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    Flash should support several other formats

    "Flash Player now supports video compressed in H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10), audio compressed using AAC (MPEG-4 Part 3), the F4V, MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14), M4V, M4A, 3GP and MOV multimedia container formats, 3GPP Timed Text specification (MPEG-4 Part 17) which is a standardized subtitle format and partial parsing support for the 'ilst' atom which is the ID3 equivalent iTunes uses to store metadata."

    I was using JW Player to play my audio as MP4 before, so most of the audio I've built up so far is in mp4. Trying to load them with the soundinterface plugin crashes my browser though. Not sure whether there are any plans to invest more resources in the soundinterface plugin, but personally I would love it if it could handle mp4 files.

    Is there any way to disable or prevent the "show faces" to the user? I was just tabbing through tabs and ended up back at a panorama, with the faces being shown. This isn't exactly the most aesthetic view, and unnecessary for users. I'd rather not have them accidentally see that, and not know how to turn them off (or have to turn them off).


    Hm, looks like it's only a problem <1.0.8. As soon as I switched to using 1.0.8b9 it works fine.

    I can try to set up a demo, but it's fairly simple code. I'm just using:

    <autorotate enabled="false"            accel="5"            speed="-2"            horizon="12"            tofov="130"            />

    on a regular panorama. When the browser window is <1300px it works fine, and as soon as it's larger than that it stops rotating and just flips back and forth between qualities.

    Are there any major reasons we should avoid using the beta version in a production environment?

    We've just discovered some odd behaviour with the autorotate feature of the player. It seems that once the player is wider than 1300 pixels, it stops being able to properly autorotate. The rotation stops, and it just "jitters" as it goes between the stillquality and movequality (visually just seems to defocus/blur momentarily as it goes to movequality thiking it's going to rotate, then just flashes back to stillquality without moving).

    Anyone else encountered this problem, or have any ideas? I can post up an example if necessary.

    Would I be able to use these built in tooltips to create the instructions I use right now on my site -

    I just want a small box to follow the mouse until the user clicks once, and then remove it.

    Alternatively, could I get a textfield to follow the mouse?

    Hi Klaus,

    The plugin works great, and makes total sense.

    One issue I'm having is disabling it... Here's my XML:

    <plugin name="followmouse"

    The reason I'm doing this, is because I don't want to enable it until my initial animation sequence has finished. Have I typoed in my XML, or is there a problem with disabling this plugin? This is the first time I've tried disabling a plugin, next step will be for me to figure out how to re-enable it *wink*

    Thanks for the help,