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    Yes, I was looking into it because of the gamma problem with the Vision Pro. It also happens in the actual device.

    Is it possible to share the link for the simulator you are using? This sounds like something that would help speed along development as everyone works remotely and cant see what content looks like in the headset.

    I picked up indexofrefraction's zFilter plugin and am going to test the gamma slider in their plugin as a potential short-term fix. From what I have read, Apple is aware of the problem. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

    Hi Klaus. We have a few Vision Pros and are working on implementing content. Is it possible to get an advanced copy of 1.22?

    Registrration info:
    Name: Steelblue
    Email: it@steelbluellc*dot*com

    Hi Al,

    I am trying to move the title location for my tour. The top of the image below shows the current location, and the bottom image shows my desired location. I've located where the title layer is in the XML file, but when I try to move that layer, it doesn't show up anymore.

    Any thoughts on how I might solve this?

    Right now, I'm just trying to move the title; I'll dive into the font size later.

    Hello, I am using that version and it works for me. To do this, I comment on all the masks and leave only the one I want without commenting:

    I hope it helps

    Many thanks!!!!!

    I was replacing the initial load of the vtourskin with the ultra light, rather than just removing the comment brackets from the ultra light, and keeping the loading of the vtourskin.

    It works as expected now!


    I have a tour that is designed for mobile only.

    When the phone is rotated into landscape mode, and the phone's rotation is locked to portrait, the menu doesn't rotate. Is there a way to detect that the phone is being held in landscape, and then force a reload so that the menu will re-orient?

    The tour works as expected if the phone screen rotation is unlocked.

    Tour for mobile viewing only:…Tour/index.html


    Yep, that portion of the code could definitely be cleaned up, but it wasn't what was causing my problem in this case.

    I had grabbed the Before/Afterr slider from Kaus examples. I removed what code I knew I didn't need, but I didn't remove all of it as I don't know what a lot of it does. When I removed the struck-out portion below, the tour once again started functioning how I intended. Now back to work on the interface. :)

    Current fixed iteration..…23_B/index.html

    This portion of code was causing the problem..
    <action name="sync_viewers" type="js">
    var viewFrom = krpano.view;
    var viewTo1 = krpano.layer.getItem("krpano1").krpano.view;
    var viewTo2 = krpano.layer.getItem("krpano2").krpano.view;

    viewTo1.hlookat = viewTo2.hlookat = viewFrom.hlookat;
    viewTo1.vlookat = viewTo2.vlookat = viewFrom.vlookat;
    viewTo1.camroll = viewTo2.camroll = viewFrom.camroll;
    viewTo1.fovtype = viewTo2.fovtype = viewFrom.fovtype;
    viewTo1.fov = viewTo2.fov = viewFrom.fov;
    viewTo1.fisheye = viewTo2.fisheye = viewFrom.fisheye;
    viewTo1.architectural = viewTo2.architectural = viewFrom.architectural;
    viewTo1.pannini = viewTo2.pannini = viewFrom.pannini;
    viewTo1.tx = viewTo2.tx = viewFrom.tx;
    viewTo1.ty = viewTo2.ty = viewFrom.ty; = =;
    viewTo1.ox = viewTo2.ox = viewFrom.ox;
    viewTo1.oy = viewTo2.oy = viewFrom.oy;
    viewTo1.oz = viewTo2.oz = viewFrom.oz;
    viewTo1.rx = viewTo2.rx = viewFrom.rx;
    viewTo1.ry = viewTo2.ry = viewFrom.ry;


    Hello. I'm working on a pano with lookto buttons so that when you click a button, it looks at a different area of the pano. I have that part working as expected.

    I also want to add in a before/after slider. I have that working as well, but now when I click a button it zooms all the way into the pano and then resets once it gets to its rotation point.

    I am trying to get it to just look without zooming, but I can't figure out what to change.

    Look to buttons working as expected:…okAt/index.html

    When I add the before/after slider, it zooms all the way in before getting to the view angle:…fter/index.html

    Thanks for any help,

    Here is the XML for the version with the before&after...

