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    Could someone please explain to us that we still do not understand. Why the variable scope is especially helpful? I have read trying to understand, but I still do not grasp the meaning and I would like to understand how to apply the concept
    thanks in advance



    problem occour on ios system ipad or iphone

    tour include two scene ,one is videopano, one is normal spehere image。can not loadscene(normal spehere image)when Videoplayer version in pr12 or pr11,

    but with Videoplayer before pr10,work。

    note:when viewer version is pr12
    videoplayer version one is pr12 or pr11(no ok) videoplayer version one before pr10 (ok)

    videoplayer below pr10 demo:

    videoplayer pr11 or pr12 demo:


    when mouse ondown also cause onup

    add callwith action in asyncloop

    Example 1 - Textfield Line/Word Breaking (XML)
    This example tests the line/word-breaking algorithm of the WebGL textfields - the left text is a CSS3D element and will be rendered by the browser itself and the right one is a WebGL texture where each word was calculated and drawn by krpano. The texts should always look the same. Additionally the WebGL textfield is using oversampling and mipmapping to improve the visual quality, e.g. look the texts at different zooms and different angles.

    If the text is Chinese, then the webgl textfield hotspot will be a problem. Chinese is wrapped in a single character,This means that as long as there is a character to the right side, it should be wrapped。

    <data name="testtext">
    使用专用的krpano xml代码编写全景漫游,可开发出高度定制化的项目,也可利用krpano工具开发在线全景制作及展示平台。

    pr11 bug report

    set vcenter true

    can not Automatic plugin sizing ,that make very huge width number!

    Hmm... as written for the WebGL textfield everything needs to be processed (coded) manually. So to be able to support that, I would need to implement a special word-breaking for Chinese (or other languages), but I have no language knowledge about that and a language specific processing would be a bit out of scale...

    I could only image maybe adding a feature for a 'character-wise' breaking (like the css 'word-break:break-all' setting), that means allow breaking after each character (although that might be slow to process because every character need to measured separately), but then I still don't know if that would be okay for the particular language...

    mainly chineses would had that problem