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    I have arrow keys and keycodes enabled for zooming.

    <control keybaccelerate="0.1" keybspeed="10.0" keybfriction="0.9" keybfovchange="0.25" fovspeed="3.0" fovfriction="0.9" keycodesin="65,107" keycodesout="90,109" />

    They work, but only after the user has somehow moved the panorama with the mouse.

    Is it the expected behaviour? Or a problem of focus?



    I'm trying to use tween with multiple variables.
    When I do this:

    tween(view.hlookat|view.vlookat|view.fov,	60|40|80),	6,	easeinoutquad,	WAIT);

    everything works. When I start using variables also for the destination:

    tween(view.hlookat|view.vlookat|view.fov,	get(endpointh)|get(endpointv)|get(endpointf),	6,	easeinoutquad,	WAIT);

    The whole pano goes black and nothing else happens.

    Am I missing something?


    PS: I'm not using lookto, because the rotation needs to happen in a predetermined direction, and it seems like with lookto that's not possible.

    Hi all,

    I created a simple VR tour with krpano 1.19-pr14, with hotspots to navigate between scenes, using the webvr.xml plugin defaults.

    The action for loading a new scene is triggered by the hotspots' onclick event.

    The call to the krpano API is:

    loadscene(%1, null, MERGE, OPENBLEND(0.5, 0.0, 0.75, 0.05, linear));

    It's working, but during the transition the view of the scene I'm leaving gets somehow locked to the cursor, so if I move my head during the whole panorama follows me, in an unpleasant way.

    This doesn't happen with a VR tour created using krpano's droplet tool, yet I don't see what is different between my and its code.

    Any ideas?



    I recently tried to run a simple krpano webVR interface for a 5000 x 2500 video. Working fine on desktop and Android phone.

    When I tried it on an Oculus Go, I got the "video loading failed" error message. I then resized the video to 1920x960, which is the resolution of krpano's demo video, and everything worked fine, so I came to the conclusion that the problem lies in the video resolution.

    Is that right? And if so, where is the limitation, is it due to their browser, krpano, or what else?