    Hi All,

    I have been trying to get this to work for several days. I have an iFrame that displays a pano. The pano has a hotspot (Yellow A) in it. I am trying to set up an "onclick" that closes the iFrame window.

    I am using a modified version of one of the example for testing:…Test/index.html

    I have tried several things, but I can't figure out how to call the 'pop_close action in the base XML file. Is this the right way, or is there a better method to close this iFrame window?

    Here is the onclick code that I am trying for the Yellow A hotspot:


    Here is the action I am trying to the hot spot to run:

    <action name="popup_close">
    		set(global.plugin[popup_bg].enabled, false);
    		set([popup].name, null);
    		tween(global.plugin[pp_blur].range, 0.0);
    		tween(global.layer[popup_bg].bgalpha, 0.0, 0.25);
    		tween(global.layer[popup].alpha, 0.0, 0.25, default,
    		removelayer('popup_bg', true);
    		scope(private:POPUP, delete(popup); );

    Many thanks for your help, or for pointing me in the right direction,

    krpanoLeftDiv and krpanoRightDiv need fixed widths and you cant use width="900px" for a div, thats for images only.
    not all solved with this, yet... but first replace width/height with stlye="width:900px;height:900px;"

    Thank you!

    I made that change and went on to test further, I think I can drop the size from that DIV container altogether as my frame size is controlled in the CSS. The setup I am using is based on this:

    I also dropped one of the class assignments for the "left" DIV and modified the right to have both class assignments for the same DIV. Doing this brought back the interactivity with the pano, so they now stay in sync.

    The last problem is that the DIV is designed to scale instead of masking, causing my pan to resize when the slider is moved.

    Latest Test:…antA/index.html

    I decided to take a step back and solve the two problems separately... First is trying to understand how DIVs work and why the pano is always recentering. And more importantly, can that be solved.

    This DIV is resizable if you click and drag the lower right corner. The pano resizes/recenters as it would if it were loaded directly into the html code instead of inside a DIV.

    Studies in DIVs version A:…IV_A/index.html


    here an idea how that could done:
    - embed the second pano as <layer> with an iframe into the first, size it like the fullpage and make only the size of the layer visible
    - create another layer that can be dragged and would resize that layer
    - add js to sync the movement between both panos


    Any thoughts you have would be helpful as I'm struggling to figure out how to make the slider work. Nearly all of them are designed to work with static images, so it is trial and error to try and get them to work with KRpano content.

    Version H:…ionH/index.html

    I used "VanilaSlider" for this try. I started by getting the slider into my scene. The background panos are staying synced, and the foreground static images are working as a slider.

    Version K:…ionK/index.html

    This version created two problems. When I moved my KRPano content into the slider DIV's I lost the ability to interact with the KRPano. I am assuming this is due to my double class call, but I am not sure.
    Secondly, instead of revealing the second pano in the exact location, it scales/slides out.

    Version K Derivative:…t_B1/index.html…t_B2/index.html

    I did find one that is a CSS only solution that keeps the panos in sync, but it is less than ideal and has the same problem of scaling the pano instead of revealing it, so I don't think this is the right path.


    I am slowly making some progress. The two panos are now synced; now I need to find a before/after slider that is easy to set up.

    I have found a few that I like, but they are coded for static jpg's, which means I need to figure out how to adapt them to the DIV's that hold each XML file. That task is probably easy for some, but in case you haven't figured it out, I am not a coder, just a hack. ;)

    Synced Panos:…ionC/index.html

    I figured out how to load a pano into an iFrame by loading a scene from a tour saved separately and not part of my base tour. I scaled it to 50% so I could better see what is going on.

    I moved onto the next step of figuring out how to sync the two and now see that I am approaching this from the wrong direction. I need to load the two scenes into the base html file and use JS Sync there and not in the KRPano scenes.

    What I don't know is how this will work into my full tour. I have 5 scenes, and on the third scene, I was planning to do a before/after split-screen.

    Scene loaded into an iFrame within a scene:…ionB/index.html

    <layer name="iframe2"
    onloaded="iframe_embed(iframe2, BBBBB, );"