits I saw in the VR example only apply to the intro VR, not the stereo VR mode.

    It seems there are no controls at all in stereo mode, can't zoom in or out and no view limits. Too Bad.


    OK, after finally finding the webvr xml in the 1.19 beta I see it looks like view limits are supported, but you need to add them in the webvr xml not the main "tour.xml" as it seems any limits set there are not transferred when the view mode is changed.

    I would guess that that is true for all view mode changes.



    What do you mean by automatically correct ? I've never seen anything about the min s/b less than the max. What would the correct settings be that would give the same left to right, right to left limits?


    I running a tour locally on Mac and windows Mozoilla, IE and it works fine. I've set up view limits as

    <view hlookat="130" vlookat="0" fovtype="MFOV" fov="55" fovmin="45" fovmax="90" hlookatmax="50" hlookatmin="270" vlookatmax="-55" vlookatmin="70" limitview="range" />

    If I run the same tour Locally on a Mac - latest OS/Window 7 64 bit using chrome, the view limits go nuts and I get very different results. If I run the tour from the internet it works as expected in Chrome.

    Any ideas?