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    I need to assign the url depending of the language selected by de user before and is the variable %$lang% and also from the type of device

    <layer name="help_guide" onhover="" style="skin_glow" url="(calc(lang == 'eng' ? %FIRSTXML%/folder1/help-tag-desktop-eng.png : %FIRSTXML%/folder1/help-tag-desktop-esp.png))" align="center" scale="1" parent="help" />

    <layer name="help_guide" onhover="" style="skin_glow" url="calc(lang == 'eng' ? %FIRSTXML%/folder1/help-tag-mobile-eng.png : %FIRSTXML%/folder1/help-tag-mobile-esp.png)" align="center" scale="1" parent="help" device="mobile" />
    if i set directly the url loads the image but when i set the calc doesnt work

    Any idea how to solve this problem

    thank you

    regards *smile*

    I create a multires virtual tour with multiple scenes, when I try to set the starting point for a scene in the krpanotools.exe I get this error message

    Uncaught node.js Error

    TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method ‘trace’
    at eval (file:///P:/Krpano/krpano-1.19-pr16/%7Bappdata%7D/frames/touredit.html:1:10862)
    at eval (fs.js:934:21)
    at Object.eval [as oncomplete] (fs.js:97:15)

    Any idea how to solve this?

    Hi Klaus

    I want to capture part of the pano for the crop parameter but I can't obtain the x and y position for the crop that is with layer[imagecamera]

    Also when i change from canvas to jpeg or png i only get a with box

    I'm trying to create frame in the center with an aspect ratio, when i set directly the pixels works fin but when is with variables does not draw the container

    eg: for 2:1 works ok

    set(layer[imageCamera].height, "300");
    set(layer[imageCamera].width, "600");
    set(layer[imageCamera].align, center);

    eg: for 2:1 doesnt works

    set(layer[imageCamera].height, "300");
    mul(destwidth, layer[imageCamera].height, aspect);
    set(layer[imageCamera].width, destwidth);
    set(layer[imageCamera].align, center);

    <layer name="introimage" type="container" align="center" width="100%" height="100%" bgcolor="0x000000" bgalpha="0.5" keep="true" visible="false" status="closed" parent="pano" >
    <layer name="btn_21" style="skin_glow" url="views/21.png" align="topleft" x="30" y="180" scale="0.25" keep="true" onclick="act21();" />
    <layer name="imageCamera" type="container" align="center" enable="true" capture="true" width="50%" height="50%" keep="true" bgalpha="0.0" bgborder="4 0xFFFFFF 4" parent="pano" >
    <action name="act21">
    trace(aspect); set(layer[imageCamera].height, "300");
    mul(destwidth, layer[imageCamera].height, aspect);
    set(layer[imageCamera].width, "600");
    set(layer[imageCamera].align, center);
    set(layer[btn_ind].y, 195); set(layer[btnImagePic].align,"top");


    Im trying to capture part of the screen as new image to download, the example Makescreenshot api works for all the screen but i need just the part that is in frame