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    I have found by searching the forums and messing around with the vrtour.xml code that action skin_arrange_buttons is what determines the final position of where the buttons are on the control bar. This took me a very long time of trial and error as I could not figure out why changing the align and x and y values in the layer of the button had no effect. Now that I have figured it out I still have a few questions. I should say I am an extremely novice programmer.

    1. In This Post it basically says that if you don't want them auto aligned then just delete the action. I do want them auto aligned because I think the comparability of the vrtour.xml skin is amazing and I want people to be able to view my panos on all devices. However, what is the point of having the align and x and y values set in the layers? Will skin_arrange_buttons completely overwrite the values in the layers? and will the positions set in skin_arrange_buttons be relative to the control bar container?

    2. I have noticed a few variables in the skin_arrange_buttons code that I don't completely understand rpos, cpos, and lpos. It seems like they are the variables that deal with the scaling of the buttons but I'm not exactly sure...

    Thank you for your help!

    This was a good tool for helping me understand how polygonal hotspots worked. However I find it dificult to draw the polygon in the exact spot I want it to be in my Panoramas. Is there anyway to load the panorama into this tool and then draw the polygon? Or perhaps you have some tips